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Djallel-Walker Nov 15, 2:30 AM
أدخل ريثما اجد وقت مناسب هههه
Djallel-Walker Nov 8, 2:22 PM
اوه جميل كنت متوقع أنها راح تعجبك ، و روح على الثانية مباشرة فستكون الأحداث أروع
سأحاول الدخول غداً بعد العودة من الجامعة ان شاء الله للتحدث عنها ف_ف
يب لعبتها و أعجبتني ، فالفيتو هههه...
Djallel-Walker Oct 17, 11:41 AM
هههه حسب مارأيت هي من الألعاب اللي يجب أن تتحسن فيها مع الوقت و تموت لكي تتعلم مثل دارك سولز
لاأضن أنني سأجربها على الأقل ليس قريباً حتماً
ان لقيت وقت مناسب ممكن جداً تجدني أمامك لنلعبها معاً لكن لحد الآن لا أدري فعلاً فمستحيل أبقى مع الدراسة دائماً ههه
بخخخخ و تباً لماذا دائماً تكون بذلك الحجم ستأخذ وقت للتحميل حتى و ان وجدت وقت هههه
Djallel-Walker Oct 17, 1:26 AM
ههههه تركك تتعذب مع اللعبة مضحك ، للأسف الشديد الدراسة اللعينة شغلتني هذه الأيام و لا افتح الحاسوب كثيراً لذلك سأترك أمر ايفيل الثانية فيما بعد ، و آمل أن لا ارى اي فيديو منها لكي لا احرق على نفسي مثل كوب هيد اللي شفتها ههه
Sad-Kiritsugu Sep 9, 9:16 AM
April 2018, that's so close omg, only few months left nice.

8/10 is considered really good for me, 9/10 is just for the best i've seen and 10/10 is for my fav of each genre hhhhhhh i want to change mine but after i checked it again i thought it was decent, and there's alot of anime i've seen that i forgot to add too but have no time to check them all :((

That's ok as long as you play it one day xD i'm telling you the last 3 episodes are pure art >.>

yes exactly xDD when i tried to describe it to yacine i couldn't find words >.> and don't you dare say that again ! i'll never remove her from my fav list :(( the only reason i loved bakemonogatari is her :(( and yes i did, it was the best out of the 3 adn i must say that fight between shinobu and araragi was so ridiculous xDDD it's done in a way that makes you open your mouth wide and be like "wtf is going on" xD and shinobu was greatness in that movie T.T

I watched it long ago don't remember, well i don't agree with you xDD my fav part was from ep 25 to the end, sure the psychological fight between L and light was amazing but the 2nd part after L died was art, we got to see the greatness of light and how he was playing with them like they're toys when his biggest threat died, and the end was almost perfect for the show, don't know why everyone keep telling me that death note stopped being good after L's death hhhhhhhhh

Well i can say one thing, code geas had a perfect end and it doesn't need a sequel, so ofc i'll start criticising this news, and i won't watch the new season, don't want to ruin one of my fav shows, for me the ending is 80% of the show, just see what happend to me when i saw Madoka movie 3, i wish i didn't see it at all, ruined my perfect ending :;((

That's true, i never really thought about Matrix having quotes from GITS xD and i agree their style is stupid but i liked the Matrix and some movies from them, Shutter island was great too, The Martian, Interstellar "before that ending"

btw do you watch TV series ? if you do what do you think of breaking bad and game of thrones ?
Sad-Kiritsugu Aug 29, 1:49 PM
Really next year ?! nice xD i had no idea hhhhhhhh i don't have to read the manga now which is good xD

I do'nt think so, yacine can see them clearly xD he even told me that i'm trash for giving 8/10 to cross game hhhhhhhhh check again, i have about 200 completeed anime, if that number shows then we're good xD and i won't like sports anime sadly, cross game was just an exception >.>

