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Cowabunga 7 hours ago
Oh definitely. Some are fun but eventually it gets boring and makes you feel like you're not playing an actual real game for some reason. At least that's how I feel. I haven't played one by a major company yet.

I used to have retro gaming systems emulators on my first ever Samsung smartphone. That was fun, but I haven't done that again in other phones I've had since then.

Eh I disagree. If anything I'd replace "girls" with "middle aged and old people". Saw a man in the tube/metro who must have been in his late 50s/early 60s playing a JRPG on his phone... weird sight.

I'd say games like The Sims, Singstar, Eye Toy, Wii Sports(even MY MOTHER played that a few times) were much bigger hits as far as getting females into games goes.
Cowabunga 8 hours ago
What do you think of mobile gaming? Most mobile games to me seem free to play but pay to win. So it's kinda pointless. I've bought DLC on steam before but never on a mobile game.
Cowabunga 8 hours ago
I've been hearing of it for a couple of years now, but never got around to install it.

What I don't really know what it is is snapchat.
Cowabunga 9 hours ago
Some of my FB contacts deactivate their account... but then activate it a few weeks later, again? Why do people do that? I know a couple of people who seem to pull that 5 times a year or so. But then keep posting on their other social network accounts.

Instagram seems to be the hit social network for people to share their travel and food photos now. And it also seems to be a big wankbank for dudes.

Facebook seems to be a place to post memes and update your status with jokes. Or to link songs from youtube.

The times I find twitter more useful is during tragedies, coup d'états, riots, etc. Every time such incidents happen people post screencaps of tweets.

Facebook is all the social networking I can handle. You can do everything there, from posting pics/videos to updating statuses, etc. Plus FB has groups which are useful for certain circles(university classmates). And ofc it has the chat messenger thing... no, I don't have whatsapp. I might be the only person left on Earth who doesn't have it yet.

Cowabunga 9 hours ago
I don't like Twitter. Seems pointless. What kind of vital information can be said in 140 characters only? I've heard it's great for networking and the best social network to interact with celebrities and the like but still.

I don't hear people talk about Twitter much these days. Everyone is either on Facebook or Instagram, it seems.
Cowabunga 11 hours ago
Nevertheless, they were tagged on facebook, meaning those club's got an alert.

I know Sporting's twitter pulls that shit with other clubs at times as well. They've done it with both Monaco and Dortmund. What kind of clubs do you guys banter with on Twitter? Hope you don't pick up fights with bigger clubs than yours.

And yes, the Champions League thing is the type of answer I'd expect from some of those clubs. And let's face it, being 33 times champion in Spain or Italy and 27 times champion in Germany is more impressive than being 36 times champion in Portugal. Also, notice how Benfica didn't mention Celtic or Olympiacos... oh that's right, they've each been champions about 40 times at least.
Cowabunga 11 hours ago
They did tag them, though. Why being on Facebook and not Twitter makes it better lol?

Wow MCM... me and my brother used to watch that and other music channels back in the 90s. Crazy to think you had to wait for a new hit song to come out on TV back then.

And that song is weird.
Cowabunga Yesterday, 6:37 PM

...our official Facebook page posted this today. Telling the champions of other countries that we've been national champions more times than they have been... and to boot they tagged those clubs in said status as well.

I think this sort of thing is uncalled for...
ONEESAMAAA Yesterday, 5:23 PM
why not
Cowabunga Yesterday, 3:33 PM
Past his prime or not, Mourinho added another trophy to his resume. But let's see how he does at United next season.

Didn't 5 English clubs play in the CL in 2005/2006 as well? I mean Liverpool won it in 2004/2005 while finishing 5th place in the EPL. Remember how UEFA solved that by forcing thm to go through every qualifying round next year playing as a "countryless" club? lol
Cowabunga Yesterday, 2:01 PM
So did you see the Europa League final? I've heard Man Utd won easily and that Ajax were pretty poor. Not surprised.

And Mourinho wins a European trophy 7 years later again. Kinda funny he didn't win any at Chelsea or Real Madrid but wins one at Man Utd on his very first season, a club that had been struggling ever since Ferguson retired.

Cowabunga May 23, 10:49 AM
Marco Silva has grabbed people's attentions since his Estoril days. It's rare for a smaller club here to play attractive and offensive football instead of parking the bus. He reached a 4th and a 5th place iirc.

Man according to Sky marco Silva has a deal with Porto... but the news say his in Switzerland atm and Pro Eleven, the company that manages his career, denies everything about his Porto deal. What a flipping mess.
Cowabunga May 22, 6:55 PM
Only thing better than that would have been signing a German with Füchs as his last name. That one always makes me chuckle.

Indeed it's a bit unexpected for you to sign Tuchel's second in command. Let's see how this goes.

And it's official: Nuno Espírito Santo is leaving Porto. And now people are placing their bets on the next Porto coach. It seems Marco Silva and Paulo Sousa are the biggest names being discussed. Marco Silva went to England this season and I dunno if he wants to leave it anytime soon. Plus it's not the first time he gets rumoured for Porto, so it's possible it might just be one of those rumours that appears every window. I could see Paulo Sousa going there, but let's wait.

I suppose we're keeping Rui Vitória(he renewed his contract several months ago until 2020 or something). Supposedly Jesus wants to leave Sporting but nothing has happened thus far.

This could be an interesting silly season around these parts.
CoquiEnthusiast May 22, 1:08 PM
You're not going to explain why my review is shit? I appreciate any type of feedback, but don't start something and leave like that. If you think it's shit then explain why; otherwise that comment was unnecessary and childish.
ONEESAMAAA May 21, 4:02 PM
I haven't watched season 1. I watched one ep and it was ok but not high on my priority list at all