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Comic Girls
Comic Girls
10 hours ago
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Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
May 25, 3:16 PM
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Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
Jan 14, 11:20 PM
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
10 hours ago
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100-oku Nengo no Kimi no Koe mo
100-oku Nengo no Kimi no Koe mo
10 hours ago
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Kiss Doll
Kiss Doll
10 hours ago
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greymood 7 hours ago
Hey, it's indeed quite some time. Happy to see you

So, Shimanami. I had previous issues with this one that i didn't mention before because i thought it could go away with time, but it didn't and actually played out more or less as i thought. My main problem is how the story doesn't stand as, well, a story of it's own. It can be a rather weird statement but i'll expand on it a bit

We're basically taken to the lounge by Tasuku in the beginning of the manga and it feels like we're going to spend a long journey of self discovering with lots of ups and downs (hello, Wandering Son). But instead, Tasuku plays more or less as a device to meet the different type of groups that compose the LGBT and spends little time with each of them focusing on their LGBT-problems. Basically, character is introducted, issue is exploited, time for the next.

What i'm trying to point out here is that their sexuality or gender identity doesn't play as a background in which a proper story is developed and present us with characters that are human beings before being gay/assex/trans (hello again, Wandering Son!!). Instead, they're literally defined by their sexuality and the problems that this brings to them. By the end of the manga it feels like i've read a documentary on LGBT people which is a really weird feeling. I don't want to put it in a high standart because it'd feel that i just liked the story because it panders for me, which is something that i ultimately avoid.

Other thing that bother me is how much heavy-handed it can be at times, while i prefer more subtle things that count on you reading between the lines instead of shouting everything to your face. But that's me

But... it's a really educational manga and i think it's something needed, so i don't feel confortable going out trashing on it. I appreciate the initiative they had, just think they could use more time to introduce more elements to the story like Wandering Son or even Harukaze did (because there's more to Nitorin than being trans, and more to Shun than being gay. They have their own stories and stuff)

I dunno if you'll agree with what i said though :p



I see that you're finally watching the second coming of christ. I just wanna say that i'm always up to discuss Utena and really like to type about it, i really am, so you can talk to me if something bothers you as the story progress (because it gets hella weird)
Sonal1988 May 12, 8:22 AM
Haha. Thank you :)
UpperCat Feb 13, 9:22 PM
Happy belated Birthday!
greymood Feb 11, 12:01 AM
(i just started typing and it ended that big lol)

I didn't start Shounen Note yet simply because it's not fully scanlated = (

Kinda jealous at you because of this. Completing Shikii no Juunin is my dream, i'll never accept that the scanlation is dropped and it's not licensed

Anonymous not being a human but rather the people's self consciousness as they accept their identity.

I was thinking that it could be something like that too. She's like a mirror, no one can see through her but she always reflects the person she's talking too. But it's my first manga from Kamatani and i have no idea how they handle stuff like this

Fumi being a Yankee was really out of my expectations

Man i love how it turned out, and i also love how she puts a time skip everytime things starts getting close to stagnation. From what we've seen Fumi is actually harboring some bitter feelings cause knowing that Shun shoved Sakurako was a bit too much for him, and he probably knows that she likes him - or at least that he's special to her - since he said "why is she always next to you?", but at the same time it's all fine, he's still a sweet boy at heart ("i don't hate my family")

BL and GL is a dangerous zone, there's a bunch of stuff available with the comments being "OMG it's so good!!" and you have to go blind hoping that it won't turn out to be a complete garbage. It triggers me when i feel like the mangaka is trying to win me through my penis. I have this negative bias towards some BL female writters (aka Junko) for being unable to write something that doesn't feel like a completely amateur mess for girls that just wish to see some boys and cheap drama. Hell, she draws uke exactly like girls. Unless it's konbini-kun, konbini-kun it's passable; but it may be my bias toward outcasts

Have you ever tried to read Korean BL? It's either sex sex sex sex or nothing happens through 100 chapters. It sucks really hard. Although there's one Chinese BL which i'm quite fascinated with the artwork, name is Chu Zhong Yi Nian Ji

All that rant aside, i've found a mangaka with some pretty unique works, Ido Gohou is the name. Her story-telling technique kinda reminds me of Shimura Takako, in the sense that it jumps from one scene to another and makes you go "what?" if you aren't paying attention, and she can also make a weird ballance between lust, sweet moments and heavy subjects. I see that you've read one of her works but it was honestly the worst one =p

I'd recommend taking a look at B.S.S.M and Yoru wa Tomodachi. I dunno what will be in the end since we can like some opposite stuff sometimes, but i myself don't fully known what to think about them.

check out Asterisk by Shino Torino

I have this one and Ohana Holoholo bookmarked. Will take a look later

Which ones?

So, i've been conflicted since i've rewatched Utena. At first i'd put NGE over it pretty easily since Shinji and Asuka and depression and loneliness and everybody is shit. But holy shit, this rewatch of Utena made it grow on me and i feel like i understood so many things i didn't at first. So now i'm like..... what to do? Think i'll rewatch Evangelion

I also want to watch Yuri Kuma Arashi cause Ikuhara and rewatch Haibane Renmei since i've read the book that served as inspiration and now i want to draw some parallels between the two of them. And Haibane Renmei is so good.

