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Manaban Yesterday, 1:15 PM
Real quick, just want to give a head's up and say sorry for the delay. I've been working on my response but there's a lot of stuff to respond to so I can't do it all at once ._. Hopefully I'll finally have everything I want to say articulated by tomorrow.
pseudosalmon May 23, 8:55 PM
That song you have in your profile is pretty good
Manaban May 22, 10:01 AM
Yeah yeah, totally, I'll wait to reply until then.
Manaban May 21, 8:41 PM
1) Maybe it's my own sense of self-conciousness, but every reply I try to type here just makes me know that it's something people could show their friends to laugh at me for. That's how I feel about a lot of stuff I write on AD, though, but there I always kind of tell myself that it's worth it somehow and I can be more open about it, so meh, I dunno why it's such an issue to me here. That was a big issue in the last response, too ._.

But that's what I care about most and it's the reason I even stick around AD, in spite of what a misery pit I find it to be. A lot of people just instantly connect somebody liking ecchi or being into 2D to a variety of derisive things, and I don't know how to fight that sometimes, no matter how much I think about it. Often times, I just kind of have to let myself go to say what flows out naturally, rather than try to be more thoughtful about it and writing out things in a really structured and strategized manner, and hitting "post reply" becomes nerve-wracking, but I kind of feel obligated to because I have to make my existence known and that, well, no, I don't think there's anything wrong with liking these things and that I'm not some inferior being for enjoying as much.

Maybe it's because of external forces and the treatment of sex as a concept by society's standards that makes it seem that way, maybe it's a kind of scapegoating because they just want to blame the existence of ecchi and fanservice as pretty much the main catalyst for why people hate anime fans so much as a way of misdirecting frustration or dealing with some kind of insecurity over liking this thing that people see as weird - which in of itself would be a product of societal norms - and maybe it's somewhere in-between that, I dunno. I really like being a part of the subfandom around these things and I don't really mind being seen as weird, but when people treat me as sexually frustrated or an incel or something, it just kind of pisses me off because I can't really uphold those things. So what my approach to trying to tackle this issue of how people view this thing has been to try and push it from a critical perspective and instill this sort of idea that these things can be broken down and understood for what they are, kind of like you can do with any other product,. In turn, I thought that if people could see them in that light of not being this entirely separate entity in how consumption is dealt with, then in turn it'd make things feel less alien for everybody involved and a sort of common ground could be made. Y'know, Looking at aspects like camera shots and angles, contexts and scenarios, trying to do things like encourage people to not just see a character as "what -dere archetype they can be classified under" and being willing to look past that superficial label and assess characters that can be labeled as such by as much, instilling the idea of a priority not necessarily being written into a narrative and how these aspects play into it, but rather the inverse and that narratives can play into this as a means of character and sexualization support as opposed to thinking of sexualization of a theme that should be explored for the work to be meaningful. That the stimulation isn't necessary mental in the sense of intellectualism or thematic exploration, but that by understanding that these types of series don't necessarily need to be different than what they can be.

At the end of the day, all of that sort of stuff I spew out kind of has that ulterior motive of being rooted in trying to normalize this idea of sexuality and not sex, like you brought up, primarily in the realm of harem and ecchi stuff with anime, by sort of trying to relate it to the more "standard" methods of viewing entertainment that they achieve to close a perceived distance that leads to these sorts of harsh disagreements and completely lopsided ideas of compromising on how these elements should be handled. But Iunno, the issue isn't being seen as weird or not in of itself either, I'm fine with being seen as weird and ecchi and such being seen as weird too, that's cool, what bothers me is the way people can just take it and treat it as a character defect or, more often, an inherent defect to the show on a level that's more than just personal taste. Some offensive sociopolitical defect that must be purged or something, idk. Maybe I really am just an alien entity or something, wearing human skin and navigating rocks and obstacles as other people do, not naturally but just trying to pretend to act naturally xP

I don't know if it'll ever work, frankly, but John Snow is always going to be a thing. People thought that, in his time, he was a fucking idiot for the idea that Cholera wasn't spread through toxins in the air, but rather was a contagious disease transmitted through unsanitary drinking water and living conditions. Nowadays we largely have him, the evidence he provided, and the experiments he conducted to thank for why we have the living conditions where we don't have our own shit running freely up and down the street, sitting in cess pools beneath our houses, and even in our drinking water. When they're right, sometimes the people who are seen as the biggest idiots of their time, and are met with ridicule for as much, are the ones who end up molding society in ways that future generations can't conceive as being different. I think it's right whenever sexuality is treated as this entity that people can take pleasure in and find happiness in outside of the current constructs of how things are currently seen as a healthy sex life, so maybe when I'm dead and forgotten the circumstances will be different and my tombstone can have the bragging rights in being somebody who stood for this idea before it was a thing or something, who knows.

