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iHutnik Dec 25, 2020 3:49 AM
Merry Christmas🌲

-Juanjo Jun 8, 2020 11:14 AM
I really liked this manhua, the political intrigue is so well worked out and the cast is one of the best I've ever seen. It will definitely go into my favorites when I finish the remaining chapters
Raging_Berserker Apr 29, 2020 5:18 AM

I just got back from work not long ago. I'm having my lunch now. Sigh. I had to quickly go to the bank to cash my cheques and sort out my finances. I'm not looking too bad financially. Although, my salary for this month was crap as a result of how much my work hours reduced due to the coronavirus and its entrails earlier in the month. Ah well, now I'm just gonna wait for the new month to kick in officially then I settle my rent for May. I still need to save up some more for a new phone though. Damn! It's really a hassle when you're living on your own and you're handling all your rent and bills on your own every month, you get your paycheque at the end of every month and immediately them bills are already snatching a huge chunk outta that way before you start thinking of any other thing. Fuck! Shit is spoiling my plans!!!!! Tch, such are my woes...

Oh, Usogui? Funny enough, it has been one of the numerous mangas I've always wanted to read up. It is a manga of medium priority. I can see myself reading it way sooner than I'd read other works. I do know I'll enjoy the fuck out of it though. It's my type of shit.

Funny enough, back in the UK, in my first uni, there was an anime society and I was a member. I wasn't too dedicated, but some social gatherings I went to. They did organise them big travels to Comic-Con in America and some other locations though. I never was that hyped. But yeah, after lectures, we'd book a seminar room to watch different anime. I think that was where I discovered the Charlotte anime when it was airing. I never followed up after that though. I was a member, however, I didn't let the society flow through me. I can beat my chest and say I experienced what it had to offer me and I let myself experience those things, even if it's barely anything really. I will say that when people are very nerdy AND they are super geeky about anime, it is never a good look from the outside looking in. It's a stereotype, I know, but when you see real cases of the stereotype, bruh, it can be quite an awkward thing. I'll end this paragraph with this - humans are weird-ass muh'fuckas lol.

For me, there's the possibility of me still joining the military once I'm done with everything I wanna accomplish with education. It's a very big possibility since (again), I come from a military household lol. Ah well, it's a recurring theme that has been there throughout my life - me following in my dad's footsteps and joining the military. Bahhhhhhhhh, that's irrelevant at this point. Anyway, let's get back on track. Basketball appeals to a lot of individuals for good reasons, it can be interesting with the right people. One of my previous rented apartments in the past had a lil basketball section, not big enough to be a court though. The rim was at a decent height. Once or twice I did try out Basketball, shoot some hoops. It was interesting...

Oh wow, you didn't care for music as a kid. That's interesting. I do love every aspect of music, however, the most important aspect of music for me is the lyrics bruh. The words. The song can be a trash song, but if what you're talking about actually holds weight, I'll respect that. I don't really pay much attention to how a song sounds sonically unless the sonical aspect is really kicking and the vocals are kicking as well. Speaking on tastes and reception towards songs and how vocalists/artists can mess up a song, I know my tastes well enough, so my playlist always revolves around my favourite tracks or albums I know I enjoy. I can see how that habit can make people, who are very open to music and always keep up with new music, see me as an outdated person or very old-school. I am an old head any way lol.

Hmmm, I love mysteries. I haven't invested in mysteries as much as I should, I must confess. Have you read Munakata Kyouju Denkikou? That's the kinda mystery I'm big on. Nice recap on the KnK and Umineko franchises as well.

Poetry for the win!!! LET'S GET IT, BRO! RUN THAT SHIIIIIITTTT!!

Haha, I'm always with family whenever I'm in my home country. Unfortunately for me, we moved away from the town I grew up (we lived there about 17 yrs) into the capital (and I haven't been able to make any friends since we moved). My family has lived in the capital 7yrs now and I do not have a single friend over there. So 24/7, I'm fully at home with nothing else to do unless I'm running errands for someone at home since I'm the youngest in the house lol.

TVTROPES? What's that? Spoil yourself about what exactly?

P.S: I see your friend request and have accepted. It's funny how I was contemplating finally asking if you wanted to be friends since we have established this sound dialogue between us. Here you are sending a request and I see it as soon as I hop on MAL on my browser.

With that said, thanks for the friend request.
Raging_Berserker Apr 22, 2020 9:33 AM

You think I'm doing a great job? Hmm, it's interesting to hear you say that. I'm just here doing what it do and going with the flow of things. I don't know if I'll call that "great", it's just whatever with me I guess? Thanks for the good luck, I guess (again)? Good luck to you in your endeavours as well! A lot of people are anxious huh? You don't say! People with the same interests and a job? Wow! The combination of those two things, well damn, massive good luck to you on that front. Personally, I can't say I give any mind to people with similar interests as me since I'm mostly insensitive to all that shit. If I find them, fine. If they come across me, good too. If neither happens, I'm still gonna keep shit moving. My dynamism and ability to adjust to whatever situation I find myself is too great to care for people with similar interests as me. Whoever you is, I'll kick it with you if you a cool person. Haha, it's interesting hearing your pessimism due to your inexperience, it be like that at times. For me, I guess my natural ability to fit in well with whatever situation I find myself helped me a lot with my work. Having to think on my feet and quickly do the necessary? No problemo!!! It did take a while to adjust to work times due to having to get up early in the morning and sleeping enough after coming home, but when I'm at work? I do the needful to the best of my capacity and nobody complains about me so I'm rolling yo!!