As for manga, i'll reread Aku no Hana after i'm done rereading the Étranger series; which i'm doing now. Maybe rereading Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou too but this one is a big maybe

All that said, it's not like things are really set in stone. I just end up doing what i'm feeling like, so i dunno when it'll really be despite what i'm planning. I've been wanting to read Kimi to Boku these days too...
greymood Feb 10, 11:51 AM
Just read the new Shimanami chapter just now. Gotta say that i was expecting Tchaiko's backstory to be something really strange since it was the last one of the lounge members, but well, it was a bit sad. I just wanna Misora to be back tbh, it's my favorite character. I always thought Anonymous was a bit out of place in a manga that is otherwise realistic. I mean, she's able to flight isn't she?

Speaking of favorites, i also read the new Harukaze chapter. I'm dying to put it in my favs but it's not finished yet........ i like it so much

Actually i want to change my ratings in some things and maybe some favorites
greymood Feb 2, 10:17 AM
It's working just fine here, there's even the new chap of Tasogare, they must have updated or something

mangaworu is an asshole

Okay...? I'm curious about what my reaction will be when i read it. But anyway, looking for romance in Evangelion is a bit meaningless since everything after episode 14 slowly becomes sheer misery, and that's how it should be. I like how Kaworu is basically a sweet touch in Shinji's face before slapping him again - everything in just 24 minutes. Also i'm more curious about how they'll handle the psychological exploration since Anno made it in a really unique way. In the same way that i wonder how the Utena manga holds up too....

I have strong bias with those two so everytime i think about touching the manga i just give up and rewatch the anime
UpperCat Feb 2, 9:52 AM
Whilst you delivered a fair point, there was a part of it that I may never be able to warp my head around but this is just a divergence in point of view I guess and I chose to withdraw and concur.

About your anime watching problem, I think you shouldn’t think too hard about it, really. If you’re still care and interested with anime, you’ll come back to it no matter what somehow. That’s just how it is.
greymood Feb 1, 7:24 PM
Found it on App Store. Quite bad that they doesn't have the bookmark option at the browser version...

and this manga isn't the greatest place to look for Kawoshi

Really? She told me that Kaworu is way more agressive in the manga so i thought that it'd show more stuff between them

I'll be reading anyway. Maybe not now cause i'm considering rewatching (again) the rest of my favorites when i finish the Utena rewatch

edit: didn't click the spoiler tag. I dunno if i'll be reading it any soon since reading only one chapter per month, or more, hurts my enjoyment a lot

greymood Feb 1, 12:00 PM
Haven't read it yet. Dunno about you, but i used to use the bookmark section of Mangafox to organize what i'm reading and what i'd like to read. Mangafox is down and i'm at bit of a loss right now... dunno what website will i use it. And i lost a bunch of 1-2 volume manga i planned to read. Oh shit

Also, i didn't ask you in the PM, but how is the Evangelion manga going? I'm planning to read it instead of rewatching the anime like i always do, but i'm curious to known your opinion since i only talked with Energetic-nova about it (and we known how enthusiastic she gets with this one)
UpperCat Feb 1, 1:43 AM
Oh yes, the sky was very clear here last night in this dry January air. I could observe all the celestial phenomenon’s phases clearly with naked eyes; the stars were also unusually dazzling and ever-brighter despite the light pollution.

It was shame not many that seemed to care about this cosmic event here. I am now residing at the neighborhood that is supposedly full of university students but only handful of them who walked out from their comfortable room or poked out their heads out of their doors to see, the rest seemed to prefer to engross in their earthly labor and absurd assignment.

It made me wonder whether they were just straight up uninterested (which is fine, I can’t hope for everybody to share my enthusiasm) or just plain oblivious about it. But still, I was just disappointed. Isn’t the thriving university students at their age supposed to have this unquenchable curiosity running through their mind?

Looks like you are making a lot progress on several manga there. I am going to assume that you are doing fine. That’s good, that’s good.
UpperCat Jan 31, 7:06 AM
So... did you manage to behold the mesmerizing sight of super 'blue moon' tonight which, according to its popular idiom suggests, is very rare? this, of course, assuming that you are still here in this country.
greymood Jan 26, 4:44 AM
greymood Jan 24, 6:17 PM
Funny thing you asked when i'm actually planning to buy queer books. I've stopped reading books three years ago or so and came back to it last year but never had the courage to buy a queer one because >family<. The idea is still a bit awkward, but i guess i'm comming to terms with it (still avoiding anything with explicit cover, cause you known...). Anyway, i dunno what exactly i'll try out since the authors are all unknown to me. If you feel like recommending something...

I do watch movies from time to time, mostly french dramas. I've watched some queer national movies since queer representation is becoming a big thing here and they were pretty nice. Still underground though, even in my country
greymood Jan 24, 3:23 AM
Oh, i feel you. I've been suffering from anime burn out these days too... can only watch one or two episodes whenever i feel like. But i'm thinking of rewatching Utena since there's a lot of things about the show that i'd like to make clear in my head, and for some reason i'm really feeling like watching again

You should take your time though. And happy new years too ^__^
Sonal1988 Jan 22, 11:27 PM
God damn :/