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sterl1 4 hours ago
Kingdom looks great. At some point i'll read it for sure. But its length is really making it intimidating to start reading. Atm i am reading Holyland and i am not really enjoying it which is disappointing considering i thought it would be a good read.
sterl1 5 hours ago
Yea. I re-watched it quite a while ago now and i just didn't like it the second time around
ovy7 9 hours ago
As I said, don't mind some a slow start or some exposition and infodump (at least if it isn't as bad as dragonball super level of exposition/infodump). I'll see if I got time to read it after I finish Oathbringer. Apparently, MoL isn't finished?

I was thinking a structure like Higurashi could work (like the MC resetting the events, trying to save all the girls or something), but when you get to the fourth wall breaking moment, what do you do then?

Yeah, pretty interesting. Also, her hours-long end dialogue, trying to make the player reflect on himself and real-life issues. Now I feel bad for deleting her file and not letting her speak I didn't have that many hours

I don't know how possible is to pull off meta stuff like that properly, but I'll still try, though not now as I don't feel like I got the writing experience for that (but I'm preparing the groundwork for it). The idea of a character trying to escape his author's power sound kinda philosophical to me. Like, isn't the author who wanted the character to do said action? If so, is the character actually in control of his own existence/free will? Can he really escape?

Added to my "eroge to read list" Long live the memes and weird premisses in VNs!

I was thinking of trying Golden Fantasia. It's a 2d fighting game, no? Used to play a bunch of fan-made Naruto and Bleach 2d M.U.G.E.N. games when I was in high school. Now there's one with Umineko characters. Time to show the world how powerful detective Erika is. "What do you think, everyone?"
Intelos 10 hours ago
Thanks! You've got some interesting favs yourself.

Yeah, Hidaka is a character (well, not really a character lol) who impacted me in a way that not many others have. Such an inspiring and memorable man. Great to see he's on of your favs too.
Insertanamehere 10 hours ago
Oh right lol I see
he tweets a lot of furry art so i cant be sure that hemorrhoids are not also one of his fetishes lol
Insertanamehere 10 hours ago
It makes sense?
I can't say I see how lol
ovy7 10 hours ago
Eh, being an amateur writer shouldn't be a bad thing, there are some amateurs who became a pro overnight.

Yeah, the length of TWoK is insane, almost as long as the entire Lord of the Ring trilogy, but it's easier to read IMO. The writing flows well and Sanderson doesn't spend pages describing the same thing. And not to mention the incredible worldbuilding, magic system, and action scenes.

I've read some of that AMA earlier today, but it understandable, you can only put so much in something so short. The gimmick was interesting, something I only see working in this medium alone and not anywhere else. Like, there's a bunch of people who wish for an anime adaptation of ddlc, even thou the story is easy to adapt, the gimmick that makes ddlc is probably impossible outside of VNs and games.

Monika was really something. Poor thing, knowing that everyone is just a mindless drone that acts how they were programmed and that her reality it's just an illusion. Cruel. Also, her words after you delete her in the end, even thou you did that to her she still loves you. Monika actually is somewhat similar to a character I want to write. He too knows that everything is just a story written by someone (me), and even their actions and dialogues are just things the author wants, so he tries to escape and to at least leave a mark in the real world.

Insertanamehere 11 hours ago
Indeed I did
>tfw takuji, ayana and zakuro are the only subahibi characters in tsui no sora
>tfw they still havent released that manga so I can add the others to the database

lol I haven't but it sounds pretty par for the course for VNs tbh
iirc that guy is the translator of my the, uh, well named VN; "My little sis got hemorrhoids so, I stuck a suppository up her ass"
KaitonPT 11 hours ago
Rofl, there is already an hentai OVA out there, plz give us a spin-off (of that) with NTR goodness inside lol.
Joking aside, what do you think of the possibility of Reiji finally hooking up with Kyouko by the end of KnS 3?

