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Not A Weeb, Just A Nerd

Not A Weeb, Just A Nerd

✦ Fanarts don't belong to me!
✦ Manga list under construction. I'm deleting stuff I can't remember well, mostly short manga I just read quickly in a bus or so and can't remember.

✦ They/she, non-binary, prefer they
✦ 30 years old (watching anime since ca. 24-25 years, reading manga since ca. 20 years.)
✦ From Vienna / Austria
✦ I'm a queer weeb. Queer characters and couples are also a huge plus, but not a must.
✦ I also really love fanworks (beautiful fanarts and some well-written fanfiction) & shippings, no matter the gender and I also got a few polyships I like.
✦ Hobbies: Fiction (mostly all kind of fiction. Mostly anime, but I also like reading sometimes, watching live action series and movies and sometimes other stuff like videogames or creepypastas etc.), Writing, Events like cons and some others, sometimes DnD

✦ ABOUT MY LIST: Don't be surprised about the amount of stuff in my list. I add quite a lot of music videos, specials, ovas, short manga, one shots, etc... and a lot of anime got multiple entries for multiple seasons; it looks like much more than it really it.
✦ My 10s (and 9s) are my favorites and other anime I appreciated a lot. No, they are not perfect, I just want to "mark" them.
✦ I drop most anime that I'd score below ~ 6.5, or anime that seem to be too long for the content they provide, because I have enough anime I'd like to watch and don't want to waste my time.
✦ I will renew my list. Since MAL allows you now to write down notes, I'll use the tag system and start to write very short to quite short reviews in my notes. It will take some time to complete it.

✦ GENRES & THEMES I LOVE: fantasy of all kind, historical & adventure, steampunk, childcare, some romance & erotic fiction, shoujo & josei, some shounen & seinen, slice of life, music, fashion, drama, dystopia & utopia, or sci-fi / mecha or fantasy with interesting settings, thriller, some horror & dark fantasy, but most is too edgy and dumb, imo.

✦ GENRES & THEMES I DON'T LIKE / FAVOR for most parts: most ecchi and harem, shounen with icky fanservice, most sports (especially ball sports, boxing etc.), edgy and gorey type of horror (splatter horror like Saw etc.), pretentious stuff, a lot of "typical" battle shounen (never seen a lot of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece etc... also don't like Hero Academia too much for example, but it's okay)

✦ FAVORITE FICTION & MAIN FANDOMS (outside of anime & manga / light novels):
- Pokemon & in some way some other monster hunting games (partly because of nostalgia, but I also love them)
- DnD & Cthulhu Role Games
- Creepypastas of all kind
- Mo Dao Zu Shi (mainly light novel, but also Untamed series, maybe also donghua, but mostly light novel and series)
- The Witcher (mainly books, but also series and maybe games too, but mostly books and series)
- Arcane (only the series, didn't play LoL)
- Avatar (whole universe, have seen both series, read some comics and read Kyoshi novels)
- Castlevania (only watched series, didn't play games)

✦ OTHER FICTION & FANDOMS I REALLY LIKE (outside of anime & manga / light novels):
- SCP Foundation (stories and entries on the Wiki, but sometimes I also watch animation videos)
- Skyrim
- Zelda games (mainly the 3D games, only know a few of the others)
- The Priory of the Orange Tree (great epic fantasy book with a lesbian couple)
- His Dark Materials (mainly the books, haven't seen series yet and don't like movie too much)
- The Hunger Games (mainly out of nostalgia too, but still kinda like them)
- Harry Potter (mostly out of nostalgia and I came to think Rowling is icky for reasons, but sometimes the nostalgia hits hard and I like some parts of the fandom)
- Criminal Minds (tho only watched up to season 8 or so)
- Squid Game
- American Horror Story
- Game of Thrones (kinda mixed feelings, but still like it)
- The Rings of Power / Lord of the Rings-universe

Watching this season

10 Characters I Like A Lot

Including anime, manga, light novels, cartoons, movies, live action movies and series, books etc.

At the end of the profile are my top 10 favorite characters (because the portrait sizes are bigger and all.)

Of course I like others too, but these stand out for me for different reasons.

Favorite Ships / OTPs

Including anime, manga, light novels, cartoons, movies, live action movies and series, books etc.

Of course there are more I like, including straight or queer ships and a few poly ships too.

10 Favorite Characters

Including anime, manga, light novels, cartoons, movies, live action movies and series, books etc.

I like some others too, a lot, but these are most important to me and impressed me the most.
I feel very attached to them for different reasons. Especially towards the first 3, but also towards the others.


Anime Stats
Days: 330.9
Mean Score: 6.61
  • Total Entries4,185
  • Rewatched380
  • Episodes21,057
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau
Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau
7 hours ago
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Sasaki to Miyano: Koi ni Kizuku Mae no Chotto Shita Hanashi.
Sasaki to Miyano: Koi ni Kizuku Mae no Chotto Shita Hanashi.
Jan 30, 9:20 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Koukyuu no Karasu
Koukyuu no Karasu
Jan 29, 4:19 PM
Watching 9/13 · Scored 9
Manga Stats
Days: 252.2
Mean Score: 6.70
  • Total Entries4,197
  • Reread49
  • Chapters29,610
  • Volumes4,176
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun
Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun
9 hours ago
Completed 7/7 · Scored 7
The Summit
The Summit
9 hours ago
Dropped - · Scored 7
Motto Hanashi wo Shitai no dakedo.
Motto Hanashi wo Shitai no dakedo.
9 hours ago
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7

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