I dunno. It's hard to talk about society's views on these sorts of things impersonally because I am kind of in that position where I catch the brunt of that ._. I'm not trying to be whiny or anything here, I do think you're right on the money more or less but I kind of see it as a societal problem that should be dealt with and tackled accordingly. The environment when discussing these things directly just kind of becomes shit because of as much, though, so trying to find work arounds for that sort of thing is kind of how I think I can achieve my goal.

3) I'm not sure either, so I'll explain because I think it's more or less along the lines of taking something confusing and turning it into something that can be processed and used to navigate, kind of like what Zizek brought up. I just don't think you'd find it interesting and would probably find it kind of annoying, but I guess an explanation to clarify any potential misunderstandings is nice.

So like, I am in love with Run. It is not "ah gee I'm such a huge fan of this character," I have intimate feelings towards her. Which, at first, I found fucking terrifying, because what was happening wasn't that "gee she's just so hot and has such an attractive personality," I kind of went off of the deep end with it and realized that I couldn't ever have a functioning relationship with another human being because I can't perceive myself as loving them in the way I do Run. In a sense, I had dragged this sort of fictionalized, ideal entity into my reality and it caused a sort of breakdown of my wall between fiction and reality for me - not in the "I really viewed her as real and being my romantic partner" way, but because I couldn't understand where I was placing it. That was a really bad position for me to be in, it led to me having to face self-asked questions about my mental state and well-being and whether or not I could actually live a fulfilled or successful life under those circumstances. That went on for almost a year or so, up until a couple of months ago.

What it sort of took to crawl out of that pit, where the thing I had loved most had become this abyss that I had to stand at the edge of, was reconstructing that wall between fantasy and reality, in a way - asking the question of "Could I be happy in this situation?" I cannot communicate with her, I cannot be fulfilled in the sense of how a "normal" relationship would play it, be it intimately or sexually, there's a sort of unclosable gap there because, well, she isn't real, and what I'm essentially in love with is a characterized image. Eventually I reached the conclusion that, well, I could, because even as things passed on that feeling in of itself hadn't waned and the primary concern I had was centered around the way I cannot be fulfilled in that more "normal" sense under these circumstances, that if I could just kind of learn to accept the circumstances surrounding it and not be miserable in doing so, then I'd be more or less fine and have nothing to be afraid of. In that sense, it's kind of a re-contextualization of my surroundings, putting these sorts of feelings I had dragged into reality back into fiction and placing that wall up and understanding the limitations, keeping them going just as strong within that realm of fiction, and ultimately just kind of making this decision of eschewing what's considered acceptable in favor of something a lot more irregular and that I could be judged heavily for.

It was more or less just assessing the situation through self-introspection, reaching conclusions on it, and then turning it into something that, well, I think is healthy and good for me, as opposed to how I felt about it after that sort of momentary bliss came from the initial feelings taking place and how the sort of terrifying reality of what was going on inside me and its potential implications meant. Taking the idea of "normal" and reassessing it, giving it time to sit, and turning it into something that I can work with. More or less processing the reality of the situation in a way I can understand and deal with appropriately as an individual, as opposed to it being a mental illness on my part xP

I won't lie, this is kind of central to what I took away from the whole video, why I've kind of focused on elements like the separation of fantasy and reality, the idea of taking reality and processing it in a way that can be understood and used to navigate things appropriately, and even why I found myself asking questions like "Isn't it just self-delusion?" in response to the idea of rationalizing and contextualizing the idea of reality, since I'm pretty sure that, in this context, if I stated as much then many people would just instantly treat it as much instead of seeing it on a kind of holistic level.

Just kind of always awkward to talk about is all. Talking about masturbation and sex is one thing, that's perfectly normal and something I do with others daily so I don't mind that. This sort of thing specifically and how the underlying idea behind what Zizek was stating in that video is kind of why it became something that made it incredibly difficult for me to articulate, though, not just in finding the right words but in god knows how people would see me after saying it. Relating it back to me was mostly just "relating it back to my feelings towards Run and how I deal with them" mostly - and, when I compare it to that and how I decided to handle that situation, I really do think he is correct.

