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Diamond no Ace: Act II
Diamond no Ace: Act II
16 minutes ago
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Diamond no Ace: Second Season
Diamond no Ace: Second Season
Jul 20, 12:40 AM
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Ladies versus Butlers!
Ladies versus Butlers!
Jul 15, 7:14 AM
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Harumatsu Bokura
Harumatsu Bokura
Feb 11, 6:48 AM
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Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosario
Sword Art Online: Mother's Rosario
Jan 21, 9:37 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Manga de Yomu Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou
Manga de Yomu Jinsei ga Tokimeku Katazuke no Mahou
Jan 4, 7:10 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 9


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hacker09 Jul 28, 3:52 PM
Yeah it's really hard to find,even to watch the anime legally it still hard to find.

Sorry to bug you.
Do you know how to rip a DVD? That would be much appreciated if you can do it,I can teach you if you don't know.
hacker09 Jul 28, 11:19 AM
Luchse Jul 27, 5:27 PM
Fuck I loved that post in bible thread. Top-notch quality! Should've used italics on white supremacist for that extra effect.
Nintendofan204 Jul 26, 10:31 PM
I've lost about 10 pounds this summer, but I've gone back up a couple once again. Losing weight is usually a very up and down thing, and becoming fit and then heavy again isn't rare either. I was heavy in late elementary school, but lost weight and was fit in junior high up through 10th grade. Once high school got extremely stressful in 11th grade, I gained weight, and I continued to gain weight in 12th grade. I gained even more weight my first year in college. I probably gained at least 40 pounds from 2016-early 2018. Those were rough years. My life is still messy, but, ironically, 2020 has been a bit better, I think? Some terrible stuff has still happened. For example, my aunt died a couple of weeks ago (that was rough), and COVID-19 happened and all that shit. But I feel like I'm a bit more together this year. I'm watching more anime than I have in years, for instance. I started doing that in late 2019 and I've been carrying it over into this year. I also started studying Japanese again in May and haven't stopped. I've also been doing walks around my neighborhood daily and am dropping weight again (besides the last week or so in which I've been off-track). I lost a lot of weight in the second half of 2018 and early 2019, but I froze for awhile, and then I slowly went back up by 15 pounds. But I'm back in the rhythm. So despite all the chaos in the world (and my life), this year has probably been better than the last few... That shows how fucked 2016-2019 were. My life story aside, I definitely agree that you need to find a way to enact permanent change, as do I. That may be the hardest part. Once you get the weight off, keeping it down the rest of your life may always be a challenge. It is similar to the recovery alcoholics face, where they may be alcohol free for X amount of time, but there is always the threat of falling back into their old habits. Bad habits are truly a bitch.

Dude, that is the ultimate goal. I strive to become the buff, attractive guy who also happens to love anime. I've known guys who are studs who like anime, and it makes them stand out so much versus the average attractive dude as well as the average anime fan. The ability to be both in good shape and have nerdy interests is just badass to me lol. I already know I'm above-average in looks, so if I lose more weight and get into shape I could truly become a Chad (and one who loves lolis as well!). 😂

Yes, and I enjoyed it a lot. The story is very dark and truly challenges the player. It isn't your standard revenge story. There are some legitimate criticisms to have towards it, but a lot of the ones I've seen online are over-reactive people who clearly haven't even played the full game (if they even played it at all). One MUST play the game in full in order to truly judge it. My opinions on some of the characters completely changed by the end. It's one of the best PS4 games IMO and possibly as good as the first game. The story is VERY different, though. From a gameplay standpoint, I think the game is even more fun as they've added some nice improvements and new features.

Right now I'm playing Ghost of Tsushima. It has it's issues, but I think it's pretty good so far. I'm maybe 15 hours into it.

BTW, I checked out of curiosity and we've been talking for over three years now. Here's to many more!
27_Seconds Jul 21, 6:41 AM
Ah, don't worry about it. Sometimes it takes me awhile to answer back to people on here, so it's no big deal.

I've heard of Le Chevalier D'Eon, it's supposed to be very good. Been meaning on checking out for awhile. Same thing with Gankutsuou. I always find it interesting when an anime series takes place in a more Western setting. 91 Days did that by having it take place in the United States during the prohibition era, which was different and pretty cool to see.