The not revealing the daughter meaning he has plans for the revelation, yeah otherwise he wouldn´t abstain that knowledge in the true end. Now that that means that it is also a sign that Fuyumi could be killed, I am not sure, and I honestly hope not. I don´t know how accurate the translation was but the term "colleague" I don´t associate it to Fuyumi, since in my view she is way more than that to Masaki. So far the author hasn´t killed someone from the previous installment, so we would have to wait and hope for the best.

Yeah, he is quite complex as a character and I really liked his abnormal way (unfitted of a shounen MC) of showing his emotions and bond with the cast. Really? I guess that is my cue to also read the manga in the future, since I really liked the anime. Don´t blame you... You have until the next season/2018 to catch up to 3-gatsu

Didn´t even know that it was coming on steam before you mention. Yeah, most likely have to beat that Black Battler boss with my Erika. In fact I started LB Saturday and I am already done with common route and 3/4 of the 1st heroine route, so maybe by that time I will also have LB finished.
Yeah, pretty stupid, but maybe Golden Fantasia doesn´t have the % of story needed to fit their guidelines. Extella for instance, has very few novel elements there and is there, so yeah idk how they work. Probably bias talking when it comes to Fate...
Wtf is that? o.O 2deep4me I am afraid, unless the seiyuu voicing the MC is Suwabe has a sexy voice lol.
KaitonPT 12 hours ago
True xD.

Lol at that. Or Inb4 Yaginuma is indeed the true mastermind and with that the author will pull a Yura (since Yaginuma will somehow influence the autopsy results) and Touko will appear alive in a package by mail the end lol.

Yeah, I hope so too. That would be funny to see, especially if Reiji started doing the killings like Kusaka for the sake of creating a new body for Touko lol. The other endings kind of allude to that ship, but still I think the daughter plot device isn´t being delayed for that reason. The author probably wanted to keep the status quo for his future plot plans – hope that it isn’t a flag that Fuyumi will indeed be killed in KnS 3.

I see, glad to hear you are enjoying it. Yeah, now that you mentioned that, I fondly remember how I kind of disliked Joe before the juvenile prison arc, since he was too bratty and the start was weak. Things really stepped up from there.

The author baiting the haters, while also propagating the meme and being philosophic. Nice lol.
Krysaia 12 hours ago
Oh so pretty much the most popular series.. lol, but hey gotta start somewhere right? Oh really? How did that conversation go? I would feel awkward talking about that irl. It's not something I'd be used to lmao. Then again my social skills irl are pretty bad..

Ugh I'm glad I stay away from the forums. Some people just think visual novels are books when there are some that actually have gameplay in them or they think people only play them for the h-scenes which is not a focus of all VNs and makes no sense whatsoever zzzzz. I get irritated when I see comments like that. I dunno if it's the same for you or you just don't care what other people are saying but yeah. I always have to explain visual novels to people cause they don't know what they are, haven't played many of them, or just have the wrong idea. Yeah that's true. Like I saw the Grisaia anime before the visual novel and had a bad view of the series until I played the VN. It took me a while before I started getting into visual novels more. 50 hours + VNs always intimidated me and I was like no way I wanna spend that much time on a VN but now I don't really care.
ovy7 Yesterday, 12:11 PM
It has a rating bigger than most books lol. Yeah, I'll probably give it a go someday, dunno what that someday means. Eh, I don't care if the beginning is slow, for example, the first 400+ pages of The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson felt really slow because of the worldbuilding (and what worldbuilding), but I managed to get thru it and arrive at the juicy parts.

The score for ddlc from me it's between 8 and 9, probably around 8.5. I licked the gimmick it used and the story, but some of the characters weren't that developed. Though I really licked Monika in the end, even tho
For a VN of only a couple hours long it did very well, I think.
Gundiok Yesterday, 12:10 PM
Yeah, the art style is kinda weird and gross in the beginning, takes some time to get used to :D
Gundiok Yesterday, 12:05 PM
Check out Dorehedoro, it is a good manga set in a weird cyberpunk-magic world, you might like it :D
Krysaia Yesterday, 12:00 PM
Oh that's interesting you have a lot of anime fans in your uni lol. I don't come across many people irl who like anime either.

Really? Why is that?