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Nov 22, 2020
Oh, Banana Fish... Where do I start?

I hadn't heard much about the anime prior to watching it. I never heard anything about it being BL or yaoi (I heard there was some discussion about that when it first aired in 2018 or something). In fact I was initially put off watching it because of the shoujo tag--it's not my preferred genre.

I decided to give it a try any way and I'm so glad I did. My preference is definitely shounen/seinen with lots of action and fighting. If that's what you're looking for then Banana Fish is the show for you. Banana Fish centers around read more
Oct 26, 2020
I love this manhua.

The story starts off slowly as we're getting to know the main characters and their relationship evolves from acquaintances, to a romantic interest, to eventually them starting a relationship. It's not accepted by everyone, and I like how it showcases both negative and positive atittudes towards Yu Yang and Li Huan's relationship.

I like that one of them is an openly gay student as opposed to many of the tropes we usually see in yaoi and shounen-ai. The story is sweet and focuses on their romantic relationship, but also on relationships with friends, family etc which are just as important. Sex is a read more
Sep 23, 2020
DBZ Kai... It removed much of the filler from the original show (though there is still some remaining) and it's paced better overall. Though the pacing is still one of my issues with this show compared to modern anime shows.

The other issue for me is the art in DBZ Kai. They largely touched up the anime style from the original show which aired in the 80's and 90's and used a different style altogether for some scenes. These two different artstyles clash a lot, especially in the earlier arcs and that prevents me from giving the show a slightly higher rating. Use one artstyle read more
Sep 10, 2020
This film is your typical story of our main gang teaming up to fight evil and the outcome is predictable of course, but the film was still enjoyable. I really liked the pacing in particular. The dialogue doesn't go on for too long and the balance between the fight scenes and the slower scenes is just right to progress the story to where it needs to go. I tend to view the DBZ films as standalone films within the franchise because trying to make sense of them timeline wise kind of ruins how much I enjoy the films as a whole (because it doesn't make read more