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ashisland May 23, 4:40 AM
lmaooo don't mind me, I didn't know how to explain it so it's probs confusing :P that's smart of you, I honestly learned about reverse search maybe last year? had no idea about it until someone pointed it out and I was like.. oh. if you're a basic bitch then so am I loool, if I had to summarize my style in a picture or two.. it'd be this. do you like ripped jeans? all of my jeans are ripped so even when it's hella cold, you'll see me in them :x hmmm yeah they're adorable together, it's honestly the only ship I truly believe in otherwise I'll fuck around and mess with others by saying some weird ones lol. I have a few ships I like, Luffy x Nami, Yahiko x Konan, Yuno x Charmy but as for people yeah.. idk about that, the only one that I don't really ship it seriously but I love them together is tae & jk, I feel like they're best friends and it's really sweet. noo it's okay dw, thank you! I'll wait for your art whenever it comes~ oh I have a feeling you're expecting me to be good when you mentioned "create" so UHM here's what I attempt to draw lol. I envy you, I often change at least my profile pic cause I get bored from the current one :( I'm happy you like them!!

kiiinda same? hahaha it's okay, I honestly found it quite funny bc you listen to almost everything and of course I had to give you something you don't smh :P wait I'm shook, you've only seen boy groups (I was defo expecting more girl groups) but you've seen more than I have anyways lol. since you like day6 (dunno if I asked you this before), do you like the rose by any chance? I'm pretty sure jae is friends with woosung and both bands have similar vibe! also which day6 song is your fave? I rly like how can I say since I can also sing it~ have no girl groups been in amsterdam whatsoever? I imagine the BTS one would've been more expensive but I've no idea when it comes to that.. I haven't :( what was the experience like? which one has like the best memories for you?

hmm I like them but dunno if it's fair to say that I actually stan them since most of the time I only really care about GD but they're still definitely one of my faves! taeyang's voice is a blessing, have you listened to let go by him? you probs have but I love that one soooo much. blackpink's album was okay, I think their previous songs are still something more that I prefer like stay altho I'm biased since it's my fave song from them, there's also playing with fire which was rly good but besides that from the new one, don't know what to do slaps so that's a fave. twice never really been into them hoooweeever I like lowkey started getting into them ever since me likey (sana destroyed me) but their most recent album is something I really enjoyed for the first time so that's a major positive, I'll look forward to their new stuff! thank you for the name!! oh fuck I think I know.. I mean look ur right, we're not the one to judge but honestly it's so creepy? like shit, I know they mean a lot to you but the things I've seen the fans do are... wow. I remember there was bts celebrating yoongi's birthday(?) and two girls legit opened their door or something like that and were like recording/taking a pic of it? kinda fucked but hey just hope nothing serious happens. mhm, it brings back memories when I'd just listen to bang bang bang everyday when I'd go to school, high school was my bigbang era lmaoo and after bts overtook them for me. I knoooooow, I like it bc he wears oversized hoodies which is what I love the most, he also loves these shoes I really like so even more reasons :P shinee taemin? he's probably the best dancer, there was a time where I was addicted with danger and I normally don't really like suits but the suit he wore in that mv was really nice

ah.. black clover. well the anime is pretty bad in terms of animation and people don't really like asta's voice because he tends to scream a lot, however I personally really like it but the manga is just so much better in every way possible, some characters feel forced in the anime whereas in the manga it's completely different if that makes sense. black clover's fun, it reminds me of naruto which I'm almost done with so there's that too, it definitely feels like black clover is naruto's child in a way lmao. give it a chance if you have time~ yeah unfortunately I'm one of those ppl who prefer anime since I don't really like to read things, instead I can just watch them (which is shitty I know), also promised neverland was beautiful, like seriously I watched all 12 episodes in one night, it was that addicting and just kept getting more exciting with each episode.. I have friends who think the manga is better so I think it's time for us to read it altho honestly I doubt I will lol. I've been meaning to ask but who are your faves from naruto? I'm almost done with it so I wanna know urs

