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Guilty Crown
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Guilty Crown
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-young male 'hero'
-supernatural/ability elements
-high school setting

While they may not seem super similar in terms of plot, Guilty Crown features a male protagonist that winds up with an ability he does not know the full extent of, just as in Charlotte. Both use these abilities to save many people. In Charlotte, abilities are the norm while in Guilty Crown, 'voids' (manifestations of one's soul/heart) is the norm. The main characters both use others' abilities/voids to their advantage to help others. Both take place in a high school setting.

If you loved the supernatural elements, thrill and hero protagonist   read more
report Recommended by DizzyBunnies
Many have complaints about the character development and overall plot of Guilty Crown, so I believe Charlotte is an anime that takes the same formulas but works them together much better. Although Charlotte's protagonist, Yuu Otosaka, is fairly OP, he has a few more checks and balances than Guilty Crown's Ouma Shu. Despite not being entirely scientifically accurate, the backstory of Charlotte is also more plausible and flushed out than Guilty Crown. The leading lady Nao Tomori is also far less submissive and annoying than Yuzuriha Inori. Even so, the character development in Charlotte is not any more spectacular than Guilty Crown, but it's still   read more
report Recommended by ai--png
Both had interesting premises that were largely disappointing music advertisements, yet had enough going on to stay interesting the entire time, though didn't make a whole lot of sense.
report Recommended by wizardofahhzz
Both of them deal with people having superhuman abilities. Also, both of the them have a school setting. They are both an amazing series!
report Recommended by BoAndrae
It's basically the same plot.
-Guy discovers/gets special powers.
-Mr. Main protagonist is super special.
-Everyone (highschoolers especially) are infected by some thing that gives them some weird freaky magic/weapons.
-And much much more, however if i list them i'm going to get prosecuted for spoiling and such.
report Recommended by Herpenderpifier
Both of them deal with people having superhuman abilities. Also, both of the them have a school setting.
report Recommended by AndyisLegend
Guilty Crown and Charlotte share a similar concept in which the main character has the power to use other peoples' "abilities". Both characters are forced into similar situations, and also display extreme pressure in taking the heavy role of "saving the world". Both anime have amazing visuals, however, they lack in the plot development and construct department, so be prepared for another disappointment.
report Recommended by h0neychai