Yeah, about the daily training, it took me a long period of time before I got consistent with it. Even now, I'm not as consistent as I should or wish to be. I can take one or two days off just to let the muscles rest more, it depends. For me, due to having a slim build, people tend to undermine how physically strong I actually am so it's quite the surprise to 'em when I'm lifting shits easily or getting physical with difficult things. Oh, for me, I come from a tough background, so being physically strong is a must. Plus, I'm a military brat so I went to both a military primary and high school. You gotta be strong to survive over there fam. If not, you'd get wrecked either during fights or by punishments from soldiers or bullies etc. Concerning sports, I was a fast runner back in high school and I played football a lot. Football is literally the one sport I can beat my chest and be proud of my skill in. Now, I've gotten wack as a result of not playing like I used to back in high school, which further resulted in trash fitness and stamina. I mean, you can imagine not giving a sport serious playing time in about 7yrs? Deterioration is bound to creep in, no doubt. I've always hated basketball, always have; still do; always will. Two professionals of the sport that make me pay little mind to it are Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony. I love watching their highlights from time to time (I haven't done this in a long ass time though). Outside of those two people, everything basketball related is utter trash to me.

Haha, I see we're both not fond of the hard forms of Rock and Metal genre. I'm a massive Hip-Hop head and a very musical person, so I tend to pay attention to discussions concerning music with other people. I take it seriously. I always wanna know what people I talk with are into musically. It seems you're not as genre-focused as I am? For me, I can straight up tell you that Hip-Hop/Rap and RnB are the two genres I pay attention to the most. Outside of that, music from other genres is random and way less. I do like whatever I like though. At least, that's me speaking on my music habits since I know it so well.

Yeah, you can imagine there's gonna be a stream of your class at a certain time and if you sleep through that time, you've missed the class as a whole. There's no recording of the class left for your ass to go back to. It can be a trip, quite frankly. Ah well, that's for whoever is currently in such a predicament. I can't be bothered lol.

I'm immune to spoilers myself so I enjoy spoiling stories for myself or whatever form of media I'm engaging. I can't relate to people who be like, "I don't wanna know what happens before watching or reading stuff because it keeps the mystery". That's bullshit to me, but I let it rock since we're all unique in our own ways. Yeah, it's enjoyable when whatever you like has good replay value. You get to discover things or little crumbs of info you missed out on your older watching spree. It helps with self-reflection and critical analysis of anything. Eh... it's rare for people to recommend me music. It's very few people I let myself hold such topics of engagement with. I am open to it if discussions drift towards that direction. However, I'm more of the "find-the-music-I-listen-to-myself" kinda guy. Due to my versatility, I can pull music from different sources though. Friends suggestions and recommendations, however, is more of a very low source of music expansion for me.

Kara no Kyoukai seems like a very edgy and psychological franchise just reading its description. Based on what I know about most of the human race (which I don't fall into), they tend to eat up shit that I perceive more on the edgy side of things. It's a hit or miss with me. I'm very picky and a very hard guy to impress/please with psychological things, so I mostly don't bother with all that. Kudos to the franchise if what you said about its movie is true at whatever point in time that was.

We're of the same mindset with where we are at with our writing and what we need to do to kickstart that shit. I've never been much on poetry in terms of me composing it myself. Not that it was never a thing, it's just that it's too easy and restrictive, at least, the traditional form of poetry. However, a friend of mine who's very keen on the literary arts tells me that, based on his senses, I'd be great at spoken word poetry, so that's something I consider valuable looking into the future as a writer. I used to rap back in high school as well. So music-making and me rapping is also something I have to get into when I'm done with all this education and whatever is distracting me.

Eh... in terms of family, I've been away from home for about 3yrs now so... Also, I'm not really much of an emotional person so I don't reminisce much of the family aesthetic, I do miss my family somewhat obviously. It's just that I'm not the type to be mindful of events going on around the world. I'm the kind of guy that forgets his own birthday so... I dunno. Easter is nothing more than another day for me away from family and another day to go to work? That is if we're considering current times.

I came back from work early. I'm rested to an extent. I just ate supper not too long ago. I'm on my bed and I'm typing on my PC. I got another report for another student to finish up very soon though. I can't remember if it was you I told that a student outsourced their coursework to me. If it was you, I was able to finish and send that. This is another one and I'm almost done with it.