ah.. I can relate to that, well I don't think anyone would want to be sad but just the coming across as cheerful part, I can also seem goofy but deep down I'm just not really that person even if I fuck around and stuff, deep down I'm a pretty negative person and the way I think isn't really the right way so there's that too. if it's okay to ask, when you say giving up, is it like with new stuff or just in general? I tend to give up on a lot of things I try because ultimately my mindset is like there's no way I can do this, that etc. I'm sorry Asena :( I'll tell you this tho, you're better than all those people combined. the racism & homophobia part, sadly people like that exist everywhere unfortunately so there's not much to do. sad thing is, those people will have kids one day, and they'll make their kids think that's not right and the cycle will just continue. idk, it was always strange to me how people care so much about a stranger's life, like who the f cares if they're gay, lesbian, trans etc. if they're happy with it then that's all it should matter, it's not like they're hurting you or whatever. that's a shocker, you're really nice to talk to so I didn't expect that ;; do tell me next time if some things I say bother you or anything like that please. that's okay, I think we're really young so as we grow we'll learn how to be better at a lot of things. it's a shame you think like that tho, I know that texting is different from actually speaking but I'll say it again, you're really nice to talk to, you're honest with things and overall a sweet person. lmaooooo is that how I come off as? well.. you're.. a tiny bit close lol. I'm calm, I can fuck around and mess with those who are close to me but if it's a stranger I wouldn't really approach unless it's someone I find really interesting, definitely not social or outgoing by any means, I do like to go out sometimes but it's mostly with my earphones in and just see places and what not, if anything I feel like I'm anti-social. I definitely like animals more than people, feels like they actually care for you, well.. my cats don't but y'know what I'm trynna say lol. I'd much rather prefer a movie night at home rather than.. going outside and doing things. no it's okay dw! I finished it like a week ago or so, it was quite fun and my faves got into the final 9 so I was happy :P I haven't seen unpretty rapstar but I know jessi was on it, right? ppl like jessi, dean etc. that's sweet, how was it growing up? I feel like most siblings fight a lot so I guess I'm lucky in a way not to have one but I did wish I had an older sister or brother

omg you're actually so tiny, so tiny that even I would feel like a giant next to you.. I'm 172 and I'm skinny so you can imagine how tiny I am.. pretty sure the average here is like 177-180 so yikes, help :( english, macedonian, serbian, kinda wish I knew korean as well but I can only pronounce things zzz. I'm in uni, but it's pretty boring! hey, we can be both miserable it's okay. as long as you think that's the best for you then that's all it matters Asena, hope you know that~ what's your shift like? do you have any funny/weird stories? sometimes I don't even sleep and just go straight to school, I basically live in the american timezone since most of my friends are from there but there will be a period of time where I'll surprisingly go to bed before 1 am and I'll keep that for.. maybe two weeks and after that we back lol

oh yeah, honestly isn't that the same for irl too? like people think women can't do anything by themselves and always need a man which is fucking stupid if you asked me but hey that's the world we live in :)

well.. FUCK. I'm sorry :( that sucks but I hope you didn't actually just watch a video of it, the whole arc is beautiful but sad. ah, their story as a whole is heartwarming, their friendship is so pure and there's a part where luffy is like so this is how it feels like to have brothers and it was just so cute. honestly just prepare yourself, there's a lot of depressing stories coming.. law's story is fucked, there's sanji story that's also fucked.. idk how far you're into it but you're in for a treat ma'am, there's soooooo many good things coming and you've no idea and I wanna spoil everything to you now cause it got me excited too but I'll wait!! lmaoooooooo I love how you say my #1 and then mention like multiple people, it was funny. idk if I should like mention some of these names but whatever you do, don't look them up but anyways my top five would be law, luffy, sabo, katakuri, zoro/carrot/kid (I CANT DECIDE) as for brook's voice, he's okay, his jokes will get boring after a while but he's pretty useful to the squad. omg you like him?? yay! I can't wait till you see his backstory, imma cry with you too :(

