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Yuru Yuri
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Yuru Yuri
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Non Non Biyori
It's exactly the same show but in a major city. The main cast is all female There is no plot both are comedy Slice of life difference Yuru Yuri has 2 girls with glasses that fantasize that certain girls will become couples.
report Recommended by pjburton
A beautiful slice of life that shows you how simple and fun life is.
report Recommended by JJDocx
If you've watched Yuru Yuri and liked it, I'm going to go ahead and guess that's because Yuru Yuri is filled to the brim with comedy and adorable, small female characters, each one with a very distinct personality. If I were to say that I could copy-paste what I just typed down and replace "Yuru Yuri" with "Non Non Biyori", I wouldn't be too far from the truth. Non Non Biyori features a smaller cast, has a more detailed art style and is set in a small, rural village instead of a school in the middle of a crowded city. But other than that, they're extraordinarily   read more
report Recommended by Sakura_Bean_Buns
Non Non Biyori and Yuru Yuri, two excellent animes of Slice of Life, I seriously recommend to all these two excellent works that have marked me so much 💘😉🌸😍🌟 !!
report Recommended by AnimeSpaceBR2
Besides both obviously falling into the Cute Girls Doing Cute Things genre both of the shows have a relaxing pace with well timed comedy and a likable cast of main and supporting characters.
report Recommended by grover2203
Both stories follow a group of girls in a slice of life type of story, the characters are the strong point in both stories.
report Recommended by iinomiko1
It has a similar atmosphere as well, but Yuru Yuri moves towards comedy while Non-Non Biyori is more towards relaxing/feeling good. The core of the show is similar, but Yuru Yuri moves towards the Yuri side.
report Recommended by TheRockzSG
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