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Both series have a main character who has some kind of special ability to undress women; which leads to many ecchi situations. The series have ecchi and uncensored boobs in common, but also have a lot of dissimilarities (for example: in Hagure Yuusha the MC is very badass, while in Highschool DxD the MC starts as a perverted loser). But if you enjoy watching ecchi and boobs you'll most likely enjoy watching both.
report Recommended by Khalan
Both are ecchi action anime series with a perverted main character who have tons of girls in love with him. Both main characters are also total badasses.
report Recommended by Flairway
Both very Ecchi Both protagonists are perverts Shows Oppai
report Recommended by GeassAye
There are at times, situations arises when the main characters were threatened by someone. But when the mission is complete, or sometimes get distracted, the main characters liked to troll around the female cast in either grabbing unpleasant spots, or taking their clothes off for their own methods. If you like a story with ecchi and supernatural action elements, then these shows will make your time enjoyable. There is not much of a difference since both are know to have a significant amount of fan service, and ecchi. Well the only thing that is different is the main character where in DXD, he is not that   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica shares many similarities with High School DxD, such as the same ecchi/harem/highschool genres. They both are rom/coms based in a world of supernatural occurrences. Both main males leads are perverts but are good natured, and protect those around them. Both of these series have a strength game involved - rating games But where they differ is that Akatsuki is very OP from the start compared to the weaker Issei. Both very enjoyable series, with Hagure Yuusha no Estetica being an interesting take on the whole hero image in anime and stories in general and Highschool DxD a strong series for its genre.
report Recommended by almostacrayon
Both have random hentai moments Both have some sort of powerful main character Both are funny
report Recommended by iNVE14
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