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Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited
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Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Sep 21, 11:36 AM
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Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara
Sep 20, 4:29 PM
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Ouran Koukou Host Club
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Elenohara 2 hours ago
It's alrite.
So im not the only one who thinsk that, Im kinda bored at this arc rn.
Can't wait to see Laurent too! Did it full finish?
Yea, even if the ED doesn't sound very rock-ish xD (it s one of my fav old rock band)

I've been going full school these days as well because so math teacher wanted and I got upset on her bcs of this, we were supoosed to do hybrid schedule. Btw we are wearing mask 100% inthe lessons (6-7 hours a day), we can remove it outside tho. Im curious, how long are your lessons there??
I plan reading Solanin, then Oyasumi Punpun and maybe manhwa ToG

Hm really? :/ We plan to close schools again, not due to covid, but to the nect political city mayors elections, which take place in the school so must dezinfecf schools before this.
In my country the cases have grown lately but they're somehow balanced and don't plan to close places yet.

It's a series that my bro and his gf are watching atm on Netflix and they hiighly recommended it to me (crime drama mystery) and told me it's full of twist and really hard to understand, u need to pay attention at everything and it got me hyped. (it's intriguing from the first minutes of u want to give them a try) and i thought you would like most surely too. I want to watch it when I'll be more free.
RyuiZaya Sep 21, 6:33 AM
Yep, I even more and more like it ^^ there’s no fanservice..wait..just only 1 min of it and it isn’t even a big deal (imagine bi*tch sensei in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, she got big boob and appeared only few times, that’s all fanservice in this anime, and Slime got even less fanservice than in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), plus 95% of characters are hot af* male XD
I hesitated to watch it because of girls on poster at first. But I completely changed my mind after I watched it.
I feel bad for judging this anime before watching it and even added this anime into ‘won’t watch’ list on anime-planet, but now I slept 4 am because of watching this lol. I plan to watch more isekai anime in the future ^^ (without fanservice of course).

Nope, but many people talked about konosuba, both in good and bad way, but what everyone said is ‘there’re full of fanservice’.

In Fruits Basket ss1, Kyo got more fanbase than Yuki because of his personality(?) and his past I guess.
I don’t ship them as well. Kyo is kinda annoying dude in my view, lonely and a bit annoying to be exact.

Eh? Why tho? :o why Fugou Keiji won’t be my taste? (It’s soooooooooo popular in my board so I’m curious.)
Elenohara Sep 21, 1:28 AM
Ahh, ikr, I understand.

It means I could binge watch it. Which arc did you like the most far now? I'm at the second, yet I stl liked the 1st one the most.
Also did u hear abt the Queen, the old rock formation and Freddie Mercury? Bcs the ED is a song sang by Freddie with the same title as the anime.
Interesting, I might read it since Im more interested into manga rn, I almost planned to take break from anime, plus I have more important stuff to do beside watching.

Oh yeah and if u take a semi detahce, I guess your mom and bro they will help at paying the price.
That's good, when u can drive a car, you don't depend anymore on other transports means. Also I can't wait to learn dirving at 18 years.

Btw did u hear abt the TV series called Dark on netflix?
michaeld513 Sep 20, 4:51 PM
Cool! I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Yes, Gyms are also opening back up for me as well, so I can also get stronger again and my endurance back as well, especially since I'm working.
RyuiZaya Sep 20, 9:31 AM
Haha yeah, I really love Feitan’s character design since the first time I saw him and when he spoke...OMG I like his voice and he is even so over-power! 10/10 for me lol.