uhhhh.. sorry in advance if I messed it up lol, I TRIED. asena banana is iconic, a shame that it's gone :( BRING IT BACK. also is banana ur fave fruit by any chance? mhm, all five of them are stupid brats who don't know shit and just want me to feed them and honestly that's the only thing they care about.. oh and breaking things!! I live with my mom, my parents got divorced when I was really young, so I don't really know too much about him which I guess is kinda unfortunate but hey what can you do. I'm 21, actually getting older and it hurts seeing all these 15 yo's enjoying their youth :( oh no no, idk what I said that made you say that but I'm really not.. thank you tho!! I'm sure you already do, do you wear makeup? me and you both but it's okay, as long as you have fun dancing :)

don't worry, really. it's okay. respond whenever you're free and in the mood for it, take care asena banana :p
Shiroyasha- May 13, 10:43 PM
I like your nice and simple about me, they look really neat!
i_stan_exo May 10, 7:55 PM
Thankss! Exams went pretty well!
Yeah, I also wasn't a big fan of boy with luv at first because the childish and cutesy vibe kinda turned me off, but I started liking it more after listening to it a few more times.
Thankssss :) I didn't draw the picture on my profile, just my profile pic xD I definitely want to make more art now that it's summer break!
What have you got planned for the summer? (if you have summer break)
ashisland May 7, 11:30 AM
that's hella relatable, sometimes I spend like more than I should on a thing where most people would spend barely any time if that makes sense smh. Y'know when the lines don't match and it's not like equal? I know my text isn't like matching rn but most of my previous "layouts" have the exact same amount of text so one row doesn't go further than the other lmaoooo. I actually really like your layout tho :/ think you've done a lovely job, it's really satisfying and the pictures are cute, I really like bakugo's style~ do you want me to give you the actual pictures? I feel bad cause I sent you the actual profile picture not the art itself ;; I'm happy you like them!! what kind of clothes do you usually wear? oh oh I've seen bits of that picture but I haven't seen the full one yet, omg. my favorite ship in bnha too :( thank youuu I do like it (if you don't mind, send me more of the art you like bc I feel like we have similar taste)

LMAO same I have no clue, like I draw but it's quite basic and I do envy people who can make fanarts and such. I've probably spent sooo much time on finding art, at times it would take me an hour or two where I just browse for pictures until I find the ONE lol. honestly the same with you, I used to be active on twitter so i'd retweet stuff but I'm not active on it so I haven't gotten much art as of late BUT here are the ones that I think you'll like for sure:

reaaally? I'll admit I was confident in the reccs but I wasn't expecting you to like all of them :o I hope you have lots of fun omg. have you been to a lot of kpop concerts? lucky tho ;;

yes unfortunately I get to hear that daily how me and my other friends's taste is below hers.. loonarmy's are everywhere and I didn't think they were as popular as some of the other groups but they're definitely climbing in popularity~ was totally expecting you to name all of them LOL, that's really sweet tho I know that there are people where they just solo stan and not the entire group ;; (sadly I'm one of them, I solo stan G-Dragon) okay! I noted the ones I haven't listened to, hopefully I'll like them!! okay.. I do.. know.. probably more than I think?? I don't really listen to them daily but I wanted to see which songs you'd give me (at first I was totally expecting some twice since I saw that you listen to them a lot) so the ones you gave me are actually the ones I like better. I'm curious, what did you think of both twice's new album & blackpink's? omg wait so she's the blonde? the friend who I was talking about had her as her main picture for quite some time but I would've never guessed that it's actually her from hobgoblin, she's sooooooo pretty. I do like her voice a lot and just her presence is godly. gotcha, do you know a lot of people that listen to k-pop? if so luckyyy I don't know many unfortunately :( I got into them bc of BIGBANG's don't fall in love MV and well funnily enough I fell in love with the music smh. I think that was the first time where I've genuinely thought that a guy is incredibly handsome (taehyung & him are the only ones where I'm just genuinely wow, how are they real?) but yess you've probably figured it out, GD is my ultimate bias and he's been ever since I got into k-pop. what do you think about him? also I'm not even gonna try to guess yours since it's gonna be impossible so do tell me next time~