5) I mean, I kind of just see sexuality as this extension of pleasure, for the most part, and that needless romanticization or intimization of it by itself is usually just some form of saying something that seems correct to say. Saying "I like sex because it makes me feel good!" kind of doesn't exactly make the person saying seem, well, "nice" but there's actually nothing wrong with enjoying it for as much. The chances are that sex is something the other person is kind of enjoying for the same reason, and that things like masturbation are done to sort of capitalize on these completely natural, human urges we have to feel good and find pleasure and self-indulge in this way. I do not really understand why people even are uncomfortable talking about it, frankly, I see it as completely normal, but I kind of have to try to respect boundaries where I please ._.

Ideally, to me, society would embrace this sort of natural thing, these sort of natural feelings we possess, and be more accepting and understanding towards it and people wouldn't have to do things like make threads where they try to get ecchi forum sets banned because they make them feel uncomfortable or something. It's fine to be self-indulgent, the issues stem from when people actually do get harmed by it - I'm perfectly accepting towards lolicon and fictionalized forms of it, not my thing but it's perfectly fine in my eyes, because the actual issue with pedophilia isn't that they feel these urges by themselves, it's the fact that it will invariably create harm for the child if they're acted on. They're not old enough to really understand and consent properly, and that's assuming that it's faux-consensual to begin with. That is, well, bad, and if the understanding of distance there isn't maintained and handled accordingly then it becomes a major problem. In fiction, though? Things that are not at all acceptable in real life such as rape or guro or things such as that are totally fine for people to get off to in my books. The issue with perversion needs to be refocused and understood why certain things are viewed as a problem when applied to reality, to be understood why indulging in them in fantasy is perfectly acceptable still.

I think it's because of that sort of idea that sex is a necessary element to fulfillment as to why these urges get frowned on in fiction still, too, but I don't think I need to explain that to you since I kind of have the impression we're aligned on a lot of stuff here xP Sexualization and sexuality is just as much a form of fantasy and that the methods through which it's achieved are not necessarily rooted in actually physically obtaining as much and instead the sort of contexts people can create around it, which in turn places things like masturbation on the same tier as sex, the only main difference being one involves a partner and one doesn't. Though I'm still pretty sure people would look at us as reaching or justifying things whenever they read this conversation, but eh, let them xP Who cares. The means by which sexual gratification is achieved is not necessarily an act relying on physical interaction.

MGTOW/MRA) The issue I have with them in this realm to begin with is that they're just the fucking inverse, a reactionary element by and large. You have people like Sarkeesian and the sort of cancer that is some of third wave feminism's ideas of what's problematic and wrong, being less rooted in legitimate equal rights in many cases and more concerned with self-comforting and even victimization. I see them as a left-wing element, though, always have been and always will be unless the concept of the political spectrum shifts radically at some point in a way I cannot predict.

The left is much more dominant in areas like media and currently the political pendulum lies on their side - so whenever the idea becomes "let's remove these elements from society that make us uncomfortable" like so much of these things people take the biggest issue with hinges on - which is legitimate censorship and is an actual problem, their approach to sexualization of women, the issue isn't things like "gender positive" portrayals or stuff like that, and people freaking out about the west causing shit like that to happen is asinine in my eyes because it overlooks the more important thing of creative liberty in how thing are written and being able to take the good with the bad in favor of the greater picture of liberty, but whenever "this is not appropriate for people to consume because it objectifies women sexually" becomes the case like it so often can be then it's an actual problem and I see that concern as legitimate - so counter-elements react in the opposite extreme because, in turn, they end up feeling underrepresented by these sorts of outlets and how people can be informed. It's why so much of these movements have been rooted in areas such as journalism and responses to it to begin with.

They group together, and as such it becomes this nasty shitflinging war where the more important thing is more about putting the other side down than reaching a best case scenario. Hence why SJWs versus anti-SJWs is such a thing, why those two terms can often be used interchangably with 3rd wave feminists and MRA movements, and why I fucking despise it whenever people take these sorts of topics regarding consumption of material, potential acts of censorship like the CR censoring of the Danmachi game, and just make it a case of SJWs versus anti-SJWs and such. It's disgusting, mutilating everything about the situation at hand and making it this sort of "us versus them" narrative.