With that said, I've been browsing Naruto videos on YouTube for some time now and I'm reading them character wikis. It's quite the distraction for me right now. On that note, I guess I gotta continue from where I stopped with The Ruler of the Land manhwa at some point today.
Raging_Berserker Apr 13, 2020 8:28 AM

Let's see what you got for me. Is it harder for me to work in times of quarantine? How do you mean? Do you mean working now during this time with the pandemic? If so, then, there's really no change in terms of the work difficulty. I do have to take more responsibility since I'm the main guy handling my section. In my section, we're 3 people, but my other 2 colleagues are close to their 60's, so they were allowed to stop working throughout this period since the virus easily affects the older peeps more than we youngnims. Outside of the aspect of more responsibility, there's nothing much different with my work when I'm comparing how I worked before and after the pandemic started changing how society handled things. What I will say is that due to not having my natural colleagues working with me, there's no longer that work aesthetic in my section. Things that need to be done are done slower because -
1) the people they assign to assist me from time to time are random, plus they hardly understand English, so there's that communication barrier.

2) I'm the main lead with the section, the peeps assisting me adopt more of the "follower" role. They don't take the lead. I have to initiate some things they end up doing or other workers who are used to working in my section actually direct those "followers" while I'm doing something else.

3) after refilling the stocks in the shop, I still end up being the one to clean and arrange everything in storage. So I have to be as dynamic and mobile as possible. I can't be the one refilling the shelves in the shop for long. I gotta drop off what the followers will refill in the shop, continuously bring these products from storage, while at the same time, refill products when all the followers have their hands full then eventually get back into the storage at the back then clear up space so that our section won't look dirty as hell. It's quite the high-demand because my section is the section of all soaps, toiletries, handwashes, alcohol, hand sanitizers, detergents, liquid soaps for dishes etc.

I can understand how other international students (excluding me) would see the job as hard and even harder during this current period. It's a physically demanding job. I will say it fits me since I come from a military background and I have always been an athletic person (I'm not athletic in body build though). However, I'm trying to think about why I don't see it as hard. Maybe it's because I'm not the type to focus much on irrelevant things/thoughts when doing anything and I simply do what I deem necessary to do, so I don't consider fatigue, or feelings of unsatisfaction with the job in general, or that the pay is quite shit or the treatment I get can be trifling at times by the Mauritian workers, or that the job is literally beneath my level since I'm a graduate and I should have a better paying job or other things that can affect my performance/reception towards the job one way or another while I'm working. Yeah, now that I think about the way I work, it makes sense that it is when I come back home that I realise I am way more tired than I usually feel when I'm in the work mindstate. Then again, I'm not really working there for simply the money. If the rate of pay was an important aspect, I would never have worked there this long. I've been working there since June 2019 so... The low pay was never a motivation or deterrent. For a long time, I was lazy to go through job searching though. Unfortunately, the moment I was ready to move on from this job to something better paying or more relevant to my degree, the coronavirus hit humanity hard and stopped everything. My master's plan has been put on a standstill as well. Haha, ah well, that was quite the rambling huh? Hmmm, but yeah, I guess my personality, work ethic, physicality (I do 100 pushups every day or I try to maintain that consistency? I did about 120 this morning though, anyway, that's irrelevant) and a combination of other factors contribute to why I don't see the work as hard. Plus, I'm very insensitive to the whole hype of the coronavirus shit. I do my work, I clean up after myself, my mental health is superb (that's like a constant), I eat my food, I rest at home, I listen to my music, I entertain myself however it is I choose to and other things that ensure that I don't really bother about the virus ish. Unless I'm really unfortunate to be infected with the virus even with everything I do, then I'll ensure I try to make the necessary moves to be cured. Outside of that, I really do not give a damn about the virus and what it's doing, I just want it to get the fuck out once it's done enjoying its time of using the world as a playground. I think I went about a roundabout way towards answering your question haha. My brain works differently. Another thing I will say is that I'm quite happy with the fact that I am a service industry worker in these current times. The fact I get to go to work when others are told to stay home, I get to move around and not be at home all through, IT'S PRICELESS BOIIIIII!!!! RUN IT! By the way, are you a fan of Hip-Hop or music in general?

With your take on online studying, for me, it depends. If it's towards soft skills and extra studying, then I am very open to the online courses thing. However, I've never experienced the whole Online University platform and stuff, I usually just do free online courses which have no real accreditation whatsoever. However, my friends who are still studying at the moment are telling me about their experiences with the online approach to their studies and lectures, most especially with exams, it's very tricky. Due to my scepticism of online studying of a serious course, it is one of the main reasons why I'll always hesitate towards doing my master's online. I'd rather go for the classroom-based courses as well! I do understand what you mean with time flying while you're at home. It's a hassle when you lose track of time especially when you don't get things done according to the timing you want some things done.

Ay! Updates on installing the Typio Recovery Software?

Haha, based on everything you said about people and community blending concerning the comics they read or whatever, I am clearly an exception to that narrative. Then again, in the grand scheme of things, it ain't relevant. Moving on...

