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Jun 7, 2013
Magi (Manga) add (All reviews)
It is not often that you see an adventure shonen that is brave enough to go the extremes yet provide all the enjoyment which the fans of this genre demand. Magi by Shinobu Ohtaka, is easily one of the best currently ongoing shonen manga out there.

Combining the elements of Magic and characteristics of Monarchy, Shinobu creates what is a must read manga for all the fans who want something thought provoking at their plate. Magi gives the readers what other mainstream series have failed to do in last couple of years i.e. sense of purpose.

The two core problems faced by mainstream shonen series currently are read more
May 21, 2013
Can’t stand the typical superhero manga series? Bored of the protagonists that have great ambitions and noble reasons to risk their lives for others? Tired of the super villains that take hundreds of chapters to execute their complex evil schemes? As a bloke you get frustrated watching all the crazy fan girls of the cool shounen heroes? As a girl you are forced by your friends to go gaga over the Yagamis and Sasukes? Well fear no more, Saitama is here to end this nonsense with a “One Punch”.

Written by ONE and Illustrated by MURATA Yuusuke, One Punchman is a series about Saitama – read more
Jan 1, 2013
The first person who teach you the meaning of the verb love will also be the first person who teaches you the meaning of the pain."

For some unknown reasons, I ended up dumping Blade of the Immortal, a renowned Samurai Manga. A year later, I've finally found the answer. It wasn't that BOTI was bad, it was because somewhere deep inside my brain, I was confirmed that Samura's real talent lies somewhere else and it turned out that I was right. Ohikkoshi brought out the best from Samura as he tells the stories of "Youth-in-Love" in a fantastic manner.

In this short but exciting manga, the read more
Mar 14, 2012
What we learn from this manga:

1. Comedy and Gore can become a good combo
2. An awesome protagonist doesn't have to be handsome
3. Heroine too can kick ass in an action manga
4. Nakama power isn't limited to "Heroes" only
5. Every character can be given proper air time without any difficulty
6. Magic isn't limited to Harry Porter only
6. Weird art does not mean Bad Art
7. Even in a weird series you can show emotions
9. If you are original, you may not get popular but you will always be awesome
8. Female mangaka can handle a fast action packed Seinen

All of this and more ....
In the most chaotic read more
Apr 20, 2011
Ai Kora (Manga) add (All reviews)
The beloved is the ultimate fetish. (Mason Cooley)


This series focuses around the daily life of Maeda Hachibei, a pervert who idolizes ‘Parts Love’.

There’s a big misconception among anime/manga fans that a pervert is someone with extreme sexual desire or fantasies. In truth being a pervert means to think, act and follow the paths which are opposite to the normal standards set the world. Having weird/abnormal sexual tastes and desires indeed comes in that but it is not only limited to that.

In a sense ‘Parts Love’ is a perverted thing and in another sense it is not.

Parts Love is a common norm among teenagers. The read more
Apr 20, 2011
One way to make sure crime doesn't pay would be to let the government run it.” (Ronald Reagan)

It is easier to commit murder than to justify it. (Aemilius Papinianus)


Akumetsu takes us in post 9/11 Japan, where extreme corruption and hearsay lead the country to a massive economic downfall, increasing the public deficit to an enormous seven hundred trillion Yen. Politicians and businessmen simply enrich themselves amid growing unrest.

What would if you do if you the power to eradicate evil? Do you think crime can simply be destroyed by getting rid of all the criminals? In which read more
Apr 20, 2011
(Manga) add (All reviews)
*This review was originally for 13 and has consequently been merged into Gintama*


Mondo Fujieda is in love with a girl named Izayo Gorugo. However, there's a problem: she belongs to a family if assassins. He ends up humiliating her and upon this shame, she vows to kill him. Fortunately for him she moves away. Years later, she comes back to seek revenge, does he have any chance against an expert assassin?

A story full of crazy Sorachi style humor, combined with decent action, weird guys, and a strange but cool romance. Even though it is a One Shot, it manages to make the story interesting read more
Apr 20, 2011
It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover. (Marge Piercy)


Futari Ecchi is undoubtedly the most informative and educating manga out there. However the information provided is on ‘sex’. The story revolves around the sexual life of a married couple. Lives of their friends, co-workers, family members and neighbors are also covered time to time.

Because of the extra focus on sexual aspects, this manga gets blames like ‘a series that only revolves around the bed’, ‘series with zero plot development’ etc. These acquisitions are quite wrong.

Despite being quite slow, there is quite decent plot development in this series. And we also see read more
Apr 20, 2011

After the success of oneshot, the fans expected the series to do well but there were certain things which lead to its quick cancelation.

9.9/10 WSJ series are battle manga. Either they involve fights or strong rivalries. The remaining 0.1 require something really special to become a hit. Lock ON! was rather a plain romantic comedy and lacked depth in it.

The plot turned out repetitive. Sanda kept on chasing Niko and was beaten by her every time. Later he pulled off some cool accomplishment to make Niko realize that he’s actually a cool guy. As soon as she got this impression going on, Sanada again did read more
Apr 20, 2011
You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. (Desmond Tutu)


This is perhaps one of the most common plots that has been used in movies, drama and literature. But the best thing about this particular series is that it gathers an average plot, a fairly decent cast and everyday life situations and combines them in to a great family manga.

In order for a building to become a house, it needs a family. And a family is a group which not only shares a roof but shares the good and hard times together as well. These are the read more