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bloodfire00 Mar 16, 12:28 PM
Yeah, time zones suck. They're nothing but problems. I was in Arizona the last few days and it was hell trying to sleep and get back to normal.

I haven't watched To Love-Ru. People are always divided over it so I was never sure if I wanted to check it out. It's one of those shows that's been in my PTW forever but I'm sure I'll get to it. Hisoka is cool and is interactions with Gon are really good. It's always a love/hate type thing. He always says he's just doing his own thing but most of the time still winds up helping Gon. I think the Gon/Neferpitou fight was one of the best. Gon powered up so much but it wound up hurting him. Neferpitou doesn't have an official gender because it's basically a bug. But I always say it's a girl. Come on, if that's not a catgirl I don't know what is. Besides she looks a lot like my Hanakewa when she's in her Neko form.
Yes, K-on is sooo good! All the seasons are good and the movie as well. I moved it to my favorites after I watched it for the third time. I just couldn't keep it out anymore. I think my favorite anime is Ben-to. For some reason it just never gets old to me no matter how much I watch it. What would you consider your favorite? Picking a favorite character from K-on is so hard. I love them all. I just don't think I can choose. They all have their own personality and even Ui is in the mix. She may be the best imouto of all time. You're gonna love Azunyan :) Do you like rock music at all because on my profile is the best AMV ever. It's Metallica and K-on. The person that made it did an amazing job. Everything works together so well. You should check it out. In fact I'm gonna watch it again right now Lol Don't let money come between you and games. Just go out and steal them Lol Wait, forget I said that!
Jotaronirvana467 Mar 16, 6:46 AM
I, like every jojo.:3
bloodfire00 Mar 15, 4:24 PM
You're so lucky being in the future. It's not my birthday here yet Lol Thank you, I'm gonna get pizza so my day will be amazing :)
FerdinandSurya Mar 14, 4:19 AM
Hello, sorry for a rather late reply as I've been busy last week. I hope you've doing well with your Snivy. I had to struggle in White 2 because my party wasn't really balanced. I consider my White 2 party is the weakest party I've ever had. If I have to choose then I would choose Piplup as my favorite starter. Well, it's mostly because I love penguins in general. I wanna keep one but I guess it's not possible huh lol. And Empoleon was built like a tank, I actually used it to tank Giratina's attacks for about 20 turns (and I finally caught it using an Ultra Ball). I haven't watch much Pokemon movies to be honest. Maybe I will watch more after I watch the series first. And yes Iris can be annoying from time to time. It's just my wishful thinking but if only Dent to be replaced with Brock I think Best Wishes would be a better anime. Just leave it to Brock and he will handle anything! He can handle many vehicle, I remember him operating a hot-air balloon in the first season, a motor boat in other occasion, etc etc.
As for Cynthia, I didn't have any problem with her Garchomp because I have Giratina at the time. But then she took out her Lucario after I defeated her Garchomp and what I got was "Lucario used Dragon Pulse!", Surprise! It really took me by surprise because her Lucario was somehow faster than my Giratina and suffered a lot of damage because of it. I always liked Dragon Pokemons. There are always only few of them in each game so I always tried to catch and train them all. I haven't got the newer Pokemon games. I'm thinking to play Alpha Sapphire first. Kyogre is always been one of my favorite Legendary Pokemon, I wanted to see it in its primal form so bad! And maybe afterward I would play SM and Ultra SM. I just wanna ask something, is the SM and Ultra SM connected as the story goes like BW and BW2? Or is it okay to skip the SM and just go with the Ultra SM?
Tringapore_98 Mar 14, 2:01 AM
thanks :)
UzumeTennouboshi Mar 13, 6:13 PM
NP :), and thanks for the request!

starkingxx Mar 13, 3:04 PM
The same to you ^ ^
-606 Mar 12, 10:01 AM
Np :)
Cold_coffee Mar 11, 1:11 AM
Arigatou :3
Ceresmoon Mar 8, 8:40 AM
the style is perfect, more than I would've asked for!
bloodfire00 Mar 7, 9:37 AM
Yeah, summer is the worst! Heat and bugs everywhere! The only good thing about it here is that's when school is out. It's the reverse for you though right? I definitely liked season 1 of Overlord more than the second so far. The MC has barely been in this season at all. It's mostly about the side characters and building out the world. Which is fine but if there's not a third season than this season is a total waste. They will have gone through all that effort for nothing. How are you liking Hunter x Hunter? I really liked it. I don't know how far you are into it but Neferpitou is my favorite character. I think you'll like Working a lot and Log Horizon is good too, but if you have to choose one K-on is it! I love that show so much, it's moe everywhere and the characters are so funny. It also gets a little emotional at the end. Plus I love all the songs. I know, this is like sequel season. They must have saved them up for years and then just put them out all at once. I don't think you have to play the Persona game to watch the show.
The_Shinjinator Mar 6, 10:36 AM
no worries i still kinda watch more subs anyway for obvious reasons :3, yeah i know that feel, thankfully i don`t always notice

well i think im starting to ship them, simply because Yuki won`t blush and pass out like that when Sakura hugs him and be all cute about it X3

well now its been over, Disk is still cutely stuck here on my profile :)
The_Shinjinator Mar 6, 10:27 AM
*sigh* now i can`t really watch Sakura because i need full focus and need to be home, which i can`t since my apartment bathrooms are being renovated :P
strandstein Mar 6, 2:55 AM
No problem :D
TomoyoSakagami- Mar 4, 11:33 AM
I really like romance animes, wbu?