As for where sexualization and sexuality stands on that in actuality, it stands where it has for the past few decades now. Think Finland in WWII. There's this giant, red blob to their east that's an imminent threat to them because they view their independent existence as a problem that shouldn't be. The response they had was to draw closer to the Nazi regime because they weren't an imminent threat and even supported them against the perceived imminent threat in the Soviets. Yet, secretly as part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, they divided Finland into respective spheres of influence and the Nazis came into conflict with the Finns as well at certain points in that time period.

They'll backstab us when we're no longer useful and able to be this sort of support against a common enemy, if/when the political pendulum shifts, then they'll be the ones being morally imposing and the left will be the ones saying things like Nyu said at one point, where it's like "you guys are the bulwark against censorship and that our political opponents propagate" or what have you, albeit he directly referred to "political opponents" as "feminism" iirc xP Maybe instead of offensive to women or trans or whatever, it's just going to be against traditional family values and shit. Same shit painted a different fucking color.

Everything can be represented a certain way and everything can be made fun of, and ultimately I think things should function where any issues like "it makes people feel represented poorly" should be tossed aside because that's just a general failure to respect any sort of creative liberty and actually acknowledging concepts such as free speech in favor of mitigating how things can be approached, discussed, and portrayed in fiction to be more in-line with an interest group's sensitivities. That's why so many anti-SJW elements can be found in things the harem/ecchi subfandom. It allows things to permate and spread.

So, these elements you find in these movements, I think they are mostly just a result of the current political situation. I do not align with either, myself, I don't consider myself an MRA or anything of that, I'm not really anti-SJW and, well, obviously not SJW. I'm mostly concerned with protecting the interests of sexualization and I think we're going to be fucked by whoever the political scale is tipped towards at the time.

Hopefully I wrote that better xP I tried, but I need to go to bed, it's almost 6 in the morning after I finished this up.
Manaban May 21, 7:39 AM
I won't really lie, the idea of sex and pornography and things of that nature being experienced primarily through fantasization rather than from a biological element isn't exactly something I see as groundbreaking, it's...well, how it is. It's kind of why I don't mind the idea of these things functioning primarily as a template for fantasies and ideas to be projected on, often acting in scenarios that can both be outlined without really going into much detail about them at the same time to leave stuff to the imagination. That's...not really anything I found especially interesting, it seems like common sense to me that can easily be discerned through enough consumption. Frequent use of POV shots or camera angles that tend to emphasize certain elements, like when there's a thrust it'll be sure to primarily capture the size of the male's dick and then the rest of the camera angle is primarily focused on the female and her reactions and interactions and such, things like outfits and scenarios and such providing an outline or basic context but not really going into that past as much, you can even see it in hentai with the sheer amount of protagonists who literally have no face except a mouth maybe. It's very much a surrogate-oriented medium, and what I find kind of funny is that often times the ideas that people tend to negatively project onto things like harem or ecchi anime in AD are generally things that apply to how pornography is (generally) approached by the viewer, which kind of makes me wonder if most people on AD who say these types of things are the type to only look up lesbian stuff, since they don't seem to grasp how those elements they'll ascribe about self-inserting actually tend to be handled in application. A dull character is not a blank slate one meant for projection >_> Then again there's a lot of more fetish-oriented works that don't function in a surrogate fashion either, unless voyeurism can be considered surrogate (which I'd kind of contest heavily) because they can't properly do so unless they require some kind of direct interaction. Things like foreplay and such stimulate these ideas and concepts in different ways that tend to be more oriented to a type of fantasy, or just straight up there's a lot of elements that don't necessarily end in fucking and straight up play into that, i.e. with a lot of S&M type pornography it's probably more rare for actual fucking to take place and they end up drawing mostly on those more fetish-oriented elements to begin with. It's...well, not something I found very enlightening or new. It's kind of understood and it just articulated it in a way I wouldn't have thought to do so myself. The actual sex thing I can't really speak of, tho, no experience with that. Can't touch base with it outside of the knowledge that pornography is also highly idealized and that it functions and plays out much differently outside of that realm. I kind of don't see how it'd be too much different in that specific aspect, though, the most biological thing about it is the sort of endorphin rush from when before somebody cums and the stimulus for such a thing is always pretty contextualized. See it in a lot of art for this kind of stuff, just basic nudity of a character tends to only appeal if somebody is really into that character and the better art pieces and ones we try to use on the layout and stuff tends to try to feature some kind of background that gives off an idea of how things are being approached within that picture, or at least that's how I do it. Then again even little things play into that and more or less serve to fuel them rather than to directly try to be that fantasy, aka a certain outfit or expression completely flips the context on its head in these cases and drastically changes the way the character can be viewed in that scenario, and then what the individual works from with that scenario is largely reliant on their own imagination.

