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One Piece
One Piece
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Isekai Ojisan
Isekai Ojisan
11 hours ago
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Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita
Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita
11 hours ago
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What Happens Inside the Dungeon
What Happens Inside the Dungeon
Sep 15, 4:59 PM
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Succubus Stayed Life
Succubus Stayed Life
Mar 10, 9:19 PM
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Sweet Connection
Sweet Connection
Dec 28, 2021 2:52 PM
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exLightning Yesterday, 2:50 PM
I've heard about people getting motion sick in VR but never when just playing a on a screen, also I thought you were taking about Titan Fall 2 until you mentioned the Heavy.

When you think about it what is the difference between watching someone play and playing yourself that triggers the motion sickness, is it the fact that when you play you focus mostly on a singular point on the screen? or maybe because when you move forward in the game you don't move yourself. (Web search seems to point towards the 2nd reason)

Here are some things people say helps motion sickness if you haven't tried them: Increase the FOV, disable motion blur, reduce mouse sensitivity, disable head sway/bob.

Have you tried VR before? I wonder if that would be better or worse. Someone needs to make the NerveGear from SAO lol without the part that traps and kills you.
exLightning Dec 2, 7:42 PM
Jojo ending was weird, people in the discussion seemed to like it but I don't know how I feel about it.

As for cheaters it's pretty simple:
Cheaters in multiplayer games = Losers
Cheaters in speed running = Assholes
Cheaters in single player games = Who cares

I cannot fathom why someone would cheat in a multiplayer game, what is even the point in playing if you're not even using your own skills to win.
exLightning Dec 2, 2:16 PM
Only 6 episodes in so far but agreed. I just need to finish it before I accidentality read a spoiler, batch releases are annoying like that.
exLightning Nov 30, 9:25 PM
Now max out your Trap Disarming skill.
exLightning Nov 29, 9:46 PM
So you didn't like the update because the folders didn't look like your system's folders?

Edit: I just updated to see, I can see what you mean they changed pretty much every icon. They looked fine before tbh.
exLightning Nov 29, 12:07 AM
Australia is in the world cup? Honestly had no idea.

Also wtf is a system theme icon?
exLightning Nov 27, 8:46 PM
Here is the chapter in the manga that the 2nd half of the episode adapted, the letter is on page 31 if you want the translation.

Maybe you'll like Mabel in the manga more, the style is definitely unique I can now see where the anime gets it's ...Charm? lol
exLightning Nov 26, 3:51 PM
Found some fan-subs for Iskeai Ojisan -
Only a few small spelling mistakes but overall decent.

And here are some screenshots with no context. (i cbf linking them all with BBcode)
exLightning Nov 24, 9:53 PM
RE Steam: No idea, I know they're somewhat influenced by users.
Speaking of the Steam Awards just made me realise how little I play new games I could barely nominate for each category.

RE Fansubs: No idea all I remember is getting everything from HorribleSubs (rip) I never paid attention to when shows were actually releasing until the switch to AniList since they give a countdown and everything.

All I know is for some reason shows released on Netflix are avoided by the usual subgroups, looking at Netflix in my country the 8th episode of Isekai Ojisan isn't even out, so yeah probably slow because instead of subbing it themselves they just want to rip it from the Netflix release.
exLightning Nov 24, 4:51 AM
Lol completely forgot about that scene
exLightning Nov 20, 6:46 AM
Hmm in terms of the game's story she is a bit of a side character not really reinvent to any major plot points other then the fact she unknowingly has the literal god of that region as one of her employees and that is if they even cover the 2nd region of the game.

Safe to say you won't see much Hu Tao in the anime I assume, then again I'm sure they want to show off as many characters as possible so people spend more on them in the game lol.
exLightning Nov 20, 3:42 AM
Never played it so no idea, I play Genshin Impact though and that getting an anime (by ufotable) apparently so we'll see how that goes I guess.

exLightning Nov 18, 10:52 PM
I prefer being able to differentiate between the webpage everything else, having them the same colour (especially heavy black) kind of irks me lol, looks pretty sleek though.
exLightning Nov 13, 6:23 PM
Which surprises no one, going to be another 100 episodes before this arc resolves.
exLightning Nov 11, 5:02 PM
Looks like Season 1 and Season 2 were done by different studios, is it still worth watching?