Hashimoto, Mitsuo

Given name: みつお
Family name: 橋本
Birthday: Unknown
Website: http://www003.upp.so-ne...
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Hashimoto Mitsuo is a Japanese storyboard artist and director of television, OVA, and film anime. He previously worked under 橋本光夫 (pronounced the same), but changed as someone else was using that name. While he was under contract with Toei Animation, he also did work for other companies under the name Tachibana Genjuurou.

Hashimoto is known for his work on series such as the Dr. Slump & Arale-chan TV and film series, all three Dragon Ball TV series, as well as several of the Dragon Ball OVAs and films. In recent years, he has worked as a director on mostly independent (or "hobby") anime works.

(Source: AniDB)