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Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
Jan 14, 11:20 PM
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Dec 22, 2017 11:25 AM
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Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden
Dec 22, 2017 11:24 AM
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Jan 14, 11:22 PM
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Sumikko no Futari
Sumikko no Futari
Jan 13, 5:31 AM
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Christmas no Sono Mae ni
Christmas no Sono Mae ni
Jan 13, 5:22 AM
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greymood Jan 15, 12:58 AM
Hey, you've been quite absent these days = (

what are you up to?
lady_freyja Dec 22, 2017 2:52 AM
Ooooooh, nice!

I'll certainly watch it when it will be coming out! The manga was quite lovely. It's coming next march, it seems?

Actually, I'm more surprised that they actually use a real Westerner actor for Mike. Usually, they tend to use Japanese actors even for "Western" characters, twisting stuffs by making the characters "half-Japanese" or whatever. >.>

And yup, it seems that it's becoming more and more common, LGBT stuffs for the general audience in Japan. I was actually surprised to see advertisements for Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report all over some big bookstores when I was in Japan.
lady_freyja Dec 8, 2017 1:31 PM
I choose to watch it because I loved Hikari no Densetsu, a rhythmic gymnastics animanga. I wanted something similar.

But honestly, I'm currently at episode 4… and I don't like it. The mood and pacing are totally not right at all. Those "comedy moments" with all cartoony faces and all, it's not good.
Plus there is also some technical issues, like I'm under the impression of seeing 3D characters on 2D backgrounds… dunno how to explain it, but the characters don't fit with the rest of the picture at all.

Right now, it's 4/10 for me. Dunno if I'll even finish it.
greymood Dec 7, 2017 8:51 PM
I've just read the new Shimanami Tasagore's chapters and they kinda explained the thing with Tsubaki-kun. Won't spoil though

And man, prepair for Utena, it'll redefine your concept of what's weird, even more than NGE + EoE did. Seriously though, RVU is totally metaphorical, so it's good to never take things as they're presented. And don't give up, cause the show will take a sweet good time to get at the good parts. It's your first Ikuhara anime so i'm kinda curious to see what will be your final thoughts. As for me, there's just Yuri Kuma Arashi left to finish Ikuhara's trinity now that i've watched Adolescence Apocalypse = (

BackFromRunning Dec 3, 2017 8:15 AM
Hi I'm new in MAL, can we be friends?
greymood Dec 1, 2017 2:04 PM
Oh, don't mind me. Take your time to answer

and i'm not really burned out.... I think that switching between books, manga and anime really helps not getting tired of it. It was just a really strange day, for some reason i was super anxious and started doing 20 things at the same time without actually finishing none. My mind was a mess hehe

I just didn't want to sound like i'm looking down on Bara for not featuring bishies, you known? Cause i do appreciate the initiative of doing something more realistic and relatable

I'm liking this manga sharing session, just a heads up, the recommended manga has to be quite short

Was talking about this with lady freyja. Idk about you but i avoid long works like the plague, and it's funny cause most people read less manga but really big ones. Short titles (like 1-3 volume) are so much easier to read and they're actually fresh on my mind since things tend to be more direct, it helps that i can read in one sit and finish while i'm still interested. I do have a large list of 15+ volume manga that i'll read someday, but i have to be in the right mood. Most of the time it end up being so dragged out...

Hotarumachi made me so emotional that i didn't read anything more that day. It kills me that there's no info about the mangaka, not that i could find in english anyway

And Shimanami Tasagore went exactly as i though; i bingeread it, liked, and now am waiting for the releases. I just want to known what the guy taku-kun likes wants with him. I literally am clueless about what's going on with him, but he's seriously plotting something. Maybe he's closeted gay but this'll leave two options: take his anger on taku or building a secret relationship

But let's talk about Rakugo. I'll start saying that the first season was a really good watching, i loved Kiku, Myokichi and... while i don't love Sukeroku because his character archtype isn't my thing, i did like him paired with Kiku. The first episode that is set in the present was kinda rushed and i wasn't sure about watching it, but everything after that was incredible. My favorite moments are the ones where they two are doing rakugo together, literally put me in the edge of my seat

while the second season.... well, it may be that i'm biased but the feeling of disconfort that i had in the first episode and the last half of S1 EP13 (also in the present) followed me through through Futatabi-hen. I was so annoyed by Yota screaming that sometimes i asked myself if i was watching Naruto. First half was kinda convoluted, there was a lot of things going on and it didn't seem to go anywhere. Fortunately the second half got better as it started focusing more on Kiku again (and i'm biased with him), everytime he showed up i forgot how much the present setting made me unfortable. Also, ep 12 didn't bother that much because from what i understood Kumota took the ideas from Buhdism, and while i'm not religious my mother follows a religion that is decendent from Buhdism, so the idea itself was kinda familiar to me. Scene in the river was beautiful

also, i was so shocked when they implied that Yakumo is the father of that kid. There were a bunch of scenes foreshadowing this but i've never really believed. What did you thought about it??