For Slime, you know that I’m currently looking after an anime board right? Many people keep asking ‘when will season 2 come’, I answer them for many times until I remember that season 2 will be aired on winter 2021 - -“ So I watched it with my curiousness, and kinda surprised! I thought it would be full of fanservice, but it isn’t and I like ‘weak to strong’ character anyway so I like it :) (I read many isekai manga and novel but rarely watch anime version) Anyway, I’ve watched only 4 ep so far, many I change my opinion after finishing it XD

Many people claim that Konosuba is very fun and hilarious anime...I was like ‘seriously?’ - -“

Yep Yuki is the best ><

Btw, what do you think about Fugou Keiji?
Elenohara Sep 20, 3:51 AM
hello, how r u doing?
moonlight_tears Sep 19, 6:44 PM
Yes it a pleasure to meet you also. How are you doing?
moonlight_tears Sep 19, 5:56 PM
Thanks for accepting my friend request 💜
Natsu-Yuu Sep 19, 4:24 AM
I honestly can't imagine the plot being like that. There was probably an arc that caused such a shift?
Didn't he give up on Haruhi so she would get with Hikaru? I guess he changed his mind later on. Oh, I just read the spoiler, so he really doesn't like her lol. Reminds me of Yuki and Tohru's relationship a little bit.

My favorite girl is probably Futaba, but Haru is a really nice girl and I just wanted her to be happy once I actually got the chance to do her rank. Her treatment in vanilla was terrible, she got overshadowed in her own game. All the screentime memes are right.
Thanks, I just thought about this right now lol. But honestly anything's better than Violet. Even Rose or something idk.

It's one of the most annoying fandoms ever. It's one of the shows that if you don't like you "have trash taste" according to them. They have zero chill, and all their jokes are overdone to the ground, like with the Aqua useless jokes or how Kazuma "supports gender equality". It's a lot like Jojo where I basically already watched the show just from memes lol. No, I didn't watch season 2, I don't like any of the characters so I had no reason to.

Same ^^
Yeah, I meant that I don't know if there'll season 4 or it'll end by season 3. It depends on how many episodes season 3 will have.
I'm glad you liked her, she's one of my favorite character, she's so strong willed but also wants the best for others and not to hurt them. Furuba has amazing girls.
Rin and Haru are one of the best looking couples I've ever seen lol. They just look great together, and have some amazing chemistry too. After Tohru and Kyo I was reading mainly for them.
The new version definitely looks a lot better, and is better in general too. I could finally add the anime to my favorites again and I was so happy :)

I actually don't know anything about the anime, and romance adaptations are usually a hit or miss (I was worried before Kaguya too) so just in case the anime is terrible I'll say give it a try lol.

Just found out Natsume making another movie!! I was happy about Horimiya but this just fills me with joy. It's honestly just what I need after this year :D

Btw, do you want us to start talking on Anilist? I'm not really sure how you interact in there though.
Izuru_Kamukura10 Sep 18, 6:47 PM
Hmmm well it has a number of females around him but only two like him aka it's like Re Zero in a way on this aspect so it never presented as a problem for me. The other females I say who are important do not 'like' him in this way and one of the supporting ones like someone else who is not him btw so it's not a problem for me. Now if you ask me whether the anime is good? It's fun for me because I enjoy watching this MC for being just an OP wrecking ball lmao and of course, being a fantasy fighting anime, I enjoy it :P May work out differently for you tho because I've had people who enjoyed it and who has not.
And I know :P I remembered that one. I post a picture of Seiya's horrid facial reaction 😂

