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Werchiel Jul 31, 2016 11:04 PM
Ask away - I'm a 27 y' old otaku and I would almost call myself a NEET if I didn't spent 8 hours at work every day. So it's not like my time is so valuable.

No reason to feel rude - like I already noted we do have a difference in tastes and that's just it.
Higurashi is kind of supposed to not make sense in the beginning and it is revealed later on as to why things are so screwed up as they are.

It has been a while since I watched Corpse Party so I don't exactly remember how it was but I do remember that I liked the game 100 times more. Maybe you could give a shot one time - who knows, you might just like it.

That last sentence sounds like I'm going away to a foreign country or I'm being shipped to war :D
Werchiel Jul 30, 2016 1:55 AM
No wonder - if I haven't played the game first I would have likely hated it too. They're jumping around so much it makes you dizzy.
I don't really remember everything now since it has been a while that I've seen it but I'm pretty sure they did explain everything. If not in the beginning than later on.

If you like explanations then I think Mahouka could be good for you. There is magic there yes and this magic is scientifically explained. It's explained a lot. With a lot of difficult words and concepts -they do make sense mind you if you're smart enough to understand them. Sadly I'm too dumb to get everything they've introduced and I'd have to watch it again to sort things out but it still remains on of my favourites (you know despite me not getting 1/3 of the explanations).

Oh it definetly gets ridiculous - playes teleport, they can fly and they can shoot kamehas from their fists, I was half expecting one of them to go shadow clone jutsu... Not to mention some players can enter super sayan mode. Now the funny thing is that pretty much all of the moves are a WAY-OVER-THE-FUCKIN'-TOP versions of real life moves that I did find players performing in real matches.
But some moves seem like they do make sense and are explained but the execution is just so flashy... Now I like flashy so I did have fun watching that. An example - I'm reffering to the vanishing drive part - they explain it that to pull this off he draws the oposing players attention to the ball and then moves around while tossing the ball to himself. It is a thing that regulat basketball players do all the time but of course they don't suddently teleport behind a guy but this teleport is a representation of the enemy losing focus and sight of the player.
And then there is the bullshit category -
The explanation is that by twisting his hand and adding another layer of centrifugal force he grants more power to the pass. And while in theory that's true - I still don't understand how did he make the ball levitate for a couple of seconds while he was charging his Chi.

I watched all 3 seasons in like a week - it really sucked me in. Main reason would probably that there is real and valid progression which is something I value.

Higurashi no naku koro ni, Umineko (altough the anime is incomplete) and as for higurashi there are multiple seasons but you could even start in the middle since... Well actually the less I tell you the better. Danganronpa - unfortunately the game is way better and the anime only covers one route of the first game. Probably the best and most hardcore sick shit I have ever seen was in Corpse Party - this is absolutely insane and you can get the chills even sitting in a well lit room with 4 other people. Sadly - the anime kind of butchered the game (again...) and it's rushed like hell with a lot of stuff just not where it was supposed to be. Might be worth a watch I guess.
I'll give you one of my favourite quotes from the game:

"I felt her blood going down my throat, quenching my thirst. And her meat was supple and satisfying. But that blood and that meat was once my friend. Up until just a few hours before, I'd been talking with her. As I feasted, I just kept thinking, this food used to be a person. Before I tore it apart, it all worked together to sustain a life. And every time I thought about that, I just started crying...and I couldn't stop."

The things you learn about people...

Still - I've skimmed over your list a couple times and I'm not sure if I should be recommending anime to you since our tastes seem to be quite different. Not that I find that to be weird - my best friend likes completely different anime than I do so whenever we recommend something to each other it's like a lottery. And well - I've been sitting in anime and games for over 20 years now so I'm pretty sure that my mind is corrupted beyond redemption.

Oh you don't have to worry about that. I'm a hedonist after all so there is no way that I would do something that I don't enjoy. And it just happens to be that exchanging opinions and friendly banter is just what I enjoy. And having fun/trolling and making friends in MMO (especially when I'm drunk) games whenever possible.
Besides these short comments are nuthin' - this one has around 800 words (maybe around 900 which this additional parahraph). I have a friend with whom I exchange comments once in a couple weeks (well he was on "hiatus" until recently) and for example the last one had 5500 words. I like to write - that's why I tried writing reviews. It sucks that I have no talent for it but I still enjoy it even if most times I do it just to amuse myself ^_^ And I ocasionally write reviews of games for friends - I posted one of them online (here but since they only allow 5 thousand characters I had to cut it short and I couldn't write everything I wanted so I wasn't very happy about it. I had this problem at school too - I had to limit myself since going over the limit would cost you points.
Not that I'm being profesional about it since after writing a review you should let it sit for a couple days maybe even a week and then revisit it - I can allways find things to fix this way and improve the quality. But I don't do that simply because I don't really care THAT much - after all it's just for my own sake.
Kanorin Jul 29, 2016 3:57 AM
excuse me?
Werchiel Jul 28, 2016 11:43 PM
I also meant to ask you about Bakuman but honestly it's so hot and I slept like 2 hours last night so I'm going to be really lazy and just copypaste my review from a couple years back

Werchiel Jul 28, 2016 11:29 PM
It helps being a complete nerd for 27 years. And this series and all of it's universe (it's like 4 different series all in the same universe/setting focusing on characters from different places/countries and seeing key points in their worlds from their unique pespectives) are among my favourites in gaming.

