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Shocked Sep 21, 5:01 PM
Ah, alright. Also, sounds cool, thanks!
Shocked Sep 21, 4:05 PM
The use of CG is definitely a topic worth talking about nowadays, but not just as a casual viewer. Actually digging into its economic functions, its effect on the anime work place, its social connotations in relation to new technologies, and the manner which it influences the manner and speed at which people consume anime can begin to qualify how CG has been, currently is, will be received by casual viewers. By relating it back to 2D animation, it certainly sounds like a fun book to check out.
Shocked Sep 21, 3:43 PM
Another person who reads anime books!

I haven't read that particular book from Thomas Lamarre, but I've read his article "From animation to anime - drawing movements and moving drawings," which is an interesting read if you're curious about how movement relates to narratives and the way people experience shows, specifically when comparing live action cinema to anime. I haven't read anything by Azuma Hiroki, so thanks for the heads up!

As far as things I haven't written blogs about yet, I'd recommend Chris Robinson's "Japanese Animation: Time Out of Mind." It's written in stream-of-consciousness as he talks about a number of super obscure and experimental anime shorts while imagining himself having conversations with a number of people from the past and present. It's quite trippy, but at the same time, it's a cool way to get to know a number of anime that I think aren't even listed in MAL yet.
Nicholaevich Sep 18, 9:31 PM
it's magic don't worry about it
Vi-h Sep 14, 2:01 PM

THIS is a manga hentai I've submitted about 4 months ago... and still on "pending approval" status.... some others I don't even remember their names so I can't even check if they are AT LEAST on "pending approval" status or if they were ignored =/
Pursuer Sep 13, 9:24 PM
Vi- Sep 13, 8:59 PM
I can see you are getting excited watching Idol Time PriPara? =P
Pursuer Sep 13, 7:56 PM
in time we will certainly know more about each other but yeah, that's going to be a steady thing because I am trying to compensate for lost time so much with enjoying myself on anime lately
Pursuer Sep 13, 7:08 PM
you want to be friends over time. I'm not really updated with my feed since I'm so absorbed with anime lately but once I settle down eventually it'd be nice to know more people for a change
Pursuer Sep 13, 6:46 PM
Arisaka_Hirose Sep 13, 4:34 PM
I did not expect someone to compliment my challenge post xD

I actually stole a similar idea to some posters in the same forum as well so I don't really feel thankful getting copied by yours hehe but I'm glad someone took their time to notice my list and profile :)

I thank you for that! And I also like your profile picture!
Vi- Sep 11, 2:51 PM
Just checked it out, it's called PAPRIKA the movie I was talking about.


Yes! I know what you mean about being 100% fanservice (not in a lewd way).
It's good enough to just enjoy their relationship and their lovely interaction. Besides, that would give the chance to each girl properly appear in the anime.
I think that an action there and here would be good to just give a little bit of adrenalin, since I kinda liked the action scenes of this anime - did you see those cute and little chibis piloting the airplanes, working and etc? That was so cute and cool to see. Loved that.
I kept thinking... about the girls making contact with the Abysmal in a positive way, as if 2 different races started to get to know each other and start to share their interest and to get friendly.

Indeed, I think that going for a 100% erotic fanservice would upset many. I think it's OK one or there lewd fanservice, but not exaggerated or not being the base of the anime. Usually, we notice when the erotic fanservice is being overused or not. Sure many animes out there the premise is ecchi and fanservice, so for them the overuse of it is normal and to be expected.



That Homura and Madoka pic.... so cute.. cutecutecute
I'll share it with someone who also likes MSMM.
If cuteness could kill, I would be dead right now.
I can't help but think about dreaming with a MSMM OVA (or something like that) where it would be focused in slice-of-life and so we would appreciate their relationship and a possibility of seeing a canon scene like this one in the pic.

Spike-senpai Sep 11, 1:49 PM
DAAAAAAMN!!! YOU HAVE A MEAN OF A 2?? DAAAAAMN!! You some kind of critic sir?
Spike-senpai Sep 11, 1:48 PM

Sorry for the random comment :D
Vi- Sep 10, 7:18 PM
Wow... that song quickly reminded me of MSMM songs. Very beautiful.

I realized that many characters from the movie's prequel (the TV series) didn't appear or just appeared but didn't have any substantial appearance or speech. This bothered some people as I saw in the forums and reviews. Indeed, the lack of attention to some very likeable characters was somewhat frustrating =/

LOL, Sorry! MY BAD.
I don't know why, but when you said PRIPARA I thought that was a movie I watched once.... I can't remember the movie's name right now but It has a similar name to PRIPARA... at least in a way that made me remind of that movie lol

Ah... I would watch PriPara if wasn't so big.... If it had a good possibility of liking it I would risk to watch. Maybe I can try watching at least the first 3 episodes.

Oh, thanks for clarifying about the girls and the ships.
I wonder if there's a chance for another Kancolle anime... because... that was really the end? That was all that they had to show? Do you happen to know if the game goes beyond the anime talking about story?