LMAO believe me I know what you're getting at there because I've already fallen into thinking that way although slightly different as I see females, particularly the pretty ones and important and competent ones, as a source of romance and love interests 🙄 If you have a girl who is potential best girl, you just know she's not going to be single for long 😂 My rule of thumb there.
Because here's a little something to tell you how far they go; You know how in Fate Stay Night the 2006 version I believe had a Saber as a love interest right? That one is based on the Fate Stay Night Visual Novel Fate route. There are 3 routes which are Fate, UBW and Heavens Feel.
Now here's the kicker for you, in the UBW VN route, there's actually an ending where Saber is once again love interest and so is Rin like WTF so they have a three-way thing 😂😂😂 This dubbed as the 'Good Ending' lmao. Not only this is so unlike Saber, but it contradicts the Saber they potray in even the route where she is the designated love interest in the Fate route which is that she's the jealous type lmao. And there's even another VN of her basically trying to be more 'girly' and being more active in pursuing love for the underaged MC 😂😂
Like what the hell did they do to her lmao.
Fate Route - Jealous type
UBW 'Good Ending' Route - Willing to be in a three-way relationship
Fate Hollow/Atria or whatever the heck it is - The type of girl who'd change how she is to chase after a guy
They broke her character in three different routes just for her to be a love interest 😂😂😂😂 Good lord, what have they done for this nonsense and even all of these nonsense out of character stuff contradicts each other.
A girl who sacrifices her personal desires and has a high sense of responsibility and is so self-assured of who she is and is independent for 25 years of her life is apparently either going to be a jealous type over an underaged high schooler, wanting to be so desperate to be in a three-way or be the type to change how she is like for an underaged MC lmao. How they destroyed her character in all of those lmao.
Thankfully, the one you saw in the anime adaptation in UBW is the True Ending which is how it actually should end and Saber simply achieving personal contentment and happiness and moving on.
The only Saber I'll ever acknowledge is the one in Zero, UBW True Ending and Heavens Feel. All of these shipping nonsense are just the whims and wishes of morons and fools.

Already finished three seasons and going onto season four which is apparently not going to be as good. Thrilling 🙂
Storm-sama Sep 18, 1:39 AM
Hey, sorry for the late reply. Work got a bit hard, so I wasn't around much.

I know, it's really stupid, but those were the COVID measures here, however stupid they are.
Well, sadly Hatsuharu and Ayame are side characters, Ayame is rarely around even more, which is sad, I love all the comedy around them. All the Kyo and Yuki "I hate you baka nezumi" was cute at first, but then it became too repetitive. At least Kyo is starting to be more mature lately (I am still around episode 14). Kamisama hajimemashita is silimar to FB, but I like the main guy better than any of the FB boys...and the heroine is practically a Tohru clone xD

How old are you, if it's not a rude question? (sry) I mean, are you working or still in school/college?
I started work just recently, still trying to get used to waking up really early (I am more of a night person, I feel the best after midnight, which is ruined now, when I have to wake up at 6:30 am >__<)

I tried watching Black clover, and yea, just a clone. Too bad, the art is really nice, I am still a sucker for nicely-drawn bishojo boys <3

I think you should try to watch Konosuba, it does have some ecchi humor in it (you are not a fan, I know), but it kinda works in there? It's not done in a generic way, like a girl slips in a hallway and lands with her boobs on a guys face. So give it a go imo. If first few episodes don't work for you, drop it. Tate no yuusha also, I would actually recommend it, it has a heart, and you really feel the characters, especially the main guy.

Well, thing is, anime is still entertainment for younger generations, under 20s. And they wanna sell their product, so they aim for them, and that's why comedy and romance or pure shounen are so common. Young audience doesn't appreciate a good serious detective anime, or a good psy/horror.

Yes! And I heard Netfilx took up Hannibal for another season too, I am so excited !! <3
I know what Mr. Robot is, but I never watched it. Had too many episodes for me to catch up. I like to watch series from the start, so I can see one episode per week and always be up to date. With anime it's easier since episodes are shorter, but for an episode of 45+ mins...I'd rather be up to date xD

No I don't, never heard of anilist... is it something like MAL?
Natsu-Yuu Sep 17, 10:50 AM
I'm actually sad to hear that. I liked how it was wholesome and silly without too much drama, but I guess that's the fate of every shoujo lol. Does Kaoru become relevant later on? Because I couldn't afford to care for him in season 1, he was in Hikaru's shadow too much.
Glad you liked it :)

Ahh why did I even ask. Now I'm sad. I'll probably reject her if I do another playthough though ;-; I try to only watch these scenes in my gameplay so I'm gonna pass on that video XD
Yeah it's really obvious from her question before you accept/reject that she loves you. Someone asks her if we're together and she literally asks you "what do you think?" It was really hard to reject Futaba too. She tells you her heart beats fast around you which clearly means she likes you but I didn't the rejection for that, which is telling her "it's cause we're teammates". It doesn't even make sense. I actually appreciated that Kasumi was chill about me rejecting her because I was so afraid of saying know when she straight out confessed. I was kinda expecting her to act like Yukiko did but she was really mature about it.
They should have named her Scarlet (her hair color) or something. Violet just doesn't fit her at all. When the team decided to call her that because "it's Sumire in English" it felt so unnatural, I was like wtf lol.

