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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
Yesterday, 7:33 PM
Watching 11/12 · Scored 6
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super
Mar 18, 4:48 AM
Watching 130/131 · Scored 7
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Mar 11, 4:25 AM
Watching 10/22 · Scored 9
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Hajime no Ippo
Hajime no Ippo
Feb 27, 4:38 AM
Reading 1204/? · Scored 9
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Feb 27, 4:37 AM
Reading 25/? · Scored 8
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer
Feb 26, 5:12 AM
Reading 20/? · Scored 7


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KorudoKun 2 hours ago
Alright so lemme get it straight that the thing I dislike about onion is the texture, personally I enjoy the taste ^_^'. Garlic I've always enjoyed ~

Never had Shallot o.o

I don't think I've ever had leek either o.o

And yeah the effects of A.S. seem to get a bit overpowered by the adult-developed brain or something along those lines, the effects are still strong, but my desires are different now and I want to eat a lot more o.o, I still have the same reactions but I'm more open-minded to things and understand how my brain works so I can try and get myself to like something that'd be beneficial to enjoy o.o. Though if I have no chance of liking the taste whatsoever then I've got no chance ^_^'.
KorudoKun 3 hours ago
I get what you mean... but I'm not sure it works that way o.o

I'll see what I can do... but I can't guarantee I'll be able to do that ^_^'

I'll try though o.o.
KorudoKun 3 hours ago
E-eh? I-is that a good thing? xD

Though I can't deny that I've always liked being protected...

There may be a deeper reason towards my desire for that, but I can't recall why personally ^_^'
KorudoKun 3 hours ago
A-ah o.o I thought I did o.o...

umm, If I were to list my points they'd be:

-Well Mannered
-Shy but sweet (Gathered Data)
-Somewhat smart (Gathered Data)
-None Judgemental
... It's hard to think of everything >.<. I don't specifically see what you see in me, I just see how I am? ^_^'

And yeah, I don't jump to conclusions or trust views made by the warping desire of my own mind, so to gain self opinion I gather data ^_^, I like to make sure my facts are as accurate as they can be o.o.
R-unknown 8 hours ago
is JoJo that in your highest favorite character will show up in the next series ?
and.. did you make your favorite character ordered by how much you love it ?

well, indeed that onee-chan auro so fabulous!! :> (inner: i will just play along if that make her happy)
don't say it like that, somehow that sounds kinda suspicious ><
R-unknown 8 hours ago
oh my~ what a nau-something something neko nekorin~ ^^
but..... come on, just show it to me >< please~ i'm curious now ><
R-unknown 8 hours ago
eh ? you disappointed ? so you prefer if i'm bite ? ^^

no no, just tell me casually it's okay~
wait.. what was we talking about.. *scrolled down* i see, about Suguha scene, seems interesting indeed ^^
R-unknown 8 hours ago
eh.. so you're indeed have tail~ ^^
i see~ what a normal human~ neko nekorin~ ^^
R-unknown 8 hours ago
i don't understand, probably i forget about that... could you explain "that" scene with more details ? ^^

i see i see (︶◡︶)
R-unknown 8 hours ago
since small things is cute ^^
just like a kids.. kids are cute, right ? o_o but of course, you're an adult though :>

well, probably... but are you alright ? i mean you're actually not really into your brother, right ?

who knows~ since i didn't see it with my own eyes~ ^^ but that's good if you "had fun"~
R-unknown 8 hours ago
that's somehow looks cute ><
especially that tail~ *poke tail*
and see ? just few hours ago you said you're not a cat girl =w= oh wait, that's indeed not, you're a kitsune girl -w-
R-unknown 8 hours ago
not for karaoke, for background music or something like that~ ^^
which one ? i can't just sing any song nicely.. at some certain kind of songs sometimes my voice will turn not good ><

no, i just have this song in my playlist :/ but in osu i have some girl band songs and few boy band songs~
haha yes ^^a but it doesn't mean i only like weeb songs =3= i also like other kind of songs, just very rarely listen to it -w-
and if you know some non-weeb song that you like you can always share it to me, i actually want to not only listen to weeb songs too, you know ^^;
R-unknown 9 hours ago
when i was a kid my father often listen to songs from band that i mentioned before, so i kinda used but not a fan though..
and that time i like to sing a song from my country band o_o

i already said that i'm indeed like it :P but who knows about i will dodge it or not~
and what's that Gos- ? :>
R-unknown 9 hours ago
yes, can't be helped then~ ^^ hehe so soft~
but wait.. why that kitsune girl so smoll .. o_o i thought she is at least bigger than that o_o

glad then to hear that~ ^^ that's kinda like your wish that you posted in finish sentence thread, right ? ^^
R-unknown Yesterday, 10:51 PM
okay~ i will watch it when i feel like it~ ^^ hmmm.. but unfortunately when i watching JoJo first season i can't self insert as anyone o_o

i see, and of course i'm aware that you're an adult~ ^^ there's no way you're a 9 y.o girl -3- at least mentally impossible.. but who knows about physically :>