Dawg, I rarely have the time, energy, motivation to engage entirely new mangas, comics, anime, TV shows, movies that I know nothing about or haven't seen before, for the past 4yrs most of the things I engage entertainment-wise in general are old media that I've already watched. It's easier for me to rewatch what I know I like than to dive into something new. This is the reason why in everything I do, rereading/rewatching value of any form of media for me is a very essential issue. It also affects my music listening. I don't listen to current music much. People call me a caveman or a dinosaur when it comes to these kinda things because I'm outta touch lol. Most of my traits are things you can notice across my lifestyle in general, it's never just affecting one side of the spectrum, *sigh* anyway, Kara no Kyoukai? I had to Google that title to see if it's something I know. It's not a franchise I know, sorry. Enjoy your thing man.

Haha, I can relate to this, The more time goes by, the better ideas I am getting, so I am not really in hurry. I've been getting ideas that can work from different encounters in real life, experiences at work, thinking about all the media related things I've been engaging lately, lots of interesting concepts can be taken and used as a background to create one's own story. For me, I guess it's more of the older I get and the more things I experience in life, the better I can think of ideas to incorporate into any story I craft because it'll be based on experiences I've lived through and experienced myself.

My guy ended it with - "well, that came out shorter than usual". Hahaha, that's wild right there. It put a smile on my face. Anyway, I came home earlier today because we were let off earlier, I guess due to the Easter celebration? I don't know exactly. Ah well, I'm on my bed listening to music and typing all these words to you. I'm starting to get hungry, it's time to grab something to bite on!!! Then finish up the report I have to finish, then probably see a movie? We'll see. What's going on over there at the moment?
Raging_Berserker Apr 8, 2020 6:23 PM

Mehn, it's 2:55 am over here right now. I just woke up from a long-ass sleep not long ago. I guess I was way more exhausted than I thought after coming back from work yesterday afternoon. Oh well, it's Friday so that a good thing since the end of the week is coming closer and closer for me. My free day is Sunday, let's get it!!! Now with that said, I just decided to hop on quickly and squeeze out a quick reply for ya no matter how long it is. I'm not gonna be putting as much thought into this one like the others because I'm quick in the rush mode. I've been writing an essay for a student for a while now and I'm slow with making progress towards finishing the work due to not having time as a result of my work and shit. I'm tired of that shit. I wanna be done with this work as soon as possible!!!

With that said, concerning the text recovery software, it's known as Typio Form Recovery. If you're using Google Chrome Browser (like me), then it even fits best for Chrome. You just gotta go to the Chrome Web Store (A.K.A Browser Extensions Market, like I call it) and install it as an extension for your browser. It'll take some time for you to get used to, I'm well aware. But yeah, I guess I've done with needful informing you about it, good luck with that fam!!! I know what you mean with the copying and pasting your texts though, I got tons of drafts in my PC through always pasting random paragraphs into my notepad++ software just in case, it be like that sometimes. At least, now with the recovery software on your browser running, you won't need to do that as much and you're way more efficient with your text recovery.

Yeah boy!!! FIST BUMP!!! Meh, fuck the coronavirus. I got my gloves and mask on every time I go to work, so I'm good. With that said, I do have to start preparing for work in about 40 mins. Ah well, I've rested a bit, so I should be good for today. You sure got a lot of stuff going on with you and your reviews. Carry on man. Do you!

There indeed aren't enough cases of "story inheritance" or ANY KIND of inheritance in general. Ah well, then again, it usually never goes that way, almost every author dies with their work. I guess this is just my own wishful thinking. Haha, wishes upon wishes smh. What an endless cycle we humans are in.

I used to think the generation of a comic did affect most audience with interests. To be honest, anything goes really. The more I dove into comics, it made me realise there's really no bars for interest. The older works still be appealing to people. Sangokushi and Ryuurouden obviously ain't no Bleach, Naruto or One Piece. They ain't My Hero Academia, Seven Deadly Sins and all them current generation heavyweights either. I would never think this way though, "I do think that both that and Sangokushi are too old to for people to want to get into it, but what would I know", even though I get what you're trying to say. Ah well, then again, you did question what you know, so it is what it is. Anything goes.

Haha, I have come to terms with how I handle things. It can be quite the lazy mindset, but meh, I don't give a damn. I'm too lazy to bother. Even when I know I'm gonna enjoy something if I start engaging it, actually engaging it can be quite the hassle. So, it boils down to if I engage it or not, even if I know my enjoyment level is gonna be high. Good luck to me? Touche!!! I ain't the one having "the urge to complete everything already".

Hmmm, well, if you can craft a story and build anything you want around that story, good for you. If you can draw well enough and create comics, cheers to you. If you take everything and combine every element necessary to publish any comic (irrespective of the scale), then massive props to you. Everyone does deserve their dues, however, for me, it is the minimum requirement if you decide to get into the creative universe. IF I had any interest in the creation of comics or if I had a talent for drawing on the level of comic artists, I do think I'd be creating my own work by now. Then again, I am an aspiring author and I am lazy, so whatever. To each his own. The author of RoT, good luck to him with his work in relation to his remaining life span, that's all I'm gonna say on that.

