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Days: 318.1
Mean Score: 5.81
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Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
Feb 7, 6:26 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 4
Devilman: Crybaby
Devilman: Crybaby
Feb 7, 6:26 PM
Dropped 7/10 · Scored 3
Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
Jan 12, 4:14 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Days: 4.9
Mean Score: 10.00
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  • Chapters890
  • Volumes87
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One Piece
One Piece
Dec 29, 2017 4:10 PM
Reading 890/? · Scored 10



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MrTotti Feb 16, 6:56 AM
حملته من فتره ؛ راح ابدأه بعد اسبوع تقريبا ..
ارجع لسباتك
MrTotti Feb 12, 12:15 PM
شفت بمنتصف الفصول خصوصا بالمدرسه ؛ وجود شخصيه لم تتواجد بالحلقات / شخص يجلس خلف فوجيتا بالصف

راح اخذ طله ،

واحتاج كميه كبييييره مسلسلات / انمي / مانجا ، اي شيء 🌚💔

رح احاول ادخل الديسكورد الليله
MrTotti Feb 12, 4:15 AM
خروجي من الحمام يعني دخولي لعالمكم القذر ، لنننن اخرج
يعني المانجا راجعه قريبا ، جيد ..

هوبو اصبح مثلهم!؟ يا للعار !
لحظه ، من هو هوبو؟
MrTotti Feb 12, 1:16 AM
المعجزات جزء مني ، لذلك اخبرني عن اوضاع مانجا انمي الرقص
وهل بدأ منير الرقص مع ياسين؟
MrTotti Feb 11, 3:19 PM
ي حثاله .. ليش ما خبرتني بروعة انمي الرقص من قبل ؛
Sad-Kiritsugu Feb 8, 4:34 AM
I gave it 10/10 and i'll never take that back T.T

And yes exactly what i felt about it FMP xDD the comedy was art sp the 2nd season, but i didn't think the action was special, and i hated the fact that they ddn't complete the story, but good to hear there's a 4th season, i believe 3wadin told me there's one few days ago xD

Yes it was intresting, but now i'm continuing it and i really like it so far, will have to finish it to tell you what i really think though, a bad ending can ruin the show :/
Sad-Kiritsugu Feb 7, 4:50 AM
There's only one thing to do after this... where can i find the delete button btw ?

I didn't watch that dance anime, i may watch it, 3wadin keeps annoying me with it xD

btw i just finished the full metal panic series, what did you think about it ? i honestly think the 2nd raid was shit, and the first was good at first but got bad at the end, but the special season was art xD

and right now i'm continuing ergo proxy, i stopped watching it months ago adn figured it was time to go back to it
Sad-Kiritsugu Feb 2, 1:13 PM
How dare you degrade kimi no na wa like that, seriously you have the right to dislike it, but you dare grade it less than fairy tail ? o.O you're just annoyed that something so popular is this good that's all xD not all popular things are bad, stop this mentality ffs hhhhhhhhhh

Aha so atleast you liked houseki xD you were so close to getting delted :((( and i believe made in abyss is the first right ? it is for me too.

I don't want to watch any series right now until i finish game of thrones, so i have 2 more years to go :(( and i'm being serious, game of thrones is just on another level so nothing can compare to it except if io rewatch breaking bad or something xDD
Sad-Kiritsugu Jan 30, 9:46 AM
Sorry for the late reply, busy with life :((

Yeah i don't think i'll like it if they change anything from the frst. and kimi no na wa is your uncle xD well i admit it's not for everyone to enjoy.

And about houseki, i finished it and i really love it, it was slow at times though but for the most part it was great and refreshing, i also like Phos alot xDD i hope you've seen it by now. my 3rd fav after shouwa genruko rakugo shinju and made in abyss, i even like it more than boku no hero academia xDD
Djallel-Walker Jan 12, 1:41 AM
هههه تباً لك اريد شيئ آخر لا تروح في الخط مثلهم
ذلك الأنمي ناوي اشاهده انتظر ترجمة جيدة له لأن الحالية سيئة للغاية و لا اريد افساده على نفسي
Sad-Kiritsugu Jan 3, 4:33 AM
I still don't know how the new runes work xDD well it's kinda messy since some champ are more OP than the others because of certain runes, but i overall like it.

Will watch rick and morty in due time, and for FLCL i am so hyped, i didn't really expect a full series but i don't mind once, the 6 episodes we got were art xD and come on i don't even like romance xDD told you that i liked kimi no na wa because of the story not the romance xD

It's watchable, but annoying at times, well you'll see for yourself, btw don't wait for him this is an advice, he still didn't even finish made in abyss xDDD

and now i'm watching Houseki no Kuni, i really liked tha first episode, was really well directed, and i overall love the idea of the show, and suprisingly the CG made it better xD if you saw it tell me what you think.
Sad-Kiritsugu Dec 28, 2017 3:13 PM
Yes, i stopped playing for months but started again, only few games at a time though, sometimes i don't play and sometimes i play 4 games a day xD.

Well i don't know, i mean it's still pretty weird even if it's not true xD and i don't want to watch american series again tbh, but heard good things about rick and morty, i may watch it now since you like it it must be good. And i have people who recommended gravity falls too, should i watch that as well ?

So basically fall 2018, that's not bad, i think FLCL series will be aired in that season too, can't wait for that xD will be a great season hhhhh

I didn't even know it was still airing xD well i'll watch it anyway, i like fantasy anime if the fantasy departement is done right, well i know it's mainly a light hearted drama but i stil hear it has great fantasy elements. will tell you what i think when i watch it.

And i'm watching the new gontama, it's actually incostintant, they throw some good jokes here and there, but sometimes when they run out of jokes they just throw some perverted jokes that has no taste, and i don't really like the art that much, same for the animation but that can't be helped, the stuio isn't the same, i still think it's still gintama sometimes but most of the times it just doesn't feel as gintama :/. but who knows maybe you'll like it.
Sad-Kiritsugu Dec 26, 2017 6:10 AM
It has indeed xD i'm doing well, how about you ?

and i don't know but yacine told me so i'm not sure xD well i stopped watching american series long ago, the only show i'm watching is game of thrones, which btw you should really continue watching, the last seasons are so good, and there's little to no nudity if that's what made you quit it.

And i agree, it was a great show xD best of this year for sure, not that i've seen anything else this year though xD and yeah i heard it gets dark in the manga, i can't wait for the 2nd season. when will it be aired ?
and what do you think about magus bride ? i'm planning on watching it, and the new season of gintama too.
Sad-Kiritsugu Dec 25, 2017 7:14 PM
hello there, didn't notice your reply until now, i apologize for that xDD

the only reason i came here is to give made in abyss a note actually hhhhh it was so good, i actually loved it, the best thing about it is the abyss itself, and the new things we discover each episode, and the last episode was a fine work, i liked all that mitty and nanashi side story really well made

and i'm also looking forward to hero academia season 3, and since you said the events are better it only gets me more hyped xD

and i know house of cards, actually yacine told me just yesterday that they stopped airing it because the main actor was accused of being a pedophile, i feel bad for you :((
safena_ken Dec 21, 2017 3:32 AM
نفس الشي بس سمعت ان اساسا تقدر تبدأ ب زيرو
راح ابداها ممكن الأسبوع القادم