Iino, Shinya

Given name: 慎也
Family name: 飯野
Birthday: Unknown
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add Episode Director (eps 9-10)
Black Bullet
add Episode Director (eps 2, 9)
Black Fox
add Episode Director
Black Fox
add Storyboard
Dr. Stone
add Director
Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
add Director
add Storyboard (ep 4)
add Episode Director (ep 4)
Kuma Miko
add Storyboard (eps 5, 10)
Kuma Miko
add Episode Director (eps 5, 10)
Made in Abyss
add Episode Director (eps 4, 7-8)
Made in Abyss
add Assistant Director
Made in Abyss
add Storyboard (ep 4)
Norn9: Norn+Nonet
add Episode Director (eps 3, 6)
Plastic Memories
add Episode Director (ep 4)
Sansha Sanyou
add Episode Director (eps 7, 10)
Sansha Sanyou
add Storyboard (eps 7, 10)
Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight
add Episode Director (ep 1)
Sore ga Seiyuu!
add Storyboard (eps 5, 13)
Sore ga Seiyuu!
add Episode Director (ep 5)
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mshitsugaya10 | Nov 10, 11:17 AM
You did a great job on Dr. Stone!

BISSSs | Oct 17, 2:23 AM
Great Work on Dr Stone.

Geshtinanna | Oct 12, 10:56 AM
I'm in total agreement with L_0106. We don't want haters cluttering up this good man's message board. What did you expect? Visual porn! You know that's illegal in the majority of the civilized nations around the world. In the following 'Making of' video, you can see just how dedicated he is to ensuring the adaptation is as authentic as possible, and you will glean insights into his creative philosophy. I salute this man for what he's done!

L_0106 | Oct 12, 2:37 AM
Uncultured plebeians, do you have no eyes? God himself shall come down to blight your disgusting souls for you have disrespected a great literary and theatrical work written originally in the form that kids call, "manga" these days. Only with the help of this great scholar, was Dr. Stone made into such an incredible adaptation. I refuse to address your kind again until you have bowed down on your knees and apologized to this man and his agitated fans.

EnzzoFellipo | Sep 18, 5:46 PM
fucking hater

Seam_Ali | Jul 26, 4:47 PM

MyNameJepp | Dec 24, 2019 11:42 AM

arne0 | Aug 31, 2019 4:31 AM
Shit direction in Dr Stone. It’s like the manga panels are in color form and that’s it. Nothing eye candy at all.

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