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They both have to do with supernatural powers and of course WOMEN! Lets face it the reason DxD is so great is because of the comedy that the Harems bring and it is no different for Strike the Blood. Both have really cool fight scenes, babes, and comedy
report Recommended by TheJerm43
Strike the Blood and High School DxD are both anime which are listed as ecchi, but are packed with action in an attempt to create a plot. High School DxD focuses more on the ecchi side, but still has a decent plot. Strike the Blood is more focused on the plot, and less on the ecchi side of things. The main protagonist in each of the series are turned into supernatural beings, tearing apart their normal life. They then go through development as their respective beings. Both of the series have harem elements, but it has a greater presence in High School DxD. I found   read more
report Recommended by Sonic0
Well they are practically the same in terms of theme and tropes. Ecchi,, High School Settings, and the MC has a massive Harem, and action based. However, unlike Strike the Blood, High School DxD has a much better world building, better characters in general, actually good plot, and the fan service is borderline Hentai. However I do think the actions in Strike the Blood are slightly better. If you enjoyed Strike the Blood I highly recommend watching out High School DxD. But I can't say so for the other way round. If you really liked High School DxD I can't say you will enjoy Strike   read more
report Recommended by WhyCare
Both are Ecchi with supernatural and harem elements in them.
report Recommended by InfamousCrown
A harem with ecchi scenes fanservice is also limited and censored in same way as in high school.Though the harem here seems more one sided.Has its own share of cliches but are interesting enough to keep you going.
report Recommended by agamswaroop
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