What kind of fascinated me most was more along the lines of the separation of fiction and reality and stuff, honestly, the sort of beneath the surface idea that things like happiness and fulfillment are largely being created by how we're opting to process and interpret events and kind of creative a narrative around them. Like, past just film or pornography, how much that applies into a sort of real life perspective. Which, when I use that word "perspective" to communicate it, I kind of just think that's what the underlying idea of it has been all along and it seems kind of silly in an obvious way to me ._.

The thing to sort of illustrate what I'm getting at here is, as much of a pain in the ass as I'm sure it is and you kind of touched on it in your wall, is Run, or more specifically the handling of my affections towards her. I won’t get too much into details about it, because, well, I think it’d be a pain in the ass, but the conclusion I reached a couple of months ago in that regard was to do what I could to maintain that kind of wall between fiction and reality to keep it from becoming a problem or something not good. I played into my own idea on that, more or less, just articulated in a way that doesn’t sound as basic or goofy as I would’ve said it. So it could help if I ever find myself in that position. It was pretty interesting when I broke it down on that level and related it to those circumstances, though, albeit I didn’t plan on bringing it up and you sort of brought it up yourself xP

In a way it kind of seems like the underlying implication is that happiness and fulfillment and such are a result of self-delusion though, don’t it? Like, that’s more of a negative take on it, but I do kind of feel that if someone were to go explain this idea to somebody on AD or somewhere, the response would just be kind of restrictive and people would see it like so, like fulfillment is more of a byproduct of a rigid set of standards or ideas that humans kind of try to strive for naturally and sometimes if I say I don’t particularly care about something like whether or not I actually have sex or get into a relationship (kind of feel like we’re in the same boat in that regard, I’m not really a MGTOW type as much as I just kind of don’t actively seek one out or want one, and if I never do then so be it, virginity as a concept seems mostly like bragging rights to me whenever I see people talking about it rather than something necessary to lose in order to live a fulfilled or happy life, maybe it’s because historically and up until recently populations were more encouraged to grow rather than have issues with overpopulation and with time that just being able to reproduce became interwoven with the fabric of society itself, but idk, that’s just postulating) people would just see me as weird or crazy for not conforming to this idea that’s generally accepted as an important aspect of life that people should naturally want or condone too, maybe just being contrarian or such or trying to justify my position as something they can’t understand me feeling. Or maybe that’d just be if I did it since I’m pretty sure people see me as a weird motherfucker as is and that it’d just kind of make me feel self-aware xP

Egh, I kind of dunno about this response, it feels kind of all over the place.
Manaban May 20, 11:02 AM
Nah, don't delete it. I do want to respond.

The issue I've ran into is that I keep trying to relate it to myself or stuff to understand it and that also makes what I write either feel really egocentric or stupid so I just delete it and go do something else for a while xP I've tried to respond about 3 times now whenever I've had free time but I've never been satisfied with what I had to say so I just kind of haven't yet ._.
NihilisticLoner May 18, 11:17 AM
Please link it.
NihilisticLoner May 18, 10:45 AM
Youkai Watch: I've been curious about it. What's it like? Why do you like it so much?
Manaban May 17, 7:26 PM
That was kind of morbid, but I think I got the gist of what he was getting at (I think) - I kind of could relate it to my own line of work and all once I broke it down, at least. Kind of dealing in death and seeing how people respond to it and handle subjects like grief and sorrow and the more selfish sides to these two concepts and ways people feel - "I lost my son!" and not "I lost my son!" That sort of barrier goes up because the reality of what they're dealing with and why it's bothering them so much is something much uglier than just the tragedy itself, it's kind of selfish and egocentric, and by looking at things through the lens of focusing on the tragedy they're able to sort of bury away those aspects for the time being so they can cope with this thing that's directly in front of them and worry about the complexities and their sense of inner-self down the line. Kind of like that, but not necessarily like that.