Oh? You don't really like reading? Well, that's a shame. We're extreme opposites in that regard it seems. It's all good though. I have a very vivid and wild imagination, so words easily tickle my fancy. The more detailed you are, the better you'll attract my interest. My only problem is that I'm very lazy, so even if I know I'll like something if I do engage it, the problem mostly boils down to me starting it (that's a lot of boiling, damn). Anyway, it's more of a general problem I have. It's not just with entertainment, it's affecting my aspirations to be an author (novelist to be specific). I do think I'll have time for all that creative stuff when I'm through with my education though. It's a massive distraction for me with a lot of things.

For me personally, I don't care for ratings as much. I do pay more attention to reviews. I'd rather know what a person shares about their experience/thoughts while engaging a specific form of media rather than their scoring of it. I'm also quite wack with rating things (that is attaching numerical figures to a product), be it movies, academic work, anime, manga etc. So, I never tend to pay attention to it. I used to rate a lot of stuff during my early years of MAL. I don't got time for that anymore, I got rid of most of them scores eventually. The ones that remained are just there since I feel they're the worthy ones worth leaving. One thing I will say is that I don't see myself rating almost every anime or manga (if not all, I am extremely confident it's all but hey, I gotta account for the rare cases) I watch or read from now onwards. Some people equate enjoyment and being critics a lot. I don't. I enjoy what I enjoy. Even if I might rate it low (if I do), my enjoyment of the work is a different issue entirely. I can enjoy what I rate a 2 - 4 more than what I rate a 7 or 8. It is what it is. Rating is too dynamic. There's no standard I have for my rating. Mostly, I do rate based on my enjoyment. However, it's not definitive, so I never really care for it as much as others do. It's all meh to me at this point lol.

Raging_Berserker Apr 6, 2020 12:08 PM
OH SHIT, sorry, it seems I'm confusing Sangokushi with Ryuurouden!!
Raging_Berserker Apr 6, 2020 11:49 AM

So, due to how you been mentioning how what you start to type accidentally gets deleted and you having to start over, I'd advise you to install a text recovery program IF you use a laptop to browse. That's the life-saving software that helps me out in a pinch ever since I discovered such software exists. Unfortunately, I don't think it works for other devices. What device do you use to access MAL?

Anyway, never that. You consistent with them replies. Hehe, I like that. You a real one for that, bruh. If you were around me right now, I'd probably bump fists witcha haha. Mehn, rewriting a review? That sounds like a chore. I didn't want to assume that was what you were alluding to initially, that was why I had to actually clarify. Ah well, do what you feel is best!! Aside from grammatical expressions and some lil updates (maybe?), I don't see the need to rewrite your RoT review! At the end of the day, do ya thing G!

Ayyy, if the author doesn't feel he can handle overseeing the real long term plans he got for the work, he needs to start laying down contingency plans against unforeseen circumstances. He definitely has to plan it out way way ahead and put it into writing his detailed directives that someone can succeed him in overseeing, ya know? A trusted writer/artist that he can trust? It was the same thing that happened to one of my favorite franchises - Highschool of the Dead. The author died and both the manga/anime is on an indefinite hiatus. It's sad man. I wouldn't want that to happen to a work (like RoT) with clear potential to be super long with high quality in story and comic continuation by the current surviving and working author. Nah, HE GOTTA STEP HIS GAME UP!!!

You say people tend to read Sangokushi before RoT? That makes sense now that I think about it. I mean, that should be normal. First off, Sangokushi is a manga and RoT isn't. Secondly, due to reason one, it'll be easier for the comic world audiences to find/dive into the former. Thirdly, Sangokushi is less convoluted and if I remember correctly, it was taken from a plot point of the MC experiences some time-travelling/isekai trope shit, right? So, that's a huge selling point for Sangokushi. Finally, Sangokushi is a classic. At least, I was giving these points to support yours from me operating from a third-person perspective. If you enjoy RoT, Souten Kouro, based on what I know, is 100% a BANG. To be honest, there is a little part deep within me that thinks if we're keeping it real, comic to comic, leave all the trope, games, universe lore/mythos and hype shit aside, Souten Kouro SHOULD BE an objectively better comic than RoT.

Oh, I promise you, there's a lot of works I'm postponing to my old self to pay attention to when I'm a grown-ass man. I'm definitely gonna be watching anime and reading comics at 50 (if I live to see that age). However, we gonna have to take things one step at a time because I've never imagined myself alive past 30. So, getting to that age is definitely gonna be a huge personal accomplishment and landmark for me. Ah well, kudos to the author of RoT. More grease to his elbows, more power to his knees and more viagra to his libido. C'mon we outchea, you know how it goes. Raging_Berserker don't play, you should know that by now. WIN!

Thanks for the hookups you sent da boy! I'll check them out when I'm in that zone for sure, then I'll get back to you on those. HOLD UP! Hot damn, I made the mistake of wanting to simply take a peek at what I dislike (i.e. Reddit) had to offer and man, it is stacked!! BRUH! However, it's good. I wouldn't like it any other way.