Well i only said i stopped playing pes and went to fifa xD but i stopped fifa now too, i play it with my friends from time to time but we didn't play in months so yeah xD and true La Liga is soo boring or atleast that's what i remember, didn't watch in years, i don't even watch classico anymore :((

I do'nt think you'll dislike it, i mean i thought it was art, and it has 5 episodes, kinda like watching a series xD the 5th episode is just so good, the only thing i kinda thought it was out of place is the ending, since it's a decision game you'll get 2 different endings depending on them, one is perfect and the other is just plain stupid, i got the perfect one, yacine got the stupid one and he liked it so i don't know i guess it depends on you, just ttry it xD

SO you saw Kizu T.T man it was just so good hhhhhhhhhhh and yeah shinobu is a great character one of my fav, not as good as senjougahara but defenetly close xD honestly when i saw the first movie i thought it was stupid but damn was i wrong hhhhhhhhhh yeah i feel the same :(( we need more and more monogatari :(((

I didn't watch 2 of them i guess, i watched mawau penguindrum and i loved it, the story was great, i guess i do'nt remember what you gave me but i remember watching 2 hhhhhhhhhhh let's say ping pong and call it a day >.> and i watched Death Note in english dub, it was my first anime so i wasn't comfortable with subs since i watch TV series without subs, so i watched its dub and i loved it anyway, now i want to rewatch it in sub but the problem i remember everything in detail :((( and did you hear about the new season of core geas ? o.O like why would they ruin the best ending ever hhhhhh

I see so my friend was telling the truth xD i was surprised to hear a movie took ideas from an anime, that's nice xD

Yes can't disagree, the best thing about it is that it was so fun, like no scene was boring about it, and i did see One Punch Man back when it aired, it was decent but overrated alooot, i remember it got 9.10 or something when it finished, i mean he even surpassed Mushishi hhhhhhhhh
Sad-Kiritsugu Aug 25, 7:16 AM
You know his theory is long when it has parts hhhhhhhhh doesn't matter anymore, it'll be 4 years for us to see SNK again so 4 years of 0 theories T.T

And i think you didn't check my list at all hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i saw cross Game a while ago and i really liked it because, again, it has less sports T.T an dit's not that i don't like realistic anime, no not at all, i just don't like shows about sports, i do like watching it though xD

And i played PES loong ago when it was good yeah, the best was 2004 and 2006 from what i remember and fifa was unknown back then, fifa started to get played in 2008, atleast by me hhhhhhhhhhhh then after 2013 i started hating PES because fifa was simply waaay better at that point so yeah you're right xD btw i was a huge football fan, stopped watching now though, i was into premier league and bundesliga, i like watching Real and barca play but La Liga is sooo boring xD my fav player to watch is schweinsteiger since i play MDC in real life too, adn the best player by far is Messi >.>

You should play it it's like the best game i played in a long time xD

Ofc i'll watch it but not yet, i waited a long time for Kizu movie 3 to get out that i forgot to watch other series xD but will watch koyomi first then go to owari 2nd season when it finishes.

Let's keep it at that then xD and you're right i usually do'nt like or straight up hate shows like this, but it's a nice refresh to like one i usually wouldn't like xD well i actually like almost all anime genre except sports and shojo, i used to watch psychological only though few years back, hated every other genre hhhhhhhhhhh damn Death Note and Code Geas days :')

I heard from a friend it's simillar to Inception the movie, and i liked that movie so i may like Paprika, and since you seem to like it then i'll try it soon xD

Btw finished Mob Psycho 100 and it was fun and super well animated specially xD reminded me of One Punch man, i believe it's the same author, One i think his name was.
Sad-Kiritsugu Aug 20, 3:26 PM
Well it was annoying especially when he gave me a 24 line essay about SNK in arabic hhhhhhhhhhh that was tiring to read xD

I don't know maybe hhhhhhhhh i hate kuroku no basket 2nd season, it had everything i hated about sports anime and more hhhhhhhhh and yes i did watch slam dunk in arabic dub back when i was young but that doesn't mean i didn't appreciate it, it was so good but i'm sure if i watch it now i won't like it as much, as i said i don't like sports in fictional series or movies, some of them are good for sure, i can only imagine how good hajime no ippo is, but i don't feel like watching anymore sports anime xD as i said i liked ping pong because it had less sports hhhhhhhh.

