Kano, Yasuhiro

Kano, Yasuhiro

Given name: 恭弘
Family name:
Birthday: Dec 16, 1970
Member Favorites: 209
Hometown: Hokkaido, Japan
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Akazukin Eliza
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Black City
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Brand New School Day
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Dokidoki Summer Beach
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Ghost Jim
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Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa
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Kiruru Kill Me
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Kiss x Death
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Pretty Face
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Snow in the Dark
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Tokyo Ants
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Potimas | Sep 8, 2019 7:16 PM
I'm still mad Mx0 got axed.

javierigneo | Jul 5, 2019 10:24 AM
Is for him that I hate weekly jump. Kagami no kuni was so good.

waalex11 | May 21, 2019 11:34 PM
I've only read Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa and I only remember it fondly as a very good story.
But looking at his published work on MAL, as well as the comments and realizing he's not a successful mangaka, I'm sad to wonder if he quit...

Zurel | Feb 16, 2019 11:15 AM
One of favourite manga-kas. His ideas are all so unique and the execution so interesting. And don't get me started on the humour. A real pity his manga keeps getting axed. I hope he won't give up, and his luck gets better, because I want to keep on reading his works.

Slyver | Dec 4, 2018 6:21 AM
they finally added a photo (I'm not really sure if it's really him though)

Slyver | Aug 5, 2018 2:48 AM
Mx0 cancellation is one of the worst manga cancellations ever. such a great shounen manga wasted away just like that. however, it's still reasonable for Shueisha to axed it since it's due to its low sales, it's an industry afterall. they need moneys to keep their company running. I won't talk about illegal scanlation since there's no way we can justify it, my concern here is the japanese readers, they give such a ridiculous score for Mx0 (for such ridiculous reasons as well). ofc, it takes effect to the customer, people who want try to read it might ended up lost interest after seeing its score. I think Mx0 was just unlucky, I bet it would get a better sales if it was released in this time when the awareness to buy the legal copy and the quality of readers itself are rather high.

reza0838 | Mar 2, 2018 6:15 AM
Mx0 :((((((((((((

MortalMelancholy | Feb 4, 2018 11:00 AM
Fuck Jump lmao, they don't deserve good mangakas.

Knighto16 | Oct 21, 2017