Personally, I would recommend checking out the big titles you've missed and not even worry about random seasonals. While every season usually has a few shows that are worth checking out, there's also always a fair share of stinkers, lmao. If you need a recommendation, the Dorohedoro anime was very good. I finished it on Netflix last week and loved it. I can't wait for the second season.
Nintendofan204 Jun 10, 3:09 PM
Yeah, I never played the original either and I loved it. My younger brother played the original recently and loved the remake as well. The game isn't perfect, but it's one of my favorite PS4 games. The cast is amazing IMO.

How have you been faring with weight loss since then? I've managed to keep it going so far. I still have cravings, but other days I am great. I've been continuing to walk as well and am starting to burn a bit more calories per week. I'm curious how I'll do with weight loss once school starts up again (assuming it is in person as planned.)

I'm gonna get The Last of Us Part II in the mail once it comes out, so I'm looking forward to that. I loved the original when I played it a couple years ago and have been hyping this up ever since.
27_Seconds Jun 10, 5:44 AM
That sounds pretty cool. I'll check it out one of these days. I'm not too crazy about battle shounen anime these days, but maybe with Kuroko no Basket being a sports anime, it will help the series feel fresh in my eyes.

We really got to appreciate a series like Vinland Saga, since I really do feel like we don't get anime like this that much these days. I know it's based off a well-received manga, but the anime felt like it stood among the crowd compared to other shows that have aired recently. It felt very "western," which probably has to do with not only it's European setting, but also with it's writing and directing.

My Hero Academia is an okay series, but it sort of went downhill after the second season in my opinion. I feel like the pacing in the reason seasons have been so slow with arcs that feel that they take too long, which can feel like a drag when each season is 25 episodes (minus the first season, of course). Honestly, despite what the community says about the series, you really aren't missing out on anything that special. You're much better off catching up on Attack on Titan.
Aardwolf94 Jun 8, 10:52 AM
Never watched Supernatural, isn't it like 10+ seasons long? Thats a lot of episodes, I usually prefer 4-6 season long shows. Does it remain consistent?

That's why I would like an AC1 remake, it has a lot of potential that wasn't used. Altair's short story in Revelations was more interesting than AC1's plot.

Yeah the Ezio Trilogy is special, since the player really follows Ezio through his whole life I got more attached to him than any other AC protagonist. Have you seen Embers? When I replay it I always watch it at the end, its a good emotional epilogue

"Tough girls" with no vulnerabilities is sadly a problem with a lot of western entertainment these days. People seem to think that that makes a strong female character, even though it makes them one note. Aya is a classic example, they could have shown her perspective of Khemu's death and make her more human when she interacted with Bayek. Instead she was just a cold "badass" who seemed to use him and then at the end just break up with him. I wouldn't care much if at least she didn't steal the show at the end.

Agree about Evie, although Syndicate was lacking she was fun. Jacob was the annoying one there, just didn't really have much of an arc and the story just felt like a joke.

My ranking would be: AC2, AC Brotherhood, AC Black Flag, AC Revelations, AC3, AC Origins, AC1, AC Unity, AC Rogue, AC Odyssey, AC Syndicate (so we agree on the last two)

I would recommend giving it another chance but I get that the realism was off putting for many players. The story is really incredible imho (not sure if you played the first RDR1 but it really adds to it) and the open world is fun to explore. Unlike with Odyssey it feels more "real" with lots of details, interactions with the NPC's and random events etc.

The regular edition of TW3 still offers ca. 80+ of playtime, have fun and keep me posted on what you think of it

Lol yeah I have. Some shitposting is fun. Thankfully people have calmed down now, I haven't really read about any looting and rioting for a week now. Both sides definitely seem more extreme these days than before, I don't remember this type of toxic division before

RunescapeIsGreat Jun 3, 10:55 AM
Your politics seems to have changed a lot, using terms like Ziocuck, lol.
27_Seconds Jun 2, 5:17 AM
I've heard of Kuroko no Basket as well. I never seen it, but I know it was pretty popular a few years ago. Do you recommend it even to someone who isn't that into sports anime?

Well, I finished Vinland Saga not too long ago and that series was very well-received, so maybe check that series out if you haven't seen it. There was also the recent season of My Hero Academia, although I just finished it yesterday and kinda thought it was most lackluster season of the series so far. Still, if you've seen the other seasons and are looking for "what's hot" at the moment, you may enjoy it. Can't really think of what else is out now that everyone is watching, although I'm not always interested in watching what is currently "hyped." I'm more of the type of person who watches stuff that I'm currently interested in.

