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ChissyCheeze 8 hours ago
Seoul-Yeok was pretty cheesy in my opinion, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The ending was really good though and the slight plot twist made it even better. I'll definitely watch Train to Busan and see what similarities there are between the two.

I think it's something worth rewatching, it wasn't an amazing film but it definitely had some unique aspects to it.

I've had it on my PTW list for a while now, I should change that haha. I haven't even gotten around to watching ReLife or Orange yet, I'm so far behind :(
AzureDaora Yesterday, 6:25 AM
mfw 2lazy to hold the p o w e r
AzureDaora May 23, 5:46 AM
>retired moderator
huh i just noticed

y tho
ChissyCheeze May 23, 12:20 AM
Found a stream for it and bookmarked it for after I watch Seoul-Yeok, I haven't seen many live actions so if I enjoy the animation I'll watch Train to Busan as well. A 7.5 on IMDB tells me it must be pretty good at the very least.

Just finished it! I really really enjoyed the animation, specifically when they were flying, the cgi was amazing. The story was alright, and until the scene describing how MC was a "Kildren", I was confused a bit. But after that it made sense how the story began with him arriving at the base with no backstory. And after the credits, damn. I wasn't expecting that but it makes it sad seeing that it would be an endless cycle of the same body taking a new being each time they were "killed". Definitely a pretty good film nonetheless :)
Sazanami-Kai May 22, 5:56 PM
Oban is 50% anime 50% french cartoon so it must be hybrid, same with Ulysess 31.

I was planning to make my own 3x3 cartoon movie if i rewatch some of my childhood movies.

the one on the bottom left is Invader Zim, this cartoon is about a green alien with his goofy robot who wants to conquer the whole earth but he can't take it seriously because many humans he encountered are so stupid, Invader Zim cartoon was cancelled while it was airing because the message of the story is way too immoral for kids.
Sazanami-Kai May 22, 12:24 PM
As much as you watch way tons of anime, i want to know your favorite cartoon series.
Here's mine.
ChissyCheeze May 22, 11:36 AM
Saibi was also really good. Showing a good-natured person gone evil and vice-versa, definitely a unique film for sure. I hadn't heard of Seoul-Yeok until you just mentioned it but considering both Dwaejiui Wang and Saibi were good, I'll probably watch that one as well.

Excellent list! There's a good 7 of 'em that piqued my interest so I'll be sure to see some of them! Only 2 I've heard of from it are Anne no Nikki and Sennen Joyuu. I think I'll check out The Sky Crawlers tonight as well as maybe another one. Thanks a bunch :)
ChissyCheeze May 22, 10:31 AM
Absolutely :)

Thank you! Would you happen to have any other good drama movies in mind? I'm in the mood to binge a few haha.

You're also the first person on here that I see has also watched Dwaejiui Wang, such a great film that needs more exposure in my opinion.
ChissyCheeze May 21, 11:16 PM
Saw your recommendation of My Sister Momoko in a thread earlier and went ahead and watched it. It was pretty good, and I feel like a heartless bastard for not crying but it was definitely a sad movie.
Scarlett_ryuken May 20, 10:08 PM
why the sudden intrest in dam chinese animus man
Chandela May 20, 5:24 AM
You're excellent, haha
Even in my own degree shitposting seems to crawl it's way into higher frequency.
It's exactly as you said, sometimes the motivation just isn't there or the topic is so inherently repetitive that I just can't be bothered. Then it becomes an Aikatsu thread :P
That's probably a good part of what made me notice your posts, actually.
Whenever I felt I couldn't be bothered, there you were, text in whole.
Good on ya.
Chandela May 19, 2:39 PM
I genuinely enjoy reading your posts in threads. I can feel the thought/care put into them.
Figured I should tell you instead of keeping quiet for no reason.
DrGeroCreation May 15, 9:51 PM
Sorry for the late reply. You did at the end of episode 14 without realizing it.
You have to finish YJ season 1 to better compare and fully watch season 2 to fully appreciate the main villain.

Yes you are correct the story will be more connected in season 2 but there would not be a lot of slice of life episodes.
Paulo27 May 13, 3:20 PM
In MPC you right-click on screen with the video open and go to Properties and in the info box that appears there'll be something like "Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 23.976fps [V: h264 high L3.1, yuv420p, 1280x720 [default]]" what comes after "V:" is what you're looking for, in this case "h264 high L3.1", h264 has many levels but unless it says "h264 high 10" or something similar then it's all normal x264.
Other codec should also be easy to identify, just look after "V:".
You can also check the mediainfo of the torrent after uploading it to be sure as it should say there exactly what it is, same for audio if you have doubts too (especially between the 2.0 and 5.1 versions of each audio codec).

Also, not sure how you're getting the mediainfo but MPC also has a good way to extract it, in that same Properties window go to the Mediainfo tab and it lets you save it a .txt file which you can just open and copy paste to the torrent.
Paulo27 May 13, 2:03 PM
I think that's fine. There's some quality standard but not that much.

King's Avatar isn't being uploaded yet because its subbing is a bit irregular, otherwise it'd be allowed, yes.

By the way, I'm seeing you're marking your uploads as "MPEG" but your first one is actually x264/h264 I think while your second one is x264 10 bit, since your second one has one file that's x264 10 bit and another just x264 (8 bit), I'd suggest noting that in the description of your torrent (the mediainfo for your Pedal upload is also wrong, since you seem to have figured it out in your second upload, I'd suggest fixing it).