Ah I can actually understand - I did have some issues in the beginning but the way it turns around towards the end of the series honestly impressed me. Still I don't think it's fair to watch most of the series in hope it will get better in the end. In this case it really does but there is no point if you have to torture yourself to get there. It was around episode 20 I think or maybe a little sooner that I've seen one of the best hmmm how should I describe - character moments? When a certain thing happens (even though you hate it I'm not sure if you are comfortable with spoilers so I will avoid them) one of the characters does something that very rarely happens in anime - ane his actions following said event are really the shit. But like I said - it's not really worth it to force yourself up to this point.
I would recommend Tales of the Abyss because the story, the characters and the "seriousness" of the story and it's implications are the real deal. HOWEVER - this anime is adapted from a game of the same title. A game that took me over 40 hours to complete - if we take out combat and exploration this leaves us at around 16-18 hours. And they made a 26-episode anime from it. Needless to say - a lot was cut out, sometimes whole plotlines were castrated and sometimes some were simplified and other times they just cut the story so much that it's hard to follow. Pacing is a real issue here since the story rushes ahead so fast that it quickly leaves anyone who hasn't plaeyed the game in the dust. It's a real shame since it would otherwise make an incredible show.

My attention span and memory is that of a goldfish most times so while I can talk about something when it's mentioned I find it quite hard to just remember a specific title by myself.

Have you seen Darker than Black? It's not on your list but then again neither was GC.
Well it's hard to recommend titles like that - I've been going through my list for the past 15 minutes but some of the titles I don't even remember myself. That's what happens after 500+ titles on the list... But that's not even a thing since my mate has over 2k - now that is hardcore.

I think one of my most loved scenes in Zetsuen was the stalemate on the island when they were negoatiating for like 3 episodes - I loved those. My friend had a long-week discussion with his fiancé because she hated and thought it was boring.

I'm not in shape so to speak recently. I used to check every season and watch 15 series or so while they were still airing and now I barely watch an average of 1 series/week. It would seem I waste too much time replaying older games. But that's what happens - I plyed around a thousand games in my life and some of them were so good that I like to go back - when I do however I don't have the time to play the new ones. I currently have 3 games ordered and just waiting for them to be shipped but I don't think I'll have time to play any of them for another 2 weeks or so. Not to mention a stack of about 10 titles I already have on my shelf still in their original packaging. Yeah... first world problems.

I'm really into sports anime - contrary to real life sports that I find boring for the most part.
Have you given a try to Kuroko no Basket? That one is about basketball (well 'duh) but it goes way higher, it doesn't even go over the top it just skyrockets the fence into outer space. Some people hate on this one but I had a couple laughs when they performed... special moves.
I really loved One Outs altough it's not so much about baseball as it is about psychology. Also one of the series that has a complete badass for a protagonist and that "badassery" does not come from physical strength.

I'm in the mood for a horror/mystery/thriller series but it seems like I've already seen most of what there is in the genre. Oh woe sie me.
Werchiel Jul 28, 2016 12:20 AM
I play all kinds of games - it's just recently (about 3 years now) that I have take more focus to jRPGs.

In Cold Steel there is a group of students in a military academy and on their first day they go to the old schoolhouse with their instructor for a sort of orienteering course. Then a trapdoor opens and they all fall down. The protagonist - Rean wants to protect one of the girl and he jumps in front to catch her. In the end she lands her goodies in his face and after they get up he gets slapped and then she proceeds to give him the cold shoulder for the rest of the day. But as days pass (you sort of follow the exploits of the class by watching them day by day) she notably feels guilty about the whole situation knowing that it was just an accident and that she overreacted - she tries to help him out answering a teacher's question for example (whether or not it helps is player determined since we get to pick the answer in the first place) and over the course of the days she constantly tries to find a way to apologize which finaly culminates with her just coming out straight and saying that she's sorry.
I love the game for how it handles characters and their development as well. There are 9 people in the class + their combat instructor/homeroom teacher and all of them have really compeling backstories that you get to experience on your own sometimes just observing and sometimes influencing a character and actually changing the way they feel and think. It's commendable how well it is done so I just cannot wait for the sequel that comes out in a couple weeks (already got it preordered too).
And while I'm at it - a friend of mine asked me how I felt about the ending to the first game so I made him this -
That's pretty much what the ending does to you - it crushes you and makes you wait another year for a sequel.