I actually haven't fully finished it (ch. 85) LMAOOO but I gotta get back into it and finish, I felt so bad for the kid but the girl in it is even better for believing him and not betraying him when he needed someone the most; his father is fucking trash tho but I can't deny that he's a well-made character. Yes sort of, got into manga recently things like; Jigokuraku, Chainsaw Man, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kimetsu no Yaiba etc. I'm awful with webtoons tho, haven't really read that much. wbu?

honestly good for you, it's hmm.. it's very depressing like it made me realize a few things :( in a way it's a beautiful drama but it's difficult to get thru it.. I wanna say you should cause deep down it's a masterpiece but I completely understand why you wouldn't want to. You seem really cheerful and just someone who hates the feeling of sadness whether it's you or someone else that's close to you. how'd you describe yourself? what are some things you like/dislike about yourself? you don't have to answer if you don't want to~ fuck now I feel guilty because I started idol producer a week ago and I'm already on the last episode because it's so addicting ;; I feel you tho, the editing especially in Korea is really shitty and sometimes it ruins the people participating in it which again is fucking shitty. dunno if you've seen the guy version of produce 101 but like they made daehwi look awful when in reality he's such a kind soul. LMAOOOO it's okay, it definitely made me like lay more.. I'm not too familiar with exo in terms of how they are as people but I have a new bias in lay now.. sorry xiumin :( mhm they were!! he's my fave so I hope he wins also I can't wait to get into the NINE PERCENT group bc they've already debuted but I gotta finish the show first. who's your fave tho? also pls don't say if they're the last 9, I have a feeling I know which ones are in it but I still wanna see :P honestly yes, probably more than dramas even tho it's quite awful watching people cry and fail, I guess that's the beauty of it in a way of these survival shows. there are other shows like show me the money, school rapper but since you're not into rap I doubt you've seen them :( hahaha good for grandma, hope she enjoys watching them!! do you have siblings?

that's so cool, are you fluent in turkish as well? also since you're from the netherlands I assume you're a giant when it comes to height, I swear dutch people are insanely tall.. and nooo tbh I know some turkish words and we use them in my language but I'm from Macedonia; you've might've heard about it, small country in Europe I think it's somewhat close to the netherlands? a lot of people mistake me for an american but it's mainly bc I grew up watching a LOT of cartoons and most of my friends are from america/canada so I even sound like an american but I also study English so there's that too I guess~ do you study/work? also also you're a night owl, same here, unfortunately my sleep gets fucked so easily so most of the time my sleeping schedule is awful :(

mhm I'll try my best, I want to finish both seasons of idol producer first but after that I'm going to! I hope so honestly, you mentioned it and I'm curious but what are your thoughts on female characters in anime? I feel like most of them are written poorly.. and most of them are there for fan service which again is fine but when they overdo it and just make that the sole reason for them.. it's yikes.

LOL I won't I won't dw. hmmmm that's difficult, I don't think they meant that he dies dies but he's gonna be in a difficult situation in a really crucial arc for the entire series. also heck wait how do you even know about him in the first place? I can't remember if they showed him in the first 100 summin episodes but oh you're in for a ride Asena, really it's a beautiful beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL story!! idk if I asked already (sorry if I did) but who's your fave so far?