Well yeah, everyone has a role to play in life. Everything compliments each other. White and black, good and bad, holy and evil, light and dark .... in this case, the wise and the foolish. Some people just gotta fill the role of being sheep bro. It's a cold world outchea!!!! KEEP UP! Eh, moving on. You wish RoT was more popular than Kingdom? Dude, it's not like I'm the biggest Kingdom fan that there is. However, that's one very retarded wish. Although, I applaud it bruh. I can relate to that because we all be having dumb ass wishes at times hahaha. It is what it is.

Wait, what? Uber what now? That sounds like a German word. I do understand the contextual usage in which you utilized the word. However, I'm not a hipster, unfortunately (because it does sound like a word hipsters would use). Ah well, as long as I get how you used the word, I guess it's fine. I ain't ever heard that word before though. Then again, I'm like a sponge when it comes to learning, so I appreciate the new knowledge. So, it's connected to Friedrich Nietzsche? Interesting. Got it then!

Ah, the truth is I was very reluctant to the web novels universe for so long. However, I always knew I was keen on it due to my general love for books and reading novels. However, visual novels aren't my thing AT ALL. So Dies Irae? I guess you on the back burner then. Umineko been stuck in that "in an alternate universe, maybe I might have....", until then, back burner as well. Mahou mahou shit? Part of the Fate universe? Uh, okay. I do know the Fate/Stay anime and I do love me some Gilgamesh. I've seen lots of his videos on YouTube. Outside of that, I know literally nothing about the whole Fate/Stay universe as a whole. However, Gilgamesh could change that narrative.

I could tell that you're the overly critical type when it comes to your entertainment in your RoT review. However, the way you described Blade of Immortal made that point all the more apparent smh. Jojo is trash to me, too hippy for my liking. The Jojo franchise, to me, is like that kid in school that's a fake-ass piece of shit but always pretends to be good, tries to act cool and wants to hang out/appeal to the cool crowd because he/she has no substance. Golden Kamui is definitely dope with its take on culture and food most especially. For me, in my brain, two works that are parallel with each other - Golden Kamui and Dungeon Meshi. Although, you can argue that GK is way more serious in tone as compared to DM.

Reading through your final paragraph, well damn, that goes the porn jokes out the window. On that note, Battle Royale is my Greatest Completed Manga of All Time. So for you to recognise its greatness and big it up, I definitely see you too homie!! You best finish that Battle Royale boiiiiiiiiii!! RUN IT.
Raging_Berserker Apr 6, 2020 4:56 AM

Haha, you even replied me way way way faster than I had expected you to. Damn, it's also a proper and lengthy reply. Thanks for putting in the time to write all you did. Are you indirectly trying to tell me that you're gonna re-edit your review if necessary?

For me, generally speaking, my engagements with the Three Kingdoms Era Lore is quite all over the place. So we have the Dynasty Warriors game that I play. There's The Ravages of Time that I have a problem getting my ass to finally start. I've always had a desire to watch all the Asian TV Shows that were created with their inspiration from the Three Kingdoms story. The thing is that them shows be plenty as fuck (and long too!). Another exhausting fact is that due to how massive the whole Three Kingdoms Era mythos is, there are way too many adaptations of it. There are tons of manhuas I know of that are about TKE. If I'm not mistaken, there's an actual The Three Kingdoms manhua (like the Tales of Demons and Gods, Battle Through The Heavens, Volcanic Age manhuas etc). I'm not talking about Sangokushi (also not Souten Kouro) by the way. Damn, I just remembered that I need to read both Sangokushi and Souten Korou too. I've been ducking both of 'em for years. Oh yeah, found it, it's The Ruler of the Three Kingdoms. here Well shit, it's one of those manhuas that didn't last and bit the dust!!! TRAGIC!!! TRAGICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!! TRAGGGGIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!! I was really looking forward to what they'd do with it lol. Moving on....

So, what you telling me is that my background prior to engaging the Ravages of Time manhua itself was even better than yours? Buahahaha, well that's just beautiful. I think if I never knew how expansive the whole universe of TKE was (prior to finally starting the RoT manhua), I'd have just dove into the RoT manhua and learnt as I went. Anyway, never that. I think what will happen is just like how you mentioned before, just wait till the whole thing is completed then binge it. This is even more of the case due to my lack of interest in comics, anime or web novels in recent years.

Yeah, I know what you saying about lots of peeps in the community that know they stuff about the whole TKE story yo! I am surprised to hear you speak on the different social connects you got based on the TKE experience though. Overall, my experience (so far) with joining groups and online forums/communities/chats (or whatever they may be) for comics/mangas/anime with random internet peeps have been NOT POSITIVE. So, I'm sceptical about the "We also have some re-read sessions there as well and post miss-able things on subreddit". Let's even say I ignore that, I really
1) struggle with understanding how to use Reddit;
2) dislike Reddit in general due to reason 1;
3) look forward to seeing how this goes - I can link you character list, list of references, the map and the translator's blog...