Kazuma - I always liked the badass type of characters. That's pretty much why most of my favourite series (not counting romances which I like just as much but they are in a different cattegory) are series like Mahouka or Chrome Shelled Regios - one of the things they have in common is a powerful protagonist. Worthy of note - I don't just consider a badas a character with physical (or magical) strength or combat prowess. I believe inteligence is just as strong a forte.
(you can insert a joke about how I'm compensating right here)

There was a channel in my country called Hyper back in the day and it was mainly a channel about games (it ran from 8 PM till midnight) and they would air a single episode of an anime a day. So I did catch a few episodes of Vampire Princess Miyu or Slayers or Castle in the Sky (okay I don't remember the name but it was something like that) and there was also RTL7 and Dragon Ball that we all used to watch in elementary school.

I wanted to recommend shinsekai yori but I see you've already watched it. You may want to check out Guilty Crown - it does seem to fit your likes. It has also one of the best soundtracks ever - I still listen to it to this very day when I'm in the office. Since you enjoyed Zetsuen no Tempest I think that you will enjoy this as well.
Aight' enough stalking - time to get back to work.
Werchiel Jul 26, 2016 11:17 PM
Whoaaa - that's a late reply I did not see coming :D

I see that not only in anime but also in games of let's say "islandish" origin. Like the old "going down/up the ladder" thing.
I'd say tropes in general are a bad thing since that's why they become a trope however I think it has additional impact if they actually go for it and they do it right - maybe even baiting you in the process.
There was something like that in a game called Trails of Cold Steel where in the beginning I thought it was the kind of thing we were reffering to earlier however they settled it in a great way and looking at the whole picture I'm glad they did it.

And with Kaze no Stigma I must admit it was in fact one of the first series I have ever watched (my total series watched was probably a single digit back then) so I have a special place in my heart for this one. Especially since it pretty much defined the kind of protagonist that would become my favourite in the years to come.
Keldaron Jul 9, 2016 9:27 PM
Another one here to thank you for your review in psychic school wars.
You literally wrote all of the thoughts I had while watching the movie. At the water scene I was like "is this symbolism? This is symbolism right? Am I supposed to feel something now?" Anyways, very confusing movie and a very good review.
Something you might've missed though, that I think at least explains why he was there at all (the transfer student, I'm bad with names) is that the fox was him. His father went back in time, fell in love with hasegawa or whatever her name was, went to the future, had a child, named it *insert transfer students name*, went back with him in time to prevent hasegawa from going with him to the future (because she was unhappy or some shit)
The best thing of this is, hasegawa wanted to fuck her son. Lmao. Targaryans approve.
lolcatinti Nov 19, 2015 11:10 AM
I love your review of Psychic School Wars! :)
slugcop Aug 26, 2015 3:18 PM
the kid made me so uncomfortable! i'm glad they kept his words/actions away from shota territory but still... it had shota implications which is a whole different level/type of creepy. ((also that ending that face? the kid is def gonna fuck up some shit while you sleep))

oh yeah but thanks for the nice words glad you laughed ^^
_qql Dec 19, 2014 12:57 AM
just wanted to say thank u for your review of Nerawareta Gakuen, it filled me with bliss, great wording of yours.
Werchiel Dec 4, 2014 2:11 PM
Aparently the forums stretches it so that it's not readable - I'll put it on my profile instead.

This is the kind of tangent that we're not supposed to think about. It's like a "thing" that a lot of creators use in many anime. But it can be put to good use (like pretty much anything) - and it was done this way in Kaze no Stigma where Ayano did in fact take a few swings at Kazuma but since he is a total badass (pretty much the biggest monster in terms of power in the entire series) that everytime he just easily dodges it (and sometimes counters it in a flirty way like kissing her on the nose) - that was okay. But when the character gets hit over and over again - I imediately lose all my interest in him.
I love the main hero of Trinity Seven and it's 50/50 there - he does get hit but he's like "well it was totally worth it since I got a good look" or something like that.
I never understood how inflicting physical pain can be a sign of affection. I get that it's an introvertic thing (I'm an introvert myself) to have difficulty expressing emotions and feelings but substituting those feelings with something completely oposite is just stupid.

Sorry for the wall of text :P
Werchiel Dec 4, 2014 2:09 AM
"I really despise the fact that violence is displayed acceptable by female anime characters simply because she's doing it since they're 'close' and 'joking'. It's not funny, it will never be funny, and personally, I would never want to be friends with someone who smacks me every chance they get."

This is a quote from your review of Nerawareta Gakuen. I completely agree with this statement - do you mind if I use this in my signature?

Rinx Mar 25, 2014 9:57 PM
Nice username, review, and profile picture~ ╚╩ᶘᵒᴥᵒ ᶅ╩╝
Miss_Elyon Aug 11, 2013 1:35 PM
Great review for Nerawareta Gakuen

i loved the ART it was perfect

but it was awful and Disappointing