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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season
43 minutes ago
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Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
Natsume Yuujinchou Shi
3 hours ago
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4 hours ago
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Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Aug 19, 8:28 PM
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Platinum End
Jul 6, 2:14 PM
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Death Note: L FILE No. 15
Death Note: L FILE No. 15
Jul 4, 9:09 AM
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NalarueAni 13 minutes ago
Over the years I've come to the conclusion that Youtube videos over "best romance anime" are not dependable at all. There are so many things wrong with most romance anime, and the people who post those videos are probably young girls or boys who haven't even experienced romance for themselves yet.

Anime like Itazura na Kiss, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, and My Little Monster are toxic and a pain to watch. They're nothing but episodes upon episodes of a one-sided relationship with a girl hopelessly in love (the guy in My Little Monster) with someone who verbally abuses and neglects them, but the person in love can't take a god damn hint about it so they can move on and find someone who is better for them emotionally, mentally, AND physically. I'll say this time and time again, there is nothing cute about an abusive relationship.

Then there's anime who are tagged as romance and occasionally hint at romance themes throughout the anime, but no one even ends up together by the end of the anime. No one ended up together in Yona of the Dawn, though I haven't read the manga, and the anime was horribly unfinished, so I'm not sure if Yona eventually ends up with Hak or not. Holo and Lawrence split up at the end of Spice and Wolf and go their separate ways. School Rumble was the most annoying of them all. There were several characters throughout the anime who could have gotten together with someone by the end of the anime, but NO ONE ended up being in a relationship after TWO seasons. The anime just kept playing on the "haha misunderstandings, inconvenient interruptions, and idiotic characters are hilarious!" trope for the whole. damn. anime.

Then there's anime like Kaichou-wa Maid-sama!, Saiunkoku Monogatari, and Special A with tsundere / incredibly stubborn female leads that just repel me from wanting to watch them anyway.

Don't even get me started on reverse harem.

I've HARDLY found any romance anime that I genuinely enjoyed. Off the top of my head I can say that the ones I have enjoyed are Fruits Basket (though romance wasn't in the original anime, it's in the manga and will soon be animated in the reboot), InuYasha, Kamisama Hajimemashita, and Say "I Love You"
Leosmileyface 2 hours ago
I'm usually good with all genres, the one I despise most is probably harem. I don't really ever enjoy watching them.

What I despise the most though are tropes like: Love Triangles, NTR, Tsunderes/people that get flustered at everything

Leosmileyface 4 hours ago
So I just realized I replied to you 2 hours ago, but put it on my page accidentally. now my discord is laughing at me :_:

Here was my reply:

Definitely should, it's one hell of a show.

That and Carole & Tuesday are my two favorites in the season(thought C&T is still airing from last)

Yea Dr. Stone or the others haven't really brought me in yet, hoping they do soon.
sepid_96 6 hours ago
well i like all kinds of anime as long as its good but i don't like ecchi or harem at all...if the story of an anime with these two genres is interesting enough then i will give it a try but if not then i won't watch it :D

i mostly like action,romance and comedy(to some point shounen,shounen ai and yaoi :D) hbu?
Elenohara 6 hours ago
Interesting, I didnt't know that they can be illegal, searched on net and didn't find an exactly answer but I see many news which talk about that the ferrets can be a domnestic animal if you know what to do and that some people have them, but at the countryside they are chased away coz they stole chickens xD,so I think there's no problem with them. Well if they're illegal and you are cought with one, what it's going to happen with you?

Oke I'll really watch it, with my mom maybe coz she likes chill stiffs. XD And will surely tell ya. :D And sincerly I like how french sounds, melodious, but very much ppl find it really hard to learn here. XD

xD Though Montreal is a pretty popular city for me and on internet I see really very beautiful pics, do you think it's so irl too? xD Coz mostly seems to be photoshopped.
Lol happy to hear Coz I'm not the best at speaking english, I use pretty easy phrases and words. xD
Leosmileyface 7 hours ago

Yea I'm loving Vinland Saga, it's amazing. I usually love historical shows but badass vikings brings it to a new level. We are really lucky that we're getting a gem like this adapted, can't wait for the future.

And yea, it's pretty much the only seasonal I'm invested in. There are other seasons I find at least fun, but vinland saga is the one and only.
Elenohara 7 hours ago
Saw a I trailer of it now, omg Pikachu is soso cute, and the Bulbosaurs! I'm melting. Xd I'm curious if you got what I said coz I translated it from my lang and dunno if it has the same sense here. :D
You really mean the animal? :D My gosh, that's really new to hear, a domestic ferret. Xd And how's it?

Lol, almost all graffiti. XD I sincerly am glad that I don't live in so much graffitti. xD Idk how to say, they're gypsy for me.

I perfectly know what you mean by that there are a lot of characters in Fate, there really were for me too, though I'm always getting used later as time as it's not a chinese anime. XD They're almost the same name and don't like that in the chineses I watched I hadn't time to get used at all with them.

Romantic! :D I remember you said you want to be alone :), then good luck. :>
Elenohara 8 hours ago
Oh really? And how's the movie? I heard about it, but don't have big expectations sincerly if I will watch it and maybe I'll do. I had it in my cinema too, though I think it was an international movie, and heard that the dub was horrible, so it was ok that I didn't go. xD
So you got Pikachu plush too? :D I wanna one too. :}

Ookay, though if you won't like it, I won't mind at all, we can't have the same opinion always. :D
Lol, this game cought us, no joke.

Well it was sad that I left the home with just 39% battery and could have cought soo much pokemons and pokestops. DD: Next time I think I'm taking the power bank with me. Xd And to be honest, then I got bored coz I walked a lot on my feets and I've already known my city well. :D But wasn't bad, the people were ok. Y'ar day? :D
Maoru 10 hours ago
Hi man/ woman (?). Sorry for the inactivity, I was travelling. What's up?
sepid_96 10 hours ago
oh you didn't ~ light ones are really sweet like this one :D

yes it is airing...5 more episodes to go :D

free?YES..i really love depends on your taste...i like sport anime is a sport anime about swimming and also it has a little drama here and animation made free so it has the perfect art and sound :D
Elenohara 11 hours ago
Whoa, you started watching Fate/Zero :D, or you put the already watched episodes?
Elenohara 11 hours ago
Of soorry for not replying a day, I went in an unexpected travel through city with a visitor family and by this chance, I gave the whole battery to Pokemon, I heard this game consumes a lot of battery and can agree, but I love it. :D It really gets me out of the house. Xd

Omg you're really a collector. :D Nice that Itachi from your bf Xd and chibi L and Light, I feel amused idk why. xD

Lol, poor T shirt :c. I still want to wear it sometimes trying to make anime friends irl. :D

Oh you completely weren't the only one, I even if liked Near a lot, sincerly didn't want L to lose at all, especially at that point when, idk why, maybe coz he reached so far, I didn't even believe that he died, coz the episode's name was "A new World" so couldn't even expect, but this way, absolutely everything ended.

Yww :D, glad you liked it, it's sad that I can't send more gifts per a day though. I really collected gifts today. And omffgg, I saw you have Pikachu now as your Pokemon, he's hardly to obtain, right?
Hakuno_Araragi 11 hours ago
ur welcome :)
Shade1410 Today, 8:07 AM
No problem! Thx for sending it :)
Thank you, I also like your Kougami picture :D
Congintive Today, 7:27 AM
Well, nothing much just some anime and only like 2 or 3 are enjoyable most of the others are just trash.