It's in the list wth, it's on the top too xD and the specials too hhhhh i really loved that anime though, sp the ending , i didn't expect him to be stuck in a tatami paradox to be honest hhhhhhhhh and i like that kind of episodic anime as i said and my fav part about it is that we don't even know the main character's name xD that was a unique touch xD

You left fifa for pes ?? wth o.O that's like leaving league for dota are you ok ? o.O fifa is the best sports game i played, it was artisticly made and my fav is fifa 13, i played that version for 2 years xD i played the other fifas but i always come back to fifa 13. and yeah they were both so refreshing xD sp limbo i really liked it, both are good but limbo had better puzzles and felt good when i finished it. and it's not about addiction, i play games here and there, but mainly limbo now xD, btw i played Life is Strange not long ago and it was art, swhat do you think about it ?

I can't say my way of watching is good, but i usually watch several anime at ones when it comes to seasons, but that was long time ago, i stopped watching seasonal anime since last year, hero academia is my first in months, i just don't find them exciting, last year was good and 2015 was so good too, but this year has nothing special except like 3 or less. so watching hero academia now before it ends won't affect me at all since i have other things to do anyway, i'm watching GoT and some movies and play games so i usually forget about hero until the ep airs xD

Ah i see you didnb't like the characters, well can't disagree they were bland, but honestly i can't expect much in movies since you don't get to see them for that long, well i really really liked the story especially the part where he finds her "sake" in that god's body and drinks it, that was a really good way of showing us the events even though like you said they're to be expected, and let's be honest the idea of this movie isn't about them switching bodys, it's more than that, and i agree again the ending was romantic and i'm not a fan of that, but the middle and the events and the way they told us the story was what made me amazed, seriously that was refreshing xD that alone made it a masterpiece for me, i don't have to like everything about the movie to give it a 10. well i saw better movies like haruhi and the girl who leapt through time or even kara no kyoukai, but this movie was just... let's say it was a better expierience for me, i'm disappointed you don't feel the same way sadly, well i'll watch paprika tonight probably, is it worth it or am i wasting my time ? xD
Sad-Kiritsugu Aug 18, 6:45 PM
I witnessed that in SNK, theories every 2 sec xD well everyone has his own way to enjoy things, his way is trash but no one can save him at this point :((

Well true, it can't be considered a sports anime since the psychological aspect is more shown, but that what makes it a great sports anime, it has less sports elements T.T i do'nt like sports related movies/series/anime xDD sports is for real life, i want to watch things i can't do in real life :((
And Tatami Galaxy is really simillar to ping pong so i'm not surprised that they're both done by the same director, i don't care about the mangaka to be honest xD i was never a manga guy xD i read one per year hhhhhhhhhhh
Mob psycho looks good, i'm watching boku no hero academia, i imagine they're the same style probably, will watch it since it's short.

I started developing a habbit, i can only play one game at a time, and that game usually takes alot of time, i was into FIFA online alot few years ago, then went to play COD and battelfield online, then league, and now Osu hhhhhhhhhhh, that's why i don't play games that much lately :(((
I saw the video, looks intense, i like any genre of games really, i played a game called Little Nightmares, it's so good i recommend you give it a try, it's short too, Limbo style. And Osu is not stupid it's a really good game xD and since i'm enjoying it why should i stop it T.T

So yacine got that mentality of watching anime when they finish airing from you hhhhhhhhhhhhh, well unlike you i can't hold the hype :(( i'm with the airing time now and it sucks waiting a week for one ep -___-

btw i just finished Kimi no na wa and came here to give it a rating, 10/10 it was an amazing watch T.T wanted to wait yacine to watch it with him but he's a noob :(( if you've seen it give me your thoughts on it
Sad-Kiritsugu Aug 15, 2:12 PM
But i remembered you, i only remember special people T.T

