Senju, Akira

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Family name: 千住
Birthday: Oct 21, 1960
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Born in Tokyo, Japan, Akira Senjuu debuted in the music industry in 1992, by composing the soundtrack for "Mama wa Shougaku Yonensei" anime.

He then expanded his work into J-Dramas and movies.

In 2001 his music arrangement for J-Drama "Strawberry on the Shortcake" won in "Best Music Arrangement" nomination of 28th Television Drama Academy Awards.

In anime Industry he is best known for composing the score for Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

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Arete Hime
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Chinmoku no Kantai
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 4-Koma Theater
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Specials
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Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Movie: Requiem - Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka
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Kakumeiki Valvrave
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Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season
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Magic Tree House
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Mama wa Shougaku 4 Nensei
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Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
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Red Garden
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Red Garden: Dead Girls
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Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike
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Tetsujin 28-gou (2004)
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Yuki no Joou (TV)
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Theo1899 | Sep 19, 8:56 AM
The music for victory gundam is just amazing, some of the best ever put in anime.

Jibex | Sep 19, 4:02 AM
I really can't understand why the consensus seems to be in favour of Oshima's score. Her work lacks the complexity that Senju is capable of, and I also find it to be too individualistic; Senju's music is much better suited to its role in Brotherhood than Oshima's in the first adaptation. This could be put down to a superior director, however.

EndGears | Jan 6, 11:23 PM
His work on FMAB while fine, is nowhere comparable to Oshima's work on 03 and Conqueror of Shamballa.

FMA 03's ost lies in the upper echelon of best anime OSTs of all time where FMAB simply lack memorability and even the best of FMAB does not began to compare to the best of 03

Still a relatively fine composer

Wryyyyyyyyyy | Sep 16, 2019 1:04 PM
FMA:B's sountrack is truly masterpiece. I love all of the songs in it. I can't count how many times I've cried because of how beautiful and emotional it is.
Fullmetal Alchemist was my first anime and I still couldn't find an anime with better music.
It's so strange to see that lots of people didn't like it, I always thought that FMA:B has got the perfect soundtrack.
I have a great respect for him! <3

BrainPowerdKino | Jun 19, 2019 12:13 PM
I don't put his FMA:B work above Oshima's FMA either (because I'd say it's one of his weakest anime-wise actually, just compare it side to side with Red Garden or Victory Gundam) and his style is probably not the best fit for action/sci-fi shows, but he's deinitely one of the giants of the Japanese music scene and his work is all but generic, lol.

aspvl | May 21, 2019 2:43 PM
The way he uses strings, the way he takes everything out of them is just astonishing. It is really a shame to see people disregarding his work and calling it generic.

This guy, in my opinion, excels at creating an incomparable feeling of eeriness and mystery. I have yet to find this feeling in other classical compositions.

I seem to be on the opposite side, but I really believe that FMA:B has a WAAY better soundtrack than FMA.

I mean, just hear the mandolino in Pastorale Rondo, the elegant spoken Latin in Lapis Philosophorum, Trisha's Lullaby...

Agamenon | May 4, 2018 4:16 PM
As a composer he really is mediocre but he excel at making arrangements. He manages to make very simple melodies into something really great.

KagariShiinauwu | Mar 3, 2018 8:17 AM
His OST on FMAB really falls short compared to what Michiru Oshima has done . This guy's style is just so generic and weak.

ong40345 | May 1, 2017 6:21 AM
For the Trisha's lullaby, I give you my greatest respect. It was truly master piece.

Fried_Potato | Jan 19, 2017 2:54 AM
Thank you for FMA:B OST's they are amazing

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