greymood Nov 24, 2017 10:49 PM
I had Solanin in mind too, but gotta say that it didn't hit as (emotionally) hard as Kabocha

There's not really any BL author besides Kii Kanna that i'm fond of. If anything Junko was my first experience with the genre but even then i still thought that her works were.... underwhelming? Dunno. I don't really wanna use the word "bad", but most of the BL i read range from "wow that sucks" to "meh". You known when you start reading a short story but already know how things will play? Maybe there's a twist here and there but you've read enough to known the overal conclusion. I like Kii Kanna the best because it feels fresh, i really feel like i'm reading something new in every department (art, characters, story). And it makes me kinda happy

you could go and ask "why do you still read BL?" and being honest it's because i like it. Even with everything i said above sometimes i just feel like reading to pass time, and i'm mostly positive about my 5/10 rated yaoi. They just happen to be utter forgetable (the very definition of average, if you ask me). And as well as any other genre, it feels good when i'm able to find something different like Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!!, Complex or Okite Saisho (sorry, i known you don't like this one heh)

I'm strange today. Like i'm really anxious for some reason, can't read nor watch anything. Can't concentrate too. I've watched one episode of Texhnolyze, 2 of Rakugo, read some pages of a book i own, read some pages of a random manga.... i just can't settle down. It's kinda killing me. Sorry for venting, might be weird but i just thought of saying this

I won't lie about Bara even though my attitude here isn't making me happy. I read as you propose and...... muscles. I can't get ahead of it. And it's not even a 2d thing with the bishounen culture, i have this complex with skinny boddies. I myself am way more skinnier than i should (for health reasons?). Looking at Kozue picture on your favs while typing this.... feels bad, but eh

There's, however, something that should be said: it was way more realistic. The sex scene, that is. And i really liked how the characters were talking about being gay instead of "i like you because it's you". I known that this kinda of situation happens irl, but it's just in every single BL...... even Étranger, but i'm biased with this one

I liked the idea of indicating something to read, though. Feel free to do it whenever you want

So to end somewhat positive, i will leave something that i've read some weeks ago and touched my heart. I read it two times in the same day, cried inside and might even add to my favorites later. It's called Inai Boku Wa Hotarumachi ni Iru, consider reading when you feel like it and then tell me how it felt. No obligation of liking it though, it just buggs me that only 82 members read it and i wanna talk to someone about it.

greymood Nov 23, 2017 2:00 PM
I was skeptical about Kabocha to Mayonnaise because i didn't like Blue at all, but in the end i REALLY liked. Kinda remind me of Underrcurent, in the sense that deals with important every-day-life themes without spitting the message in your face.

Hey if you like Etranger mangas, then I'd think you might want to read Shimanami Tasogare.

I will! Actually, i've been resisting the urge to read it because waiting for releases is a pain for me, but you're not the first one to recommend it to me.... guess i'll have to try it. Will also check Nabari no Ou from the same mangaka

I've been following Kii Kanna for a certain time now... Probably will become one of my favorites mangaka with certain time. Besides the Étranger series, she also did other BL called Yuki no Shita no Qualia, one Oneshot and is currently publishing a new series called Mahou ga Tsukaenakutemo (although is not on the database). For some reason they mixed this Oneshot and the new title in this entry

Ohana Holoholo winned me with just the premise, simple like that. But then of course it wouldn't be completely scanlated, right?

I'm as clueless as you, or even more, when it comes to Bara. I known about the guy who did Otouto no Otto, and that's it. I'll be honest..... i'm kinda turned off by that amount of muscles, i'm way to confortable with the bishounen culture. But dunno, we could try, do you have something in mind?
greymood Nov 20, 2017 8:23 PM
EoE will always lay as the true conclusion in my heart. And honestly it's not only because it actually explains what happens, this is like a bonus, but because it gives conclusion to all important characters on the series, not literally only Shinji. I still think that it's somewhat a "posite" ending because Shinji realises that it's better to hurt himself than being sheltered from everything and never come to interact with anyone again, but still have that bittersweet feeling that was pratically on all episodes after 14

Didn't known about the existence of Anno's wife. Mind enlightening me about it?

