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Shokugeki no Souma
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Cowabunga Nov 15, 2:04 PM
It's cool. I never really notice other people's bdays either, even tho I believe MAL gives you bday alerts these days. But then again, I don't log in on a daily basis like I used to.

I barely remember being 22, 23 or 24 years old. It's like one day I was 20-21 and the next day I was 25. It was at 25 where I began realising that time wasn't going back and eternal youth doesn't exist... well ofc I never believed that, but you know what I mean? Also, I wish I had stopped ageing at 25. It's a very cool age, tbh. That being said, obv I am not "old" and I know that. But I no longer have many hopes or "dreams" for the future and I believe I've lost my innocence and naivety when it comes to the real world.

I remember when I was still in the same age bracket as your average MAL user. I was 18 when I joined this shithole. I "met" you when I was 20 still. Whenever I decide to check the forums(like once every 2-3 months) I'm appalled at the poor grammar used by so many users. And I notice most are around 15-19. No wonder people outgrow this place eventually. I can't believe I've actually "met" most of my online contacts in this place. You just gotta do a lot of cherry picking.

Anyway, I haven't completed na anime series since September 2015 or so(Azumanga Daioh). I've mostly been playing video games as far as entertainment goes. Man, remember when we used to watch One Piece everyday back in 2011-2012? I haven't watched OP since 2013. How much longer until Luffy finds the OP... if it exists, that is. I can't believe I've watched about 300-400 episodes of OP in about 10-15 months or so back in my NEET days. I'd never be able to do that these days or even have the patience to do so.

I think I've also changed/grew throughout the years. Looking back, I was very immature and naive when I was in my early 20s and still acted a bit like a teenager at times. I look at people aged 18-22 nowadays and they look so immature. Ofc I'm not saying I'm very mature for my age or anything of the sort, but I do notice a considerable difference. It's odd, really. Considering people start changing more slowly once they turn 20.

Also, I'm noticing more and more footballers being younger than me these days. I grew up watching them being older than me.

A lot of people seem to consider me über serious and also a bit stiff and stern. I don't think I act like an old man yet, tho. I was never much one to party hard and make big ceremonies out of events anyway. It's gonna be odd for the next big thing in football to be younger than me.

Meanwhile, my brother is approaching middle age. He turns 35 next year. Gonna be awkward the day he turns 40. 40 is when middle age starts, imo. There is no way to deny it by that point anymore. Then again, It also felt a bit odd when he turned 30. And I was like "whoa" when I turned 20 as well. When you're a kid you're usually looking forward to your bday because of cake and presents and also because ageing is exciting when you're young since you're growing and all. But as an adult, you don't change much every year as much as you do until you're about 20 or so.

Well, that was a bit of a tl;dr rant. In a few days I'll probably forget about turning 27 already.
Cowabunga Nov 15, 12:06 PM
Nigga, I'm old.
EratiK Nov 1, 1:04 PM
Original went original anime at around two thirds, don't know how good the fillers are. New one is full blown adaptation. Pacing is also slower in the old one.
EratiK Nov 1, 11:48 AM
Since you're done with Rinne, you should tryu Mahoujin guru guru sometimes (the new one), I think you'll like it.
EratiK Oct 20, 9:21 AM
It's so different from the first OVA. And sometimes it feels Triggery, sometimes it doesn't...
EratiK Oct 20, 6:00 AM
LWA is weird, did you find it weird too?
Johan Oct 15, 12:27 PM
LOL ironically i never expected Pep to lose the title in back to back years (something he's never done) So coming in to the season i always expected City to run away with the goods. I thought Chelsea and Spurs could be competitive at least. Mourinho doing the "chosen one" things again in a boring mundane typical goalless affair at Anfield, so we already know they lack the cajones to win the title. Phil Neville said it best "City appear leagues ahead of United at the moment." You'll never see a Pep team set up for nil-nil, and that'll be the difference between champions and not champions.

Honestly my target for this season was to finish top 4, and preform well in Europe (QF of UCL).

Of course this doesn't excuse the disastrous performance against Crystal Palace. With or without Kante and Morata there's no reason to lose that fixture. Yet we've done it twice in a calendar year at Selhurst Park.

Cowabunga Oct 15, 5:36 AM
Olhanense 0-1 Benfica

Cup game. Gabriel Barbosa scored.

It seems Marco Silva has been having a good start at Watford so far. And Watford already faced title contenders. Hope it looks promising for his side.
EratiK Oct 11, 1:28 PM
Oh yeah saw a couple of batches for Aishite Night earlier on nyaa, should be manageable.
Cowabunga Oct 11, 5:21 AM
I don't care for her music either. When was her prime? The 80s, I imagine?

LOL genetically inferior to who?

Tbh it's kinda cool if your nation makes a big tournament for the first time ever. When Portugal made the 2007 Rugby WC with an amateur team, people were happy and excited. Our first game was against... the All-Blacks. We lots like 117-17, but scored first. People were fascinated that we had managed to score against the All-Blacks.

Anyway, I found out that Australia still have a chance to make the WC. They play two games against Honduras. I hope they make it. I like seeing Australia in the World Cup.

Nelson Oliveria probably can make it as a sub. Dunno about Ivo Pinto. What is his position again? Because if he is a mid-fielder then it will be VERY HARD for him to make the squad.
Cowabunga Oct 11, 4:55 AM
Yeah, I know that. The media here has talked about her a lot. It's getting tiresome. Madonna in 2017?! Doesn't she write children books now?

Seems Scotland didn't make the play-offs. Croatia will go instead. The play-offs might be pretty interesting games with a few surprises. Italy vs. Croatia and Switzerland vs. Sweden would be fun.

I wonder what Egypt will do in the WC: First time I see them in one. They have won the African Cup of Nations several times. Poland also made their first WC since 2002. panama and Iceland I guess are debutants as well.

I've asked people who follow NT football more who are the strongest teams atm. The general consensus seems to be Brazil, France, Germany and Portugal, with Argentina and Spain also looking good; while Italy and England not so great. Let's see who'll be the dark horse of the upcoming WC. I guess we can expect interesting stuff from Iceland. Korean dude tells me Korea is kinda lousy. I wonder if Japan will pass the group stage. Ofc it all depends on the draws.
Cowabunga Oct 11, 4:14 AM
And we're in the WC. Didn't even need to go to the play-off after all. We beat Switzerland 2-0. Eliseu got injured during the game.

Dunno what to expect of Portugal in Russia. It seems there are soem good young Portuguese players, but will they be sufficient to do a good WC? Who knows really.

Argentina made it in the end after tough qualifiers.

Lol Netherlands. Lol USA. Lol Australia. Lol Ghana.
Anathor Oct 7, 11:59 AM
Yeah I too have a huge manga/anime backlog that I will probably never get through..And ofc I always get sucked in MMOs destroying what little free time I've still Xd
Anathor Oct 7, 10:01 AM
Ahahah maybe a lost brother?! Well you definitely have more manga on your list, albeit I just added those I remembered about; still not going to get anywhere near 207 days.
Mind if I drop a friend request? :D
Cowabunga Oct 6, 4:24 AM
Lol is that how you look like irl?

Also, thanks for the Steam key you've sent me.