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96Neko (96猫) is an utaite who is well-known for her husky lower range vocals, and for being a "ryouseirui". However, she is also able to sing in a very cute female voice, most clearly seen in her cover of "Soratobazu"Nv. She also often does duets with the Kagamine duo. She also sings many parody songs, which are mostly duets with Len or vipTenchou. Some people have noted that her voice is similar to Romi Park, a Korean actress and voice actress who lives in Japan.
Voice Acting Roles
Kagewani: Shou
Yaguru, Mother 
Yaguru, Mother
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Flying Witch
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Kagewani: Shou
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Kuzu no Honkai
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Tanken Driland
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EGOIST | Sep 19, 5:02 AM
Woah she plays PUBG :o

Hiyorin | Aug 26, 9:57 PM
t a p i o c a

Ray_Light | May 10, 12:25 AM
Stop playing PUBG please! You're bad at it
Nah JK I'm enjoying your bad plays. Keep it up! xD

Master_of_Lies | Mar 27, 12:46 PM
My favorite Utaite female singer <3 But I think her voice is more similar to Kobayashi Yuu´s.

I´m so happy to see she´s getting major roles :)

izik1 | Mar 23, 7:57 PM
As everyone says singing = good ;)

KapengBarako | Mar 22, 4:58 AM
Whew, been following her for 3 years.
Glad to see her progressing,

Aniulka1126 | Mar 19, 11:23 AM
Amazing op! Kuzu no honkai

Ar3kkus0 | Feb 11, 6:50 AM
Kuzu no Honkai op is so good :3

spicychile | Feb 1, 10:05 PM
awesome kuzu no honkai op

Aprilholic | Jan 28, 5:15 PM
Amazing op! Kuzu no honkai :3

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