Good ? ^^ if i were there in Jordan now i'd kill you you know xD HakoMarie is your uncle :(

Taste is a subjective matter, but looking at your fav list i conclude we hav ethe same basic taste xD well i believe he didn't like Monster that much too so he's a noob :((

Yeah it's so good, only direct story, no fillers no bullshit and thank god for the first time in sports anime the ending wasn't predictable xDD stop lying to yourself, an anime with the same style ? come on i doubt that xD

Who told you that ? hhhhhhhhhhhhh was it Djallel ? xD well yacine is getting better but the problem i progressed fast, i'm aiming to be rank 1 in Algeria, and then the world T.T cheer for me at least :((( atleast come from time to time to see me crush yacine's dreams :((
Well have fun with that T.Tyou mention The Evil WIthin last time, is it good ? i may try it after Nier, just don't have time to spend on a story based game that's all, but will play Nier soon don't worry xD

and btw i'm watching hero academia now, so fun, heard you'll watch it with yacine when it's finished, can't wait to hear your thoughts on it
Sad-Kiritsugu Aug 12, 6:32 AM
Sorry for delaying my reply, don't know how i forgot about you T.T

Not sure if i want to watch one piece again let alone read the manga xD maybe one day in the future hhhhhhhhh.
And did you just insult HakoMarie ???? o.O that novel is the best story you'll ever find, apologize right now o.O
Not really xD i'm not watching anything anyway, took me 2 weeks to start watching an anime hhhhhhhhhh

Well i won't lie i felt ashamed when i finished it :((( let's face it, his taste is the same as ours, he's just stubborn and doesn't want to watch things he knows are good, he took 4 years to watch SNK and he still hasn't seen monogatari 2nd season hhhhhhhhh and mushishi zoku shou too, damn he needs to commit seppuko :((
Heard about it, it seem like mushishi style, i'm sure i'll like it, will see if i find time T.T

Well i recently saw a great sports anime, probably the best xDD Ping Pong the Animation, damn that was good hhhhhhhhhh didn't have any of those cliché sports shit which was refreshing, and the ending was really something special. wouldn't mind watching more sports anime like this one.
And i'm still playing Osu everyday, it's so good and the best part is that you progress fast, last week i couldn't play normal difficulty, now i can play hard and insane maps easily, come back to it you won't regret it xD though it's so addictive hhhhhhhhhhh you will play songs like these, trust me you will love xDD, damn we found so manny great songs xD
Sad-Kiritsugu Jul 28, 6:20 AM
Jojo is realisticly unrealistic if you know what i mean xD it has unrealistic moments but the characters deal with them in a believable way xD sp Joseph. And i stopped watching One Piece looong ago, at that time i decided to stop watching anime for good, then after a while i got back but never watched another ep of One Piece since xD.

Sadly i've been busy lately, hardly have time to play games let alone watch or read :((, and if you check my list you'll notice i rarely read manga xD the best thing i read was Utsuro no hako to zero no maria, if vinland saga or vegabond or berserk are as good as hakomarie then i'll stop whatever i'm doing and read them now T.T

Yes i know that, but sometimes it's hard to find bluray versions of some anime sp after japan implemented that "Hunter" system where they block torrent links and anime sites, so it depends on luck now, i remember finding Madoka Magica bluray version took me hours xD but i heard it was the best way to watch it so i had to search hhhhhhhhhhh

Mushishi is one of my favorites, probably the best i've seen besides Kara no kyoukai, but i can understand why some people "like yacine" may not like it though, it's really slow unless you get used to it, i won't lie i almost dropped it after 2 episodes, glad i didn't xD

