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Halicone Yesterday, 11:21 AM
I'll be looking forward to discuss those last episodes with you.

We have only a few karaoke-bars here and I actually worked in one for a while while I was studying. It's nothing like the closed rooms shown in anime though, more like a platform next to the tables and the bar. So everyone who decided to pick up a song, sang it for the whole clientele.

I see. It's not to bad to be into different kind of stuff. It would probably weird me out to have someone who looks like me have the same taste as me too. I think having a twin would spur me to try being different just to create my own identity, ahah.

I consider myself to be pretty hard-boiled when it comes to entertainment, since I have a morbid fascination for exploitation films, so hardly anything fazes me. Yet there were a few topics in HenSemi that really made me wince a bit so there's that.
If you enjoyed the first season of AoT you'll be satisfied with the new season too I think.
"Nobunaga no Shinobi" is a bit like "Senyuu" (if you have seen that one) except it has a historical setting and requires knowing a few important men of Japanese history to get the full extend of the jokes. It's all very famous figures like Nobunaga or Hideyoshi though so anyone invested in anime should have heard of them.

I also started "The King's Avatar" and while I don't hate it, I can't help but feel disappointed. There's little information about the games' mechanics or the world and I feel it doesn't use the strength of such a setting to the fullest. I also dislike the "boring invincible hero" trope and here it's omnipresent. Hell, the main character even turns all the other players into cheerleaders who marvel at his unlimited knowledge and prowess all the time during each fight. Urg!
Kinda makes me appreciate Grimgar a bit more after that. Even with all its faults it manages to give each character a role and importance and forces the group to use strategy and tactics to win outnumbered fights.
There's nothing of that here.
Sonal1988 Yesterday, 8:23 AM
just thinking about it makes me feel lazy though
I can empathise, bc I'm a lazy ass too. But when I compared my laziness to never having to watch the anime in my PTW (bc I'd keep putting it off), I really had to pull my socks up. Bringing down my list from 70 to 30 actually didn't take me more than 20 minutes, if I'm not mistaken.

Maybe do it in bits? Delete 10-20 at a time? I mean, it's a start!
Sonal1988 Yesterday, 7:55 AM
Your manga PTW is colossal. Some time ago, I had 70+ anime in my PTW and I realized I just kept on searching for newer anime to watch, instead of finishing my PTW. Then I realized that it was bc my list was so huge that I felt too lazy to even begin watching from it. So one day I sat down and removed every anime that I didn't really wanna watch. Now my list is down to 35! That's a lot more manageable and now I don't have to push off watching these shows, bc these are all that I genuinely wanna watch.
Maybe you should try bringing your list down to 70 or so manga? Or even 50. I mean, the more intriguing/important manga should be given priority, right?
Sonal1988 Yesterday, 7:19 AM
I'll only be watching 2 summer anime - Kado and The Royal Tutor. Waiting for both their dubs to finish airing.
I've also begun with the Kuro manga (finally) and I'll hopefully have finished it within a couple of weeks.
ReaperCreeper Jun 24, 7:39 PM
Halicone Jun 24, 1:53 PM
I loved reading all the different opinions after each episode, there's just so much you can miss or even interpret differently that there's always a lot to talk about. My complete adoration for the series only came after reading and the subsequent rewatches.
Actually, you kinda make me want to watch those last episodes alongside you just to relive those moments again. ^^

The Lucky Channel was indeed fun. I also liked how each ED was a karaoke segment where they all gave super bad rendition of popular Japanese songs. I think hearing Konata singing Cha-la Head Cha-la will always be the most memorable moment in the series for me.
Although I was never a big fan of those all girls slice-of-life shows, KyoAni has always produced some that stand out from the rest. I've heard they have the largest female to male employee ratio in the industry so it wouldn't surprise me if there was an initiative to make the characters more believable and relatable. I saw myself in Konata more often than I should admit :P
K-On is also worth watching especially season 2 when it stops following the manga and starts doing its own thing.

That's interesting! Are you still often in contact with each other? I'm an only child myself but I often wished for a sibling when I was younger. I guess it has it's positives and negatives.

Well, it's advancing, slowly but surely. I finished HenSemi and I'm thinking of checking the OVA too. Some episodes were pretty gross but overall I don't regret watching it. I still need to finish the last episode of AoT but I saw that a third season was already announced for next year which is great news for me.
Nobunaga no Shinobi is a fun 3min episode long mini series. It's mostly a non stop barrage of rapid fire jokes but it's entertaining for what it is.
Sonal1988 Jun 24, 1:24 PM
Is Ao No done with s2? How was it?

As for Ye Xiu, lots of people have complained he's OP and he's too frigid, but I disagree. If you work day in and out on something that you love, giving it your all, you become as OP as a human possibly can in real life. He was the #1 player for a reason - because he was better than the rest. I don't think he's arrogant - there's a difference between knowing your worth and over assessing it, and Ye Xiu is definitely not an arrogant man.

That talkative dude, ahahaha. I sorta liked him, but in ep 11 when that entire group of players was coming for Xiu but encountered blondie instead, that scenario was hilarious. They called him trash and stopped chasing him, which pissed him off and he talked sooooooooooo much that they all got tired just by his trash talk 😂 He's super cute! Also, I'm surprised that when his team captain caught him playing for Xiu, he didn't expel him from their team!

