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Anime Staff Positions

Published Manga
Ane Tomo Oppai Special
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Iinchou no Naishogoto Bangai-hen
add Story & Art
Magical Little☆Double Mama
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Mahou Senshi Elixir Knights: Unmei ni Tsunagareshi Otome-tachi
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Metal Eraser NEO: Chijoku no Program
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Milk Gakuen SS: Nangoku Icha Love Nyu~ Beach
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Milk Gakuen: Nyu~ Seitokai Paradise
add Art
Milk na Sanshimai wa Ikaga desu ka?
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Poyo Chichi!
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Tsuyokiss 2 Gakki Another Days: Kurogane Otome no Baai
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Tsuyokiss 2 Gakki Another Days: Pinch Nagomi to Otoko Otome to Sunao Oneechan no Baai
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