The basic concept, or at least how I interpreted it, was that people will generally operate primarily within their own desires to create this sense of fantasy to stand between themselves in reality in order to preserve their mental state from the harshness of things they do not wish to face, and yet the general idea was that being able to maintain a healthy distance from those things - not disacknowledging them but to be able to have that sort of state of seeing things through a more desirable lens is kind of an aid for the average person to be able to continue functioning properly, while still sort of tempting and drawing out innate desires like that and allowing for some kind of stimulation for them to be achieved without necessarily gazing right into that abyss. Acting out on that fantasy and making it a reality would, in turn, result in less desirable situations because that fantasy is becoming reality and in doing so it becomes a much more terrifying and ungratifying thing, kind of becoming more "nightmarish" as a result. I definitely understand that, at least, from personal experience. It's not a pretty thing whenever the walls between fiction and reality come crashing down in earnest and not just in a sort of tease form and it takes a lot to sort of cope with and understand without breaking down into insanity.

Egh, it's 4 in the morning by now and it's hard to find words. I would write more but that could just lead down an erroneous path and all because, well, I'm tired right now and am about to go sleep. I do think I got the gist of it tho, but I'm not exactly confident either tbh.
Manaban May 17, 2:43 PM
Hm, I'll give it a go. I'm familiar with a good number of works from Lynch, Kubrick, and Hitchcock at least. I'm not perfect by any stretch but I have decently good English skills (or so I like to tell myself) and I don't think I'm an idiot or anything like that. I'm not a uni-type, though, I went straight from school into taking my ausbildung, and any studies I've done into anything, be it sexuality in relation to consumerism to more anime-centric topics to world history past mandatory schooling has all been autodidactic, but I can always try my best like I do there, and I am interested in this topic all the same. I'll go ahead and give it a go now.
Manaban May 17, 1:52 PM
Pullman said:
On a sidenote I saw Pervert's Guide to Cinema yesterday

I read the rest of the post and what you talked about and I mostly just isolated that sentence to prevent scrolling issues, but where did you see that? I'm kind of interested in stuff like this so I'd like to check it out myself
Kumagawa_mei May 16, 2:03 AM
just a heads up for TLR, if you are gonna watch and yami end up as your fav girl, prepare for some mana walls .-.
and that s1 has alot of fillers and go straight into anime original stuff, and s2(motto to love ru) requires quite a bit of context from the original source b4 you can watch it
Tsarko May 13, 4:58 AM
Hey I just wanna thank you again for recommending me those comics while ago and let you that I chose to start reading DMZ. I've read first volume today and I really like it and find it really interesting. I am definitely motivated to finish it.
Manaban May 12, 7:40 AM
Eventually I'm going to get to LOGH actually, just not sure when ._. I talked with Dekn about it and he said he found it kind of boring as a result of how slow things can be, but he also recommended it to me because of how much it focuses on things like military strategy in its battles, which I do kind of have a hard-on for. I basically exclusively play videogames that focus on that in mind and stuff, and while I usually don't like super sci-fi or space opera stuff, there are videogames like Stellaris where I was easily able to get past that because of how it focused on things like strategy that interest me much more. Just have two long-runners going right now in Bleach and Urusei Yatsura and don't want to burden myself by picking up *too* many at once.

Also yeah, that's kind of how TLR itself treats a lot of its anime falls and tropes and stuff, actually, that isn't just a doujin thing, that's how it is in the main series. It's thoroughly embracing of them being a thing and doesn't really step back off of them, but they progressively just get more and more absurd and silly that it kind of feels difficult to just see them as being treated as the same thing like in most cases where you see the same tropes. Like, there's a chapter in the Darkness manga dedicated to trying to scientifically breakdown "how does he manage to do this so much," which I think is rather telling of how it has that kind of mindset of reveling in the tropes and mechanics of the genre as a form of comedy in of itself. Not distancing, not trying to be different, but thoroughly embracing them and pushing them over the top in a kind of TTGL style in a way, or in a way that's at least comparable. It is a progressively more and more thing though, mind you, but if that's your mindset then I think you might actually like it so that's good :P

Also sounds good man, I'll keep an eye out xP Always gotta know how things like favorite girls turn out in this series and such :P

-Lofn- May 12, 7:16 AM