Haha, it's interesting to hear you binged the whole RoT in 11 days. The thing is if I just go with the flow I'd be confused as hell because I know I'm not getting the full experience AND since I'm aware I'm not getting the full experience/immersion, I won't enjoy the fact that I'm just going with the flow and reading RoT for reading purposes only. This has nothing to do with the RoT comic itself. I don't know, I really don't get what I'm trying to say. Never mind, I'm just talking shit. Hmmm, so an actual re-read of the manhua helped you adjust better because of the second half of the manhua. I see, I see, I see. I think the only thing for me to do is start the RoT manhua. However, it has always been a question of 'when you gonna start bro?'.

Yo! I LOVE SIMA YI!! In Dynasty Warriors 8, even through my Lu Bu campaign, he was my main support. Also, in my Career mode where you're building the city for the Emperor to visit, it's either Sima Yi or Zhuge Liang I got as my main support. Both are my go-to people. Then from time to time, I can switch it up for Cao Cao or Zhang Liao or Xiahou Dun. I still have a lot of characters to develop bruh. I've barely scraped the surface of the Dynasty Warriors game and I've had it for almost 5yrs now. Mehn, at the end of the day, people should believe whatever they want. All I care for is my entertainment. It's my enjoyment that matters and nothing more. The Three Kingdoms Era is a by-gone as far as I'm concerned. Fuck Lu Bu and all of them at the end of the day if we're gonna bring reality into it. Then again, as one grows older, you start to realise just how terribly fickle the majority of the human race can be and are. Majority of humans are sheep that follow the flock and mindless zombies without thoughts for themselves or a sense of originality/authenticity. You can give humanity the knowledge to educate themselves and learn. They'd rather focus on the hype and buzz around what's currently hot or trending. Ah well, I'm not gonna get into all that at this point in time. This coronavirus pandemic is already opening up humanity's ass for everyone to see. We're gonna touch on this as time goes on I'm sure.

Anyway, moving on. Oh? Lu Bu is the favourite character of the author of RoT? Now that's some interesting scoop (of ice cream!!!! Mmmm, I want someeeee!!!). To be honest, when I start reading RoT again, I can very well imagine myself looking out specifically for Lu Bu moments!!! Hell, I don't even imagine it, THAT'S DEFINITELY WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN WHEN I START IT.

Lmao, I just checked your favourites now and they different from before. WTF! YOU CHANGED THAT SHITTTT BRUHHHHHH. Haha, my guy said, I decided to put some romantic stuff I could remember. You wildin' man. Now it's stuffs that I got no knowledge about. I guess the Umineko series has always been an interest of mine. I've always wanted to get into the mangas, but the one time I finally decided to start, it wasn't able to sustain my interest, so I bounced. I do know that the Dies Irae anime should be on my Plan To Watch list. I remember there was the time when it was part of the anticipated anime lineup for a particular year and season. I don't know the rest you got in them favourites of yours bruh, I'm utterly lost.

Lemme focus on the image you posted on your profile page of your favourites. I'm not gonna bother about the anime favourites you put up. I'm a manga guy, lemme see what you got over there. I see
1) Blade of the Immortal - I've always wanted to read the manga. The truth is I have it completely downloaded on my external hard drive. All I have to do is open it up and binge it. I've been skipping on it for years. I remember I once wanted to get into its anime, because that's how I knew of the franchise itself. Once I watched the first few minutes, something about the anime's atmosphere gripped me. It was my kinda shit for sure, but I wasn't ready. Then I checked its manga page and saw it was stacked, decided I gotta read the manga first before binge-watching its anime. That was during my transition period from a strong anime fan to purely comics overlord.

2) I see you with that Golden Kamuy (or Kamui) boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii AND we ain't even talking about Obito or Kakashi in this bitch haha.

Those are the only ones that I can identify with!!!

With that said, I'll end it here before my brain originates a new angle for discussion. I'm back from work and I'm chilling at home. I got lots of words to write on an essay and I'm actually slacking on that shit. However, I'm still sluggishly flexing on my bed like nobody's business. We gon' keep it moving just like that. Nice recap of Sanctuary, Kakegurui, Chainsaw Man, Oyasumi Pornporn (ayy, I had to do it. I mean it was there. Right there, ripe fruit for the taking, ya know!!! KEEP UP!!!) and Monster by the way.
Raging_Berserker Apr 2, 2020 2:02 PM

I just came off reading your The Ravages of Time (TRoT for short) manhua review and decided to drop a comment on your profile. It's an interesting review. I like it. For whatever reason, it caused me to generate the desire to want to vent over here! This is totally not thought-out, which is relatively not my usual style. However, I do tend to just do random things based on how I feel at the moment, irrespective of how unusual they may be. Now, I'm just gonna put this out there, I do not know how long all I feel like saying will be, so just a heads up on that.