And yeah, i didn't really thought that Love Vibes was bad at all but if i had to choose one word to describe it, i'd say "forgetable". The art was cool - although i'm biased to anything that reminds me of Okazaki-sensei - and it gave this realistic feeling, but god i seriously don't remember much about it even though i've read it two days ago. I compared it to Yamaji Ebine because her works kinda have this same vibe but to a much more powerful extent. Her works aren't aiming to be overwhelming or empowering, but at the same time they end up being due to how natural it flows. Don't think you're over praising it, there's definetely something different about her

My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness is a curious case to me, since i'm not a fan of autobiography (like, i'm really not), but i could relate so much with her experiences with depression that i ended up liking it. Can't help thinking that if i was a gay woman it'd be like 100% relatable and i'd like it even more

I do. You're reading it, it's called Harukaze no Etranger. I'll go ahead and call it my favorite BL. I've always wanted to talk to someone about it, actually. You see, there's Shun, right? He's incredible as a character, more than you think. He's like the representation of my old self and probably a lot of guys out there, to the point that i questioned myself what kind of research the mangaka did, cause it can't be made up from her mind. When Shun's saying how awesome Mio is for going along with his family, working, being ok with sleeping with woman, making male friends while he can't, it's not that he's praising it, it's that he feels inferior, from the bottom of his heart. He felt inferior for a long time. Even when they're doing sex he can't allows himself to feel pleasure at all because of how guilty he feels. That's a real thing, i felt so bad on those chapters that couldn't even cry. I didn't think much of the franchise when i've read Umibe but honestly Harukaze expanded so much Shun's character and overal the story environment that i can't help but crave for the last volume come soon. But i can already imagine how it's going to end since Shun is slowly coming to accept himself

But queer representation in general it'd be Shimura-sensei. I've already said how she can pick the most strange situation and make us feel part of it, so she just abuses of this ability. She's so consistent too, i'm still waiting for the day that i'll read something from her and find bad.

I'm also reading a lot of gender bender lately.... not only titles that tries to adress it seriously but also light comedies and that stuff. Guess i'm becoming pickier with what i read (genre-wise), might read something from the toplist for a change of pace.

greymood Nov 19, 2017 4:10 PM
You rewatched the whole series after completing it? lol, i did this with EoE on my first watch cause the second half confused me, but it doesn't even compare. And yeah, you're right on doing character analysis - since that's the best part of NGE - but the religious symbolism is pretty much, as you said, aesthetics. Of course there's some meaning to stuff (like names), but it's really on a basic level since i don't believe that Anno knows much about christianism. Now that you've watched, i just wanna comment how much i like that part when we got to see real world and Shinji starts to questioning reality, dreams, who's himself and who're others. It makes me wanna cry a bit, i feel touched;

And about the rebuilds: i'm not really found of them. The first one is basically a remake of the first episodes. I don't dislike, but it's very basic. I felt like 2.22 have way too much action, to the point it didn't feel like Evangelion (where's my Shinji's breakdown?). 3.33 is my favorite so far because it's different from everything, it's interesting. I didn't understand a lot of things, though

Bokura no Hentai really nails on exploring character's psychologic condition. I really think it did an outstanding job with the 3 of them and how they're portrayed. BUT didn't you feel somewhat disconnected to the rest of the cast? I mean, i couldn't really see how they were emotionally connected to each other. The manga is supposed to be about a group of people knowning each other and spending 3 whole years together, but it feels really short. I also felt like it seriously lacked on creating conflicts with Marika's decision, it felt so easy. I don't really like comparing but it's pretty much impossible in this case, and i'm talking about Hourou Musuko; which did a way better job creating those conflicts. How i felt for Nitorin, jeez. Overal i'd say that the usage of time is pretty bad and it couldn't create a dinamic between the cast that felt natural. The best example i have is when they're on the cooking club and start saying how they grew close to each other and would miss this connection, but i couldn't really relate. Also when they're all together and go to the beach. Their relationship felt like a UFO to me.

I dunno, we may be really doppelgangers, because i only rated it as 7/10 instead of 6 because of Parou existence. He's one of my favorite characters from everything i've read and watched, too bad that everything goes wrong for him. Not that he cares, he probably grins thinking about it. And then feels a little lonely. Remembers me of Yamada and Kozue. I feel conflicted about Bokura no Hentai, there's some points which makes me wanna boost the score and some others that makes me wanna lower it. But it was good, i'm glad i've read it

Heh, i visited your profile yesterday and saw Waltz. Mahou Shoujo Ore too, but this one is not scanlated yet. I bet she felt something for him since it's Oshimi Shuuzou we're talking about.... He really have a thing for abusive dominant female and passive guy as lead. Felt really good when Aku no Hana took an opposite direction, but no spoilers here

I've also read this yesterday and thought that maybe you'd be interested. It felt like a mix from Okazaki's sketchy art style and Yamaji (Love my Life) way of storytelling. Although the art doesn't really compare to Okazaki and the story didn't flow as natural as with Yamaji Ebine.... but it was interesting nonetheless.

