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todd2580 Yesterday, 8:52 AM
your opinion about ARV-V... although yeah still the series have some flaws even with the really good ideas...
Tarotist Oct 19, 11:07 PM
How I found Symphogear actually relates to when I first started anime...

One of my very first anime was Mobile Fighter G Gundam. I became a Gundam fan early on. So throughout the years I watched more Gundam anime like Wing, 00, and Turn A. And then I came across Gundam SEED which I heard wasn't very good. But being the completionist that I am, I watched SEED and its sequel SEED Destiny (which was terrible). A few years later I learn that the creator of Gundam SEED/Destiny was working on a new anime called "Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo." I was a little shocked at first when I watched it, but when I completed it, it ended up being my #1 favorite anime of all time. It was an anime that was in a league of its own. Also, it was perhaps the first anime I watched with Nana Mizuki delivering an excellent performance.

While I was progressing through Cross Ange, I met a user here on MAL who was a fan of Tokusatsu and Sentai shows (Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Power Rangers, etc.). We talked a bit a few years ago. One day, he asked me "Do you like Song Battles?" Coincidentally, I was watching Cross Ange where a certain episode involves a "song battle" of sorts. It was one of the most hype moments in the series, so I answered "Yes. Song battles can be pretty cool." That was when he recommended me Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Since my anime watching system is in a cycle, I queued it up later on my "To Watch" list. I didn't expect much, but after that particular scene in Cross Ange as well as Nana Mizuki being a voice actress in both anime, I was curious.

I think I started Symphogear sometime in Fall 2016. I actually found it pretty cool early on. Episode 1 ended on an awesome cliffhanger that made me want to watch more. Episode 2 slowed down a bit, and Episode 3 showed that the series was on a tight budget ala the famous "walking" scene. However, after watching Episode 4, I realized exactly the type of anime that Symphogear was going to be (and it's sad that some people can't figure it out). After the "face", I knew that Symphogear wasn't going to be taking itself seriously, so I watched the rest of it for fun. And the final episode of season one was kickass! Despite the ending of the series (and of course being a completionist), I continued on to the next season, and the train just kept chugging from there.

Oh, remember a few replies ago that I mentioned that I have a "Holy Trinity" of anime? Symphogear is one of them and Cross Ange is another. Since you got me talking, I'm also going to mention the third...

I'm pretty active on the MAL discussion threads, and I tend to post my thoughts on a new episode for a seasonal anime. After watching Cross Ange and Symphogear, I checked back to the threads to see what people think of them. And both threads had one thing in common: the word "Macross". When I watched Cross Ange, people were saying "What is this, Macross?" I've heard of Macross but never seen it, but I kept the name in mind. When I watched Symphogear and looked at the thread, people were saying: "This is like Macross meets Nanoha!". This was the second time I heard of Macross, and seeing that Cross Ange and Symphogear were two of my favorites, I made Macross a priority watch. So I started from the 1982 original SDF Macross...and I moved up to Plus...then 7...then Zero...then Frontier...and finally Delta. It was then when I realized how awesome Macross was, and the series ended up being my favorite anime series of all time (not to be confused with Cross Ange being my standalone favorite). Both Macross and Symphogear are made by the same studio, so I see Macross as the Father and Symphogear as the daughter (because I love them both!). Cross Ange is the reason why I watched Symphogear, and both Cross Ange and Symphogear are the reasons why I watched Macross, and it is thanks to Macross that both Cross Ange and Symphogear exists. That is why these three anime are my "Holy Trinity". Also, it is because of Macross and Symphogear (and also White Album 2) that Satelight became my favorite anime studio, and now I'm on a quest to watch every anime made by Satelight!

Oh yeah, I also mentioned Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. I checked it out after watching Symphogear, and I can see why many people call Symphogear the "Spiritual Successor" to Nanoha. I think you should give it a watch when you have the chance. There are the TV series and then there are the movies. The movies are basically a retelling of the first two seasons, and I HIGHLY recommend them because they get a BIG budget upgrade and the action is balls to the wall insane. If Symphogear ever gets a movie, then Nanoha is what it's going to have to compete against. If you can't wait for XV and need a dose of Symphogear-style action, then I would recommend Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha to you. Oh, and Nana Mizuki stars in Nanoha too, hee hee!
Ryuseishun Oct 19, 2:38 PM
S1 plot is kinda all over the place, imo.....tbh, it's really 5.9/10, it's just that there wasn't enough to the season in terms of well established charafter development and underlying plot points. I will watch s2 at some point, but I need to clear out quite a bit of stuff on my Watching list first.

S2 should be much better with more characters involved and hopefully more interesting plot revelations.
Tarotist Oct 18, 10:26 PM
Hee hee thanks. It's hard to find some good Cagliostro art around here, so I gotta make do with what I have. She has such a lovely voice too.
fullmetal-ghoul Oct 18, 2:56 PM
Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check it out when I want to watch something just for the fun of it. And I'll keep those expectations in mind when I watch it for sure
Tarotist Oct 18, 12:13 AM
You're welcome. Anyone who is a fan of one of my Holy Trinity Anime is a friend to me. ^_^
DiabloMask Oct 17, 6:51 PM
Yeah VRAINS can still get better, during the first arc I thought maybe they were saving the budget for the next arc, the second arc is not bad so far but I don't see them fixing any of the problems the first arc had.

Well thanks for the review, it was kind of you! Sometimes I look for a long show that's just fun and doesn't require much concentration so I can watch it while doing something else, Symphogear looks like a good choice.
I'll make sure to check it out once I'm done with my current list.
DiabloMask Oct 17, 10:56 AM
Hi :D thanks!
Of course I love 5D's, and Arc-V would've made it to my top10 list if they handled the ending better.
Btw I like your review of VRAINS, although I'm enjoying the show for what it is it makes me feel frustrated when I see the wasted potential it had.
HotaruKiryu Oct 12, 1:20 AM
Okay xD
The Ono-thing can be so complicated sometimes. XD
My most love for his works is in 5Ds, symphogear is next. And oh Boi, my boyfriend loves symphogear. XD
MonkeyDnatsu Oct 11, 3:39 PM
kinda lol
Helios92 Oct 11, 9:26 AM
I like your reviews of YuGiOh, Symphogear, and Jojo. Symphogear in general needs as much love as it can get; so does ArcV!
HotaruKiryu Oct 11, 8:32 AM
Awww. For a second, I didn't know who Ono you mean. Yuki Ono, Daisuke Ono, Kensho Ono and then him. There are so many options xD
MonkeyDnatsu Oct 10, 4:17 PM
oh ok ok cool. well i usually watch everything as long as i can lol.
Tarotist Oct 9, 10:37 PM
Hehe, we're all in hiding, but I'm also glad that there's another who has seen the greatness that is Symphogear. ^_^

I ought to get around watching Arc-V and 5Ds sometime since the director worked on those too...
MonkeyDnatsu Oct 9, 4:19 PM
sure np. so what anime are you watching this season?