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Both anime talks about two friends who wants to overthrow the existing government. Nezumi from No.6 have the same reason as the two protagonist in Zankyou no Terror: revenge while Shion is more similar to Lisa. The atmosphere, general feeling and character development is similar in both anime.
report Recommended by Mizzo
Both have youngsters trying to make a change in the world. Zankyou no Terror sets in the world now, but No.6 is set in futuristic world and has sci-fi elements. They're both tragic, and they include a chase where the main characters are being targeted.
report Recommended by aifukola
- Both have a protagonist who starts out as just a normal person in the city. (Lisa / Shion). - Both have another protagonist/s who are on the run from the government (Nine and Twelve / Nezumi). - Both have the plot of the government not being just as it seems. - There are similarities between the characters of Nine and Twelve with that of Nezumi, with Nezumi having a combination of the other two's personality.
report Recommended by chinesecartoonz
it shows many similar traits and the genera is alike such as action, and thriller
report Recommended by clipped_wings
Both have teenage boys with mysterious pasts working to expose the government. The rate of plot development is the same, and the relationship between Nine-Twelve-Lisa and Nezumi-Shion are very similar. Both shows have the same atmosphere, and if you liked No.6 you will love Terror in Resonance.
report Recommended by Kuro_Killua
If you're looking for something regarding the plot and what its about. I'd definitely recommend Zankyou no Terror. The show is about taking down the government, and revealing them for who they truly are. Zankyou no Terror has no shounen ai in it, but has the right amount of romance to make it similar to No.6 because the show is not based around the romance. Like No.6, in the final episodes there is more romance around there than the beginning but has the perfect amount. If you've watch No.6 and get emotional about shows, then you've definitely cried because of this show!! Zankyou no Terror will   read more
report Recommended by herowithapen