Energetic-Nova Nov 19, 2017 2:33 PM
yes yes.

I think for me... Ep 24-26 are the very highlight of the ending.

But... now that I have the manga ending, it is just hard for me to like EOE even close to equally. hahahaha

Like, plot, of the manga was so strong for me, so now that is my PLOT ending. and my emotional ending still is around in ep 24-26. But more than that, I cry more at manga ending... tears of JOY.

First ending- Makes me think. It is like a look inward to the self. (turn anger and sadness inward and resolve)

Second ending- is like... emotionally I feel like crap by the end. It is more grounded in reality. Even being about the same thing, it doesn't matter. Feels disgusting when you are done? like despite being pretty. (turn anger and sadness outward and resolve)

Manga Ending.... It is Pure Joy. as I have gone on this journey where Shinji was forsaken so much... the emotional and phsyical inward and outward balance.

It is like the diff between your depression being emotionally painful that you hide away.... or being painful in the physical way and you take it out on others. vs. learning what your values actually are.... and how to protect them so you aren't hurt so much anymore. manga.
greymood Nov 16, 2017 4:44 PM
I'm not aware of how much you known about the franchise, so i'll just throw it here: The End of Evangelion isn't a sequel. You can think of it as an explanation to what happened between 24 (Kaworu's death) and 25 (Instrumentality activated, everyone inside Shinji's head), so it's better to watch while is fresh on your mind. It's also conclusive, very conclusive. Death and Rebirth is one movie splited on two parts; Death is a recap of the TV series while Rebirth is the first half of EoE. The Rebuild movies, however, are independent, so it's fine to watch it when you think you're ready. And honestly when it comes to NGE you shouldn't overthink the plot, it's just what it is. The only things that are really important are the characters and the concept of instrumentality, that plays a big role on the end of both TV series and EoE, while also explains the motivation of shady characters like Gendo

Other character that i love very much besides Shinji is Asuka. She's not screaming depression like him on the surface, but god, she's just as fucked up. And the way Anno explores her problems is just as masterful as he did with Shinji's..... i feel like adding her to my favorites, but i tend to choose one character per franchise. Same with EoE and NGE TV series, i just let EoE cause it's my favorite moment

We're kinda alike in that sense too. Last year when i recluded myself to my room the only thing i'd look forward to was to watch and read everything that i possibly could. Even though now i do have other goals, it's still my priority to complete a long list of stuff i'm interested in, and after that chase some more. Sometimes i wonder why i'm doing this but.... i think i don't need a reason at all. I just like it

Energetic-Nova Nov 16, 2017 11:07 AM
yeah I am actually interested.... to be honest. Tell me if you agree about Ep 25> EOE when you get there.
Energetic-Nova Nov 16, 2017 7:55 AM

Manga has the best ending. And I really don't care what the fanbase believes. The manga is the best canon. Save best for last. You prob couldn't go back.
greymood Nov 14, 2017 1:04 PM
I known about the live action adaptation of Helter Skelter, but i haven't watched yet. Will google it now and see if i can find subbed. Did you knew that River's Edge is also receiving a live action adaptation next year? Like god thank you

I don't wish to have a lot of physical copies since i don't really care about collecting anything, but i do want to own Aku no Hana and Hourou Musuko one day. I bought Helter Skelter and Pink too because they're available in english, but River's Edge isn't. It kills me.

I was never into rapey yaoi, and i wish i could say that it's because i'm a man but i kinda know some ""fudanshi"" that are into.... well, what fujoshi are into. That stuff. My first experience with homo romance was NGE, i was 14 and still remember when episode 24 aired. It confused the hell out of me, and it's strange that when i recall right now i remember being exactly as Shinji was: intrigued by Kaworu. He was really fascinating to my 14 year old self. I searched all around the net for more information but unfortunately there wasn't much, and i got sad. It kinda buggs me that to this day there's still fans that say that Shinji wasn't attracted to Kaworu, and they really mean it. "It's platonic!"

I see that you're going to EoE now that you're finished with the TV series. It's personally my favorite part of the franchise, but needs to be rewatched. First time you watch is kinda confusing.

And that's true. I struggled with depression for almost 2 years, had to stop with my part time job and studying. That's actually the reason why i got back to anime and manga, since i had nothing to do at home (got sick of games). I'm kinda better now, and when i look in retrospective i think that it actually helped me. No, i'm sure it did. I know much more about myself and give more importance to things that i didn't because "it was useless", even if i liked it. Shit can happen again and all, but sometimes good things also happens. Life is weird

I actually found your profile because of your comment on Shimura-sensei's page