Funny thing is, years ago, when I was heavy into reading comics, I did constantly check up on the TRoT manhua. I waited and didn't start it. I decided to get into Dynasty Warriors based on the suggestions of a friend. I downloaded the game and played it on my laptop, I loved it. I developed a real interest in the Dynasty Warriors lore to an extent. Obviously, I got curious about how Dynasty Warriors was a fictionalisation of real history. Also, how numerous sources have differing takes and narratives on how things actually happened back in the Three Kingdoms Era (TKE, you know how it goes at this point. KEEP UP!).

Naturally, as I had developed into a huge reader of comics, I was aware of The Ravages of Time. Due to my new interest in the Dynasty Warriors mythos, I'm not gonna lie, I did assume such an interest would be enough for me to tank through Ravages of Time and that I wouldn't feel like I needed to do any more research on the whole Three Kingdom Era mythos. I was very wrong. Shit got real when I got to the 5th chapter of TRoT. I was way too confused and I couldn't get myself anymore. I stopped right there straight up and was like, "I'm definitely not ready for this. I need to know the actual Three Kingdoms Era mythos to really grasp what's going on here and enjoy this comic". Ever since then, I never visited it past some recently updated chapter across the numerous span of time between 2015 and 2018. At least, my regular on-and-off patronage of the manhua updates was enough for me to notice the improvement in the art style. Unfortunately, I never did my bit in terms of strongly reading up on the Three Kingdoms Era lore. Up until now, all I do (as a casual gamer) is play the Dynasty Warriors 8 game. It is my only solid background into this whole Three Kingdoms Era universe. To be honest, over the past few years, I've only scratched the Lu Bu and Wei storyline of the game.

I will say this though, as you'd imagine, the main attraction for me into the whole TKE universe is obviously LU BU!!!! He's the most compelling character for me. With that said, I can imagine how different the author of TRoT manhua adapts his own take on the TKE universe. However, I found it quite interesting to see you point this out in your review - For example, there is a completely fictional character named Yuan Fang and there is also Lu Bu, who was also made smart, to question history - is it really possible for people who are defined by physical prowess alone to have so much influence on a country? Why would people follow them? And so on. It may be also discussed that it is criticizing the original novels." Ayyyy, just to be clear, there's no better way to pitch how grandiose of a manhua this is to someone who's equally aware of the work itself, but the purpose of your pitching is to get me to stop slacking and tank through its chapters (whether I know where I'm headed or not hahaha). I know, I know, I know. You're not doing anything, at least, intentionally.

On that note, what more do I want to add? What were your circumstances leading up to when you decided to start reading The Ravages of Time manhua? Were you initially just a fan of the Dynasty Warrior games (like me)? How knowledgeable were you (at that time) of the whole Three Kingdoms Era mythos? I don't mind you being as articulate and narrative as possible. In retrospect, you being as expansive or descriptive as possible would very much be appreciated and entertained.

Ah well, you do got some interesting favourites for your manga side.
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai?
Chainsaw Man? Already in there? I remember when this manga had only a chapter or two out hahaha.
Most people tend to hype this manga - Oyasumi Punpun. I'm sceptical of it since it never did arouse any interest of mine whatsoever. I'll give you that props all the same though.

Also, I see you're currently reading the Monster manga. So far, what are your thoughts on it? I'll leave the conversation here pending whenever you do (if you ever do decide to) reply to me. I wouldn't wanna go over the top with how much I gun blaze about my The Ravages of Time timeline and all that shit. Away from all that fictional and entertainment talk, how are you holding up in real life with the coronavirus? You and yours doing alright?

Calal-Chan Jan 26, 2020 3:56 AM
Thanks. And sorry for coming off as rude if I did. It is just anime. It is subjective to the end. I do appreciate someone wanting to defend a show they like. :) Would like to point out I wasn't trying to say Haibane was necasairly better than Tex. So woops on that XD Thanks for the conversation :D
Calal-Chan Jan 26, 2020 3:42 AM
Just how I see it. And if you aren't then you will be willing to just agree to disagree on the subject.

So agree to disagree?
Calal-Chan Jan 26, 2020 3:35 AM
You know what I had a whole thing typed out but I don't have time to deal with a troll. I have gotten myself into way too many of these debates before on different subjects and you just reminded me why I never talk to Tex fans. Enjoy your life man.
Calal-Chan Jan 26, 2020 3:04 AM
Haibane is about forcing someone to think. If it just gave you all the simple answers then it wouldn't be very good. Why was the bird there? Why does that matter. That isn't the point. I don't understand what you have against symbolism considering Tex has a ton of it. There isn't that much of a story yeah lol. That isn't the point either. It is about the characters and yes how they handle depression. It isn't about getting over depression either. I mean Rakka and Reki literally killed themselves to be where they are at. Understanding why someone commited suicide isn't the point either. Are you sure you just didn't want a different show LOL. Look I can give blank statements too. Tex just has characters suffering and we get to see them suffer. That is all it is dude. Not to mention characters with no personality imo
Calal-Chan Jan 26, 2020 2:43 AM
Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't seen Haibane Renmei who is passing by.

Figured I would post on your profile rather than derail the thread.