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both are stories about a pair of bounty hunters, and they're daily lives, and they're adventures; including dealing with the past of one of the main protagonist involving an old psychotic partner and an organization they left because of a woman, that is out to get them. Along the way, the main protagonist meets a partner, who was a police detectives and now they hunt bounties together, trying to be free, while dealing with the fact they are dirt poor, and starving most of the time.
report Recommended by kage-bunshin
Both of these series are focused on two male bounty hunters. In both, one is lazy, and the other one is hardworking. They have the same difficulty in finding bouties big enough to provide for them. And in both, the lazy bounty hunters are trying to forget and run from their past, which does not relent in pursuing them.
report Recommended by samurai10
Heroes in both story have dark past. Villain worked together with hero in same organization; Killed the girl hero loved; Villain uses sword, while hero uses a gun. Hero works as a bounty hunter with his two other friends and a kid. The difference is Cowboy Bebop is episodic and dark with unhappy ending while Black cat is comedic and has a happier ending.
report Recommended by Supritam_SareAce
Both main characters (Spike and Train) are bounty hunters and former members of evil organization. Both series are episodic (more so in Bebop than Black Cat). Both series has a character that loses an eyeball. Both series have memorable theme songs (more so in Bebop than Black Cat). Both series have a notable main villain with white hair (Creed in Black Cat is by far the more dynamic of the two). Train = Spike Sven = Jet Rinslet =Faye Eve = Ed? If you loved Cowboy Bebop, chances are you'll enjoy Black Cat as well.
report Recommended by bmoore07
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