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Clannad: After Story
Both made from the same company and in similar style. Both are moving and worthful. In Air story of protagonists take place in the past, in Clannad characters get together in other world. If you like Clannad, then you must to watch Air.
report Recommended by Shifu
Just like Clannad ~After Story~, Air is also a anime that is really touching and an anime that will make you feel like crying
report Recommended by TrueTearz
They both are full of drama. But the good kind. They're both cute and will give you a fuzzy feeling in your heart. (Sorry I'm corny like that). And they both make you appreciate what you have. Clannad is a lot longer though. And Air is very short.
report Recommended by RainbowBox
Both stories are incredibly compelling at making you feel. If you're looking for a good tearjerker then this is for you. The story builds up with the few episodes it has, but it really makes you fall in love with the characters, and creates an impact full end to the story. If you like these types of stories i would recommend watching more works from Key
report Recommended by flottings
There both made me cry like a baby bro...and there both from the perfect studio KoiAni so you will never be disappointed by watching them...reload your eye because you are going to cry.....a lot
report Recommended by M7MD_MNS_115
-Both based on visual novels created by Key -(IMO) Both give off a calming feel when watching -Both have lovable, realistic characters -Both have a great balance between humor and being serious.
report Recommended by TempestoGod
Both share the same essence and style. The main characters have many similarities. And share many similarities both in the development of the plot and in that of the characters
report Recommended by Wronsky
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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