I think I should rephrase my question correctly. Xiu's company publicly announced that his character had retired (remember the cafe owner crying about it and Xi telling her that even the God himself wasn't as hurt as she was? 😂). They brought in someone younger (to use Xiu's old account, right? Or was it for a new character? They never made that clear).... But why announce that Qiu was retiring? They could have easily given his account to the new player and carried on as if nothing had happened!

One aspect about Xiu's personality that I liked the most was how big of a troll he was. There was this one scene where guild members were attacking him, and when he was outnumbered (or just bc he was bored), he logged out in the middle of the fight 😂
Plus there was this one scene where he took the cafe owner's bestie's avatar (why did he do that tho? He didn't use it to fight with his opponent in that one on one match), he cheated to win the match 😂 hahahaha. You never get to see an MC doing that in an anime (until and unless he's a certified asshole-who-turns-good character type).
Joycdonnell Jun 24, 12:13 PM
No te preocupes, no solo tenemos el mismo bombre, tambien somos latino americanas, lo cual es mas rapido escribir entre nos tocaya xD

Entonces que te gusta ver en general? Veo que ambas tenemos muy dispersas nuestras listas de animes y mangas.

sayanblaze Jun 23, 10:02 PM
Yeah. Each one is so good. Or it maybe because of the fact that i'm watching after so long that I'm find them to be so good xD
Sonal1988 Jun 23, 12:30 PM
Hey. I didn't understand one thing. Xiu's company publicly announced that his character was returning from the game, yet they wanted Xiu's card back and said they would bring in someone younger (remember that blond guy sitting in the chair?) to use Xiu's old account. But then they did nothing about it, did they? Why two contradictory actions?

Also, how stupid is the cafe owner to not realize by now that she has the God working for her? I mean, he's proved himself more than enough for anybody to believe his claims :/ I'd think the owner's bestie would at least get suspicious, but nope :/ Even the Steamed Bun guy did not figure it out, did he? :p

Hey, do you know where I can download its OST from? YouTube has low quality versions uploaded and I'm desperate for the entire CD's OST. I like both the OP and the ED, but some of the battle scenes are where the music really shines.
Sonal1988 Jun 23, 12:24 PM
but also the moles on his face XD
😂 I'd forgotten about them. Yeah, sure, why not? Not a moles fan, but sure, they looked cute on him. And they did stand out bc I think even after watching this many anime, I don't think I've come across an MC who has moles on their face.

As for Quan Zhi, I think the biggest problem for all of us was how much info the Chinese can manage to put into one sentence. I had to pause the anime from time to time just to read the subs bc they were moving too quickly for me to keep up with them! The names, ah. I have a problem remembering Japanese names, so it wasn't surprising that I couldn't remember the Chinese ones :p I am not a gamer so a little jargon did go above my head, but it wasn't too difficult to figure it on my own. No, I don't play games at all :p

Tell me what you thought of the MC. I quite liked him.

Also, if you're up for recommendations, lemme know.
Sonal1988 Jun 23, 9:01 AM
My fav from Ao No? Well, Rin's definitely a cutie but I have a thing for nerds who wear glasses, and are also good looking ;) So yeah, I liked Yukio more than Rin. He also was a more mature and well balanced character, plus I liked how he forgave his brother for their father's death. I mean, he could have gone down the cliche trope of hating his brother for no other reason than for existing and being 'responsible' for their father's death, but he chose to see things objectively. And that's always appreciated in a character.

Mephistopheles was a wild card, and I liked him, altho his intentions aren't very clear to me. His backstory wasn't explained either.

As for Quan Zhi Gao Shou, I'm sorry but do you want me to fangirl over it? Because I can go on and on about how much I enjoyed it. And of course, God Xiu.
Did you find that I watched it via the Quan Zhi 'stats' tab?
sayanblaze Jun 22, 10:04 PM
Yes,I have :D
Thank you for asking

And yeah. I've been watching quite a few movies lately. They've been on my to-watch list for a long time and I decided to go through some of them since I have a bit of free time now. Really enjoying them.
Joycdonnell Jun 22, 9:26 AM

No lo es, aunque mi hermano menor tiene una compañera de clase con el nombre de Joise close enough xD

Halicone Jun 20, 2:04 PM
I always saw Utena as more of a character study than anything else so the Nanami episodes were just as vital to portray her character than the Juri or Miki ones were for those two respectively. I loved how it subverted our expectations during the first Wakaba episode, like we though the onion prince would get his normal elevator scene rambling how he can't get her to like him, but then nope.
She gets a third comedic episode later, which exposes her insecurities still in a very metaphorical sense but a lot easier to understand. Oh another positive aspect of these episodes is that they drop a few glimpses of Anthy's true personality here and there, especially the way she deals with bothersome things in a very passive-aggressive way, it's a joy to watch, even more so after finishing the whole series.
I'm glad you are enjoying it more!

Sometimes I wonder how I would rate these series if i had to watch them for the first time now. Do I remember them fondly because of nostalgia? I think I would still be impressed by the general aesthetic but would have maybe less patience to endure the drama? Yes, the ef series has tons of it, although probably not any more than the average high rated "I'll make the audience bawl their eyes out" title on MAL.

Speaking of nostalgic shows, what's your opinion on Lucky Star? I saw you were almost done with it and was wondering. It's one of those titles that really made me into the medium and I still like to watch one episode here and there at random when I feel like it.