Haha, I forgot all about Magi. I watched the first season awhile ago, but it wasn't anything that memorable to me.
Aardwolf94 May 31, 6:43 PM
Yeah Vinland Saga is great (I also like Vikings and The Last Kingdom, good tv shows if you want to check them out) although after the prologue its not a "typical" Viking story.

AC1 has some great aspects like a good protagonist, the unique setting (Crusades are basically never used in western media) and it's probably the most Assassin focused AC game but the repetitive mission style keeps me from replaying it again. I tried it once but it was kind of boring. Meanwhile I bought the Ezio Trilogy a few years ago and still enjoyed it a lot.

And like you said at least AC1 was pretty short. Odyssey is just so huge but because the story is padded out and not very interesting (felt like fetch quests) + the amount of side quests and the huge world (that didn't have much variety imho) I lost interest multiple times. The gameplay was very fun at least but overall I wouldn't put it in my Top 5 AC games

I agree with you on Bayek. For me he is the best protagonist after Ezio, Edward and Altair (especially because of Revelations). The VA did a terrific job and he felt like a very human character. I didn't like Aya much because she was kind of forced to be so important (basically took over the last part of the game) and treated Bayek badly.

I hope the protagonist and story of Valhalla are better than in Odyssey, Black Flag's writer coming back gives me a lot of hope. Odyssey's main writer was responsible for Syndicate too and thats one of the weaker stories as well.

The Witcher 3 is my favourite game this generation, alongside Red Dead Redemption 2 (have you played that one?). The writing is on another level than most other games and I like the medieval fantasy setting with slavic folklore added into it. Hope you got the GOTY addition that has two quality expansions that add like 30+ hours of playtime. Have fun!

The protests definitely seem to have escalated, lots of people are just looting and randomly destroying things. A few people have died too. Hope things don't get worse

Ezekiel_01 May 30, 8:20 PM
>Yeah, I'll admit it's a bit disappointing when you see some solid character development and then on the next reset, none of it exists anymore.

It's actually the most painful thing to see in Re: Zero. I admit character development is present in the show and they did it quite well. And it's well written to an extent but it just feels it doesn't matter anymore if the plot resets according to what scenario works in Subaru unpredictable time resets checkpoints.

I write reviews a long time ago I quit writing because of heavy criticism and I thought my writing is terrible. Then because of the pandemic, I have lots of free time so I started to write reviews again and I got some nice feedbacks which motivate me to write again but only write on anime I recently watch. Thought self-promoting is the biggest mistake so far. I got banned doing so. So I tend not to share them even though posting it in MAl won't get any attention. I see a lot of reviews being posted here but nobody bats an eye so it discourages newer and older reviewers.

I do share my reviews only if the person is interested to read it. I realize sharing your review with people on a weekly basis turns out to be annoying for some people.

If I ever made a negative review I tend not to share them because some people may get offended. I do respect people like and dislike even if they think my favorite anime shit or their favorite is shit in my eyes. Well, there is no right and wrong in people's opinion but forcing it or choking to someone else neck is the terrible thing most critics do.
Ezekiel_01 May 28, 6:19 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I made Rezero last march so I kinda forgot who are the people I randomly sent my reviews with. Its the longest review I ever made honestly and now I kinda burn out with the long sentences and wanted make some more compress and short ones for bigger impact it kinda works.

I am looking forward to watching the 2nd season but I wish the show won't rely much on Suburu time reset because it kinda destroys the charm of the previous episodes.
Aardwolf94 May 28, 4:42 PM
Yeah and it looks pretty awesome:

I agree on that, Odyssey was enjoyable at times but got rather repetitive and tedious to play (I think overall Origins had a better story, protagonist and open world imho). Layla's story was trash too after an ok beginning in Origins.

They will keep the choose your adventure angle for Valhalla but I hope it's done better this time, the voice acting, choices and animations in Odyssey were lacking. I didn't really feel invested. I heard Assassins will be part of the game too but you will likely only assist them (not be one of them).

Which games did you play during the lockdown? Also do you live in the US? What do you think about the current protests because of George Floyd being killed?
Aardwolf94 May 25, 6:49 PM
So are you hyped for AC Valhalla? We haven't seen any gameplay yet but I'm already interested in it because its made by the developers of BF + Origins..not to mention the writer of Black Flag will be returning (which had one of the best stories, good writing has been missing for quite some time here). So I hope its better than Odyssey (did you play that one?)

I haven't been on MAL for a year and a half but remembered that we talked a lot about AC so I thought we could continue that. Did the whole lockdown thing go well for you?