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Mat2468xk Apr 5, 2:44 AM
Yeah, I say Yuru Yuri is one of, if not, my favourite Slice of Life anime. I haven't finished it, neither. But that's because I don't want to finish it in a sense that I don't want to run out of episodes of it to watch (even though to be fair, I could just rewatch it). Unfortunately, I'm already at season 3. Lol.
Vi- Mar 26, 5:33 PM
Hahaha, I've download all of them pirately lol

Sono Hanabira, all of them, have amazing seiyuus, they are awesome.

I'm now remembering about mangagamer licensing Sono Hanabira! >< If it wasn't for that we surely would have SH 11 already subbed by the fansubs, now only God Knows when mangagamer will properly sub a Sono Hanabira game, preferably one that wasn't subbed yet (from SH 10 onward).

Mat2468xk Mar 5, 3:57 AM
Thanks, man. Btw, I've noticed you're a fan of Yuru Yuri, too.
Vi- Feb 16, 11:55 AM
Well, but then it must be coincidence, because I remember most of the times Ohys having slightly worse quality vid than the others (I used to download both and compared), specially when it comes to the BLACK color and so the black lines that drawn the characters.
Vi- Feb 16, 11:40 AM
OH!! yes!! the other one i was not remembering the name is REINFORCE!

Leopard raws I used one or two times, so I can't really remember about theirs vids.
Vi- Feb 15, 5:52 PM
Most of the times I prefer Beatrice raws (and another one I forgot the name) than Ohys. Because Ohys provides most of the times .mp4 raws, meanwhile Beatrice raws (and the other there) provides .mkv raws, and I've noticed that the image quality of the latter are slightly better than the Ohys raws due to the format file (mkv and mp4).

People say the quality of a .mp4 and.mkv are supposed to be the same, but trough experience (of watching), I've noticed that .mkv files usually has better quality image than .mp4 files, although the .mkv files are bigger than the .mp4 files.

Oh, I see. Starting March I'll probably decrease considerably my watching rate. I'll be starting medical residence... my easy life and good life will be no more =( Damn... I'm starting to get sad already... lol ><
Vi- Feb 13, 7:28 PM
Wow wow wow.. it's been a while.. since 10 february you do not enter here on MAL? what happened?

Btw, HERE are the subs.

and HERE is the BD 1080p of fate Kaleid Sekka no Chikai ^^ Sure you choose there another raw of your preference. ^^
BLaCkGuN69 Feb 4, 7:37 AM
wakateru, domo! :D
BLaCkGuN69 Feb 4, 7:28 AM
olá.eu não fiz nenhum tipo de curso de japonês mas acredito que de tanto ver anime acabei decorando alguns termos. mas nada que eu possa dizer que falo japonês kkkkk além disso eu costumo assistir animes com legendas em inglês, idioma no qual sou fluente, mas tambem não fiz curso. aprendi jogando final fantasy e assistindo the simpsons :D no caso de tekkyuu como eles falam muito rapido ás vezes não dava pra acompanhar a legenda.aí eu não entendia nem o que eles falavam e nem a legenda rsrsrs obrigado pela curiosidade :D
Vi-h Feb 1, 1:50 PM
Oh, and into EXID's reality shows hahaha
Vi-h Feb 1, 1:37 PM
Haha, I don't know why I gave Senran 7/10, but If I'm not mistake I really enjoyed it. Probably because of the plot and that it ended up with an open-ending.

Haha, I do like Kirino
Hated those 3 last OVAs which they back to be normal siblings again, it was like erasing everything I had watched.

Analyze comments? Huh... I think not >< I'm kind lazy and would be mendokusai for me haha ><
Recently I have been into Doramas hahaha I created an account on mydramalist!

LoL Here check it out

Sure I'm still watching animes
Vi-h Feb 1, 12:27 PM
Yes, indeed Asuka is the most interesting to watch.

there is a loli in Senran that reminded me of Kuroneko from OreImo!!
Vi-h Feb 1, 11:17 AM
Haha your profile really is now something crazy =P

Btw, I didn't remember that we had a Homura in Senran Kagura haha
Vi-h Feb 1, 5:45 AM
UHAhuahuAHUAUHaHhua you look like some crazy philosopher crazy for ecchi things LoL

Btw, STAR JEWEL... oh god... how I did really that hentai... it indeed has a PLOT! LoL... it's the hentai that when it ended I felt "can't believe will just end like that!! need more! lol"
It ends exactly when one of the boss reveals herself, and she's a loli-monster! LOLI + MONSTER GIRL, one of the things I like most!!!