And finished chihayafuru, it was good and i agree about shinobu and arata, but still it had the same stupid things i do'nt like about sports anime... predictable as hell and sometimes they throw random drama, the good parts were arata and shinobu's matches,and mashima's.

btw you stopped playign Osu ? hhhhhhhhhhhhhh come play it again xD it's really fun and just after few days i can play hard songs easily now. Don't you want to see yacine suffer loosing to me everytime ? :((
Sad-Kiritsugu Jul 22, 2:56 PM
he hates Sasha ? xD i can't see a reason why hhhhhhhhhh i guess he is just a real noob after all :(

no i use the desk pc, don't even like laptobs. and since i'll buy another SSD now i'd rather wait a bit to get a PCI-E SSD in hopes of lasting longer and obviously the POWER T.T

yeah i'm not a fan of that fight too sumply because of the usage of "will power, nakama power, rage power" whenever these are used in a fight i start getting annoyed. but yacine is trying to make me read Vinland saga for the past month xD if i start hunter now he'll never stop annoying me -_- so will try to read both T.T

i'm a perfectionist, if it's not the highest quality/resolution i won't watch it until i find it xD well will see about that in time, who knows maybe i'll like that part.

well let's say the Shadow episode, and the mountain lord being a little girl episode, and that time loop one. and yeah that eclipse was the special i talked about xD that was art, i really liked odoro no mishi too, and that episode about ginko when he was nameless with that women, and how he lost his eye, man that was art :')
yeah i remember when i watched it few years back and when i finished it i felt soo empty :(( well i don't remember the details from the first season but i remember the feeling T.T

chihayafuru ? i liked the first season it was good, but it had way too much drama hhhhhhhhhhh everyone cries everytime xD, i'm watching the 2nd one now, so far it's good, and some chihaya moments are fun to watch xD i just want to see a match between Hiroshi and the Master :((
Sad-Kiritsugu Jul 21, 10:20 PM
Ymir is good, who told you she wasn't ?? i'll kill him o.O she has a great story for sure, i also started to really like Sasha and i get less annoyed by krista now xD

I want to play now, but sadly my hard drive got curropted, i can't access most files so i have to get a new, the problem it's an expensive 512 GB SSD and i installed the system in it, so i have to find a way to get some money to replace it before i can play Nier :((((

Gon vs Pitou ? or all of his fights ? xD well they were stupid sometimes, but i kinda enjoyed them a bit, and since i didn't read the manga yet and from what i've seen i can say with confidence that Kurapika's fight is the best, and i'll read the manga when the author gets stable xD i heard he usually stops for years hhhhhhhhhh

part 2 of jojo was art T.T joseph is a great character, and the fact that his voice actor is the same that did Sakata Gintoki makes it even better xD not just that, the way he wins fights is believable and soo much fun, i got tired of all that "nakama power" shit so jojo was a nice change xD
i like episodic anime actually, since i loved Mushishi and i enjoyed cowboy bebop, so i may like the 3rd part, and since you said the 4th is good then i'll watch it soon.
btw what are your thoughts about Mushishi zoku shou 2nd season ? especially the last few episodes and the specials ? i want to forget about them so i can watch them for the first time again pfffff :((((
Sad-Kiritsugu Jul 19, 5:50 PM
Yeah erwin in the last episode was great, well i liked Ymir backstory too, she became a more intresting character to me.

of course i'll use controller, i saw it's gameplay and it's obviously not meant for keyboard and mouse, and i have a custom Ps3 controller i use it to play Battelfield online and such, so will use that.

And i agree it was stupid, but i didn' t think same thing about Kurapika vs Uvogin, it was probably the best fight in any shounen anime i've seen, sxcept maybe some Bleach or One Piece ones but i forgot xD and the Spiders arc is my fav i probably said that already, it's just needs a continuation so yeah i may read the manga weekly now, i want to know more T.T
And i just watched Jojo recently, that shit is soo fun hhhhhhhhhhhh, should i watch the other parts ?