Oh, you haven't watched Konosuba? It's not like I hate it but it's soooo overrated imo. I get what they were going for but I never found the jokes funny. People treat it like it's a work of genius. The fandom is pretty obnoxious too tbh.
Never understood the hype for Megumin, and the hate for Aqua. They're both people I'd never want to be in around without earplugs.

Haha I see. My dog is afraid of cats. He's pretty small so I don't blame him.

It made me add Yuki to my favorites too! And yeah I always want to add all Furuba characters to my fave list, they're too precious ><
This is probably gonna be the best season (I'm not even sure how many more seasons there'll be but I know it's a full adaptation), I really don't want it to be over. I loved it so much.
What did you think about Rin? I never thought I'd see her in the anime but I really love her and her relationship with Tohru.
I don't know much about the original adaptation but it wasn't really good, even the manga author disliked it, the current adaptation is the one faithful to the manga.

I just found out Horimiya, one of my favorite manga is getting an anime! I'm so happy and excited! Do you know this one?
Izuru_Kamukura10 Sep 16, 6:51 PM
Ohhh well it's from one of the ongoing animes I'm watching :P The MC of Misfit of Demon King Academy, Anos Voldigoad :P And you just reminded me of your preference of black-haired ones XD Kind of like mine with blond-haired girls lmao.

You have a better chance of him abusing you than him being a perverted fool 😂 And yeah, ecchi fanservice is just no good 👎 Never really like that stuff anyways and wish they just cut it out since it generally does not serve any purpose and is generally meaningless anyways. And I did not know you avoid huge female casts XD They're not all bad, I assure you :P Just make sure there's no pretty boy males or males centered around all those girls and you're good usually lol

Well purely anime-speaking, those ones I listed are ahead :P Fate Zero is still golden of course :P It introduced me to the Fate series and to Saber :P And then there's guys like Gilgamesh, Chu Chulainn and Rin and others. It's definitely up there somewhere as a classic in my heart but as favourites, I'd have to give it to Index series, Monogatari and Re Zero as an anime purely.

RyuiZaya Sep 16, 10:12 AM
Hm...I see. So we both are f* busy right now with our personal problem, but yours is much worse :(
Don’t hold it by yourself btw, you have your bf, your family and your friends here that you can consult you know ^^

Just finished HxH yesterday and ended up scoring it 8.7 (9/10). I thought I would give it 8 before but many plots are so gooddd for me. I would say it’s one of good shounen anime! And I still didn’t hate Hisoka :)

As I said above, make sure you and your bf are OK with this decision. There’s no perfect place but there’s a place that can fit to your life-style the most and you’re happy with living there :)
Hope you can pass this issue soon! ^^

Btw, I saw your recent updated anime and I laughed lol. But I ‘do’ understand why you score them with that score XD
Izuru_Kamukura10 Sep 15, 6:43 PM
Of course you'll know. Our mutual and dear friend, Ryu, did not give me the title of husband of Saber for no reason after all :P

And I wonder what comedic one you have in mind :P

LMAO saying Shinchou is better would be the unpopular opinion too but hey I agree anyways XD But hey not everyone can have Ryuuguin Seiya comedy :P But you picked the wrong Isekai to watch then :P Perhaps you were hoping for another comedic Isekai like Shinchou but Shinchou is quite different than others I assume :P And good Isekai animes are not a common thing sadly.
But I'm not surprised it has a lot of fanservice. Sadly, Isekai with the amount of females tend to have it in them 😐 Unless it's Re Zero, they have little to zero fanservice which is something to be praised for.