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Anime Stats
Days: 50.3
Mean Score: 6.69
  • Total Entries534
  • Rewatched26
  • Episodes3,179
Anime History Last Anime Updates
10 hours ago
Watching 7/12 · Scored 7
Strike Witches 2
Strike Witches 2
Yesterday, 1:22 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
Tsurezure Children
Tsurezure Children
Yesterday, 9:07 AM
Watching 8/? · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 2.8
Mean Score: 8.43
  • Total Entries44
  • Reread0
  • Chapters412
  • Volumes56
Manga History Last Manga Updates
New Game!
New Game!
Yesterday, 9:38 AM
Reading 56/? · Scored 9
Seikoku no Dragonar
Seikoku no Dragonar
Aug 21, 8:35 PM
Reading 49/66 · Scored 9
World Teacher: Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent
World Teacher: Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent
Aug 15, 8:08 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Sojin 5 hours ago
24 hours is a long reply to me lol. I usually reply with in 3 hours or sooner.

Yea dude wtf get a licences drivings has way more up sides then downsides
Hirugiku 6 hours ago
Thats a very interesting take on that ofcourse. On one hand your score is a indication of how much a perosn liked/feel about the anime. And if he no longer feels this way then a score can drop but on the other hand take 5 more years or so, you might dislike the anime you used to be loving a lot just because you changed so does that mean you'll change a score as well?
While i dont think something is right or wrong, i personally wont change my score drastically, whatever past me scored whatever the score will remain. I'm just trusting that a past me knows that anime better than me since he was watching it for the first time and all.

Never heard of Dragonar Academy. but looking at it, damn its quite sad that anime is 3 years old and no sign for second season that just reminds me how most seasonals we watch and like will never get a second season T_T

You're loving new game as ever huh. Btw, saw that you changed strike witches for strike witches 2 :P
Sojin 7 hours ago
Sorry for the long reply i didnt notice it since i havent had my desktop until today. Just moved to University and didnt have a long enough Ethernet cord. Um so as you know Mahouka is my favorite series of all time so i drove 3 hours to go see it in theaters, it was also a bonus because i got to see my old High School buddy while i was there.
Hirugiku Aug 21, 9:59 PM
I have lots of 10s who are not in my favorites.having something as 10 doesnt necessarily make it into my favorites if that was the case i would be out of spots. why wont i give new game a 10 its a super great anime, just because i dont like it as much as before doesnt mean that feelings of my past self who gave it a 10 are irrelevant now.
So you are finally happy with how your fav list stands huh? thats vvvcoool.
You say that but the saddest thing ever already happened :( you downgraded brave witches sigh.

Thats what i figured as well about your manga favs.
Sojin Aug 21, 12:43 PM
I only downloaded anime for my road trup to California so i 99% of the time stream. Out of the 12000 episodes watched made 250 were watched downloaded
Sojin Aug 21, 11:29 AM
I almost necer watch on mobile. Id say 90% of time im watching on my desktop. Other than that imwatching on my laptop from stuff i have downloaded. I mostly rewatch if i go on trips and do t have internet or if friends want to wqtch something I recommend. everything im rewatching right now is with a friend.

Yea this summer has been crazy its been one thing after another I've been constantly going on vacations and I haven't had that much free time I just finished moving to my university and setting my apartment up so that's why I have my watching a sort of getting back on track but before that I was driving to university I was packing for setting up my apartment but now everything's going to come down right now then I'll be gone this weekend and then I come back and school starts so yeah it's been super busy and that's why my watch he paces slow down and I'm also getting a job so my watch and will probably stay pretty low I want to try to average around 10 or 12 episodes a day still but I don't know if that's going to be all that possible I might just do like big binges on one date with and not watch for like a couple days at all. Will have to see how school and my job take into affect how much free time I get I won't really know until school starts up which starts next week
Hirugiku Aug 21, 12:57 AM
Its really unfortunate but im liking new game much less nowadays, if only i had extra slots a month ago i would've added it but then if i dont like it nearly as much now than before i would've removed it by now.
Man trust me, im the one who is the most affected by it i feel really really sad that i dont like it as much anymore :(
But hey at least im really happy that you value it sooo much, its really high in your favorites and you even read manga and you have new game added in 3 different favorites fields (anime,manga,char)

Back when i had 10 i was thinking oh how great it would be to add this and that to favorites but now im debating if i really want to have them in favorites. I need to be 100% sure, i dont wanna add something and then remove it. I'll add only my ultimate favorites and not just animes that i really like a lot. Also i should probably finish some of those animes before trying to add them.
Also i want people whoever checks my favorites know that those are my ultimate favorties and not just those that i added because i had a spare space.
Sojin Aug 20, 9:20 PM
Well im a rewatch addicted. Like you can see on my profile how much stuff I rewatch so for me its still awesome and this isnt my first time rewatching akame. Im on movile otherwise id check my blog to see how many rewatches it had. But i wanna say this is my 3rd or 4th time rewatching.
Hirugiku Aug 20, 12:52 PM
i did it only to add one character at first but now i realize it wasnt that necessary but its still nice. Anyway still very glad to support my favorite site.
I do, now i dont have special lists of "additional favorites" on my profile, but i decided to think really really hard on what am i gonna add, so my remaining spots will go to those that are truly favorites and not just because i have a spare space
Magister_Jakene Aug 17, 12:03 AM
Ah, sorry. I like modern shows, not old animation shows.
Magister_Jakene Aug 16, 8:31 PM
Noir? What's that? I would search it up on MAL but can't be arsed
Magister_Jakene Aug 16, 7:07 PM
No. I dislike Yu-gi-oh and pokemon is ok I guess. Obviously i've seen shows like that when I was younger, like everyone, but the first time I realized anime was a genre was after watching stuff I shouldn't have been watching...

Some of my first anime were Rosario + Vampire, My Bride is a Mermaid, Highschool of the Dead, and Baka and Test. Which are all ecchi >.>

I got into anime because I saw my brother watching an anime called Sergeant Frog. I didn't want it to be obvious I was watching the same show as him so I watched other stuff that Netflix had, since the time I first watched anime was the golden age of anime on Netflix.
Magister_Jakene Aug 16, 5:36 PM
When I first started watching anime about 5 years ago I didn't know they came out every season, so i'm used to bingeing shows. I'd rather watch 2 episodes than watch one episode and tear my hair out waiting for the next one.
PlasmaBean Aug 14, 5:46 PM
Thank you for the criticism. It was more close to a rant than to a review, I should've explained more about the anime and why I didn't like it. About the 10s, I put them without thinking (if there was a scene I was very excited or something like that, I would put a high score). I'll remove all my scores and do them over again. No, it's not even close to an offense, it's just your personal opinion, and I agree with you.
Freya_Magna Aug 13, 6:18 PM
hello , thanks for reading my shit review :D .

for your question, as you can probably guess , i'm just too lazy to put a complete list on my profile, i did watch the first season and i definitely enjoy it.

i put everything on 10 because it is the only way i could support the studios and everyone else that involved in the making by saying "your work are masterpiece for me, please keep up the good work and thank you for bringing joy in my dull everyday life"

so either i put a show 10/10 on my list , or didn't even bother to put it at all. This also to serve my list as a recommendation page, not a warn to not watch something (which other user have done it so well).

who am i kidding, this is just my "i'm-so-special" starter kit xD.