thank you! I'm actually wondering if I'm pronouncing your name right.. like I have two ways but I'm not sure hahaha, I'll try to record a voice message next time and try to get your name even tho I'll fail lmaoooo. that's okay, I guess I'm more of an introvert so I like those things as well, sometimes I like to run with my earphones but tbh I never really leave my place without them, I like to draw, play football, I used to play games before but I kind of lost interest in them, I love animals and I have five cats so I'm basically a dad LOL, I try to keep them in check and I have to find homes for the newborns since I can't keep them, into clothes most of the time I spend money on that and dunno what else, I danced for a bit (thanks BTS) and the rest is what you already know; kdramas, anime, art etc.

mkay! either way don't feel pressured to reply, I can talk quite a bit (sorry about that lol) so take your time with the replies since they get quite longish ;; anyways hope you had a lovely day Asena :>
ashisland May 6, 1:59 PM
oh that's okay, my compliment still stands tho it looks pretty~ also I laughed at the matching part bc that's what I do as well lmaoo it annoys me if something doesn't match so I try to like nitpick everything until it matches (are you also the same?) kinda sad that I met you now, I used to have like two shoto pics that kind of have a similar style to your bakugo one (this & this) do you like that kind of art? you seem the type of person to like art, so I'm curious if you have any favorite artists n such. that's okay, I appreciate you giving them a listen in the first place; I have a feeling that you'll like these and they're more of your thing, hopefully I'm not completely wrong lmaooo

my friend would love you since she's like really really into loona, she only listens to them and bts but yeah I know loona mainly bc of her and I've been trying hard to get into them for quite some time now, my favorite song from them is stylish but I also like chuu's heart attack (her and vivi are the ones I'm familiar with the most and both of them are adorable) who do you bias? also what's ur fave song from them? anyways I listened to the songs and I'm familiar with all of them except GWSN which I surprisingly liked a lot, latata is iconic, first time actually listening to that exid song and I liiiiked it as for clc I really liked their last comeback same with g-idle, senorita was catchy as hell. btw do you mind telling me who's the girl at 0:30 in hobgoblin? she's so cool :o how did you get into kpop actually?

wait omg you know about bastard? I love bastard sm :( honestly if I were to watch it now, I probably wouldn't like it as much since the reason why I liked it sm was bc of song joong ki~ RIGHT? I saw it on instagram and he's still as beautiful as ever! lowkey made me happy when he got married to the actress that was in descendants of the sun too, their chemistry was so real ;; oh fuck I think the only jdrama I've seen was 1 litre of tears and after that I haven't seen a single one bc of how hard it was to watch.. have you seen it? okay I haven't seen cdramas either but I love watching idol producer (basically what produce 101 is in korea) do you watch these kind of shows? mhm but wait you're actually half turkish? that's so cool and also funny at the same time since I mentioned turkish dramas xx lmaoo I know I know, Asena don't get me even started on indian dramas.. I think my mom used to watch those as well and they looked soooo bad but she seemed to enjoy them? I'm happy for her but ugh I'd never watch that honestly.. where are you from actually if you don't mind me asking? Turkey? I checked a little bit about mr sunshine and it looks really interesting, I'm a sucker for romance but this one seems to include tragedies as well so I might watch!! I guess there are times when youtube recommendations are actually useful lmaooo

that's awesome. I soooo wanna tell you some things but i'd probably ruin it for you so I'll just remain silent :x I wonder if you're gonna like Trafalgar Law.. he appears super later on, like 400's 500's, he's my second fave and he looks the coolest in one piece imo. but yes look forward, One Piece is incredibly fun and you're lucky it has.. 900 episodes.. good luck lol. y'knowww I wasn't sure either because it's really pretty and also first time hearing about it, you've got a lovely name Asena and mhm it's basically Milos but most people don't know how to say it so I just added an h to make it easier for them ;o I wanted to ask what things do you like, hobbies etc.

anyways respond whenever you're free, hope you have a lovely night
Czarokruk May 6, 10:18 AM
Yeah, that’s true for Fairy Tail. I think it really depends on the preferences so u should check it out for yourself ^-^ After few first episodes you should already know if you will like it or not ;)
Hmm. About manga I would recommend Shuuen no Shiori (mystery and also nice LN). I guess that would be my favourite one ^-^
Of course if you will like FT I would recommend to also read manga. It’s quite enjoyable.
Hmm. I also saw you were watching Tokyo Ghoul so I can recommend the manga to it. It’s good ^-^
If you would want something psychological and a bit dark with unique art style than it would be Oyasumi Punpun. This manga is a masterpiece ;)
ashisland May 6, 8:39 AM
really? it's satisfying to look at, it's my favorite type of profile concept; simple but pretty! thank you, I like what you did with the music link it's creative and my peanut brain wouldn't have come up with the idea, lol. shame it's bakugo tho :( where's the love for shoto ;; hmm I followed you on last so you can see which ones I like the most but I'll send you some at the end of this message, girl groups is not what I listen to at all besides dreamcatcher, a little bit of blackpink & I like pristin v. I'll ask you to guide me and show me some of your faves~

honestly same, last one I was close to finishin was come & hug me, pretty dark drama about a family where the father is a psycho and kills people but one of his sons know about it so he's like helping him bc he's scared but later on it changes for him due to a girl he meets! I've been watching kdramas for quite a bit now, maybe two-three years? first one was descendants of the suns and I fell in love with it! song joong ki is my favorite actor. idk there's something different about kdramas, I know my mom watches like turkish dramas and what not but it's just so.. boring to me. wbu? what's ur fave and what's the story behind you getting into em? also I kinda lost interest in anime, I'm almost caught up with one piece after 4 years so that makes me both happy and sad :(

thanks! I'm happy to hear that you like it so far also kinda surprising since most people don't like the start of the show but trust me Asena (is that your actual name?) it gets soooo much better and it's just so wholesome and I love my son luffy sm

Czarokruk May 6, 8:38 AM
Thank you! ^-^
Ow, It’s actually pretty amazing and I really liked it. I was more of a manga reader with this one than anime watcher tho. However in both cases I would recommend this series ^-^ It was fun to watch/read.
I actually stopped watching it some time ago and now they released already Final Series... I have a lot to catch up xD
And yes, that’s true. Longrunners give you this “one more episode” syndrome haha
Czarokruk May 6, 7:54 AM
For studies. I was making research for my final year at uni.
I will need to check OP than one day. ^-^ I’m probably mostly scared of long runners cuz my black list is quite long. The only ones I was keeping up with for some time were Fairy Tail and Naruto xD
Czarokruk May 6, 7:22 AM
I’m doing well, thanks ^-^
I’m enjoying currently my freedom from different researches xD
Also I noticed that you have One Piece in last updates. Are you watching it for some time already or started recently? Because I wanted to one day check it but I lack of resolve to do that, haha >.<
ashisland May 6, 3:03 AM
hi hi, thought i'd add you since I really love how minimalistic your profile is and also it seems like you're into the same type of music/you watch kdramas so figured you'd be fun to talk to, thank you for accepting!

I've been fine, just woke up and I have to go for a haircut in a few hours but it's raining :( wbu?> tell me more about yourself.
Czarokruk May 5, 4:51 PM
Hello there! ^-^
How are you doing?
alexleonardo08 May 5, 1:19 PM
Hello there!
Epsy May 5, 12:33 PM
thanks : )
i_stan_exo May 3, 9:53 AM
haha sorry for the late reply! I've got exams next week (eek!!) but now I'm trying to relax and let loose the few days I've got left before them xD
hmm I don't know much about halsey but I heard that she's gotten caught up in controversies... I can't say that I feel anything about her right now since I don't know much about those controversies haha but I do looove the collab! Her voice is so nice uwu
Yeah, they're kpop crack videos, haha. But Kpop Junkee doesn't produce crack vids; he's similar to DKDKTV. They both report on kpop news and stuff.
I just went to check out forms of therapy and I must say that i totally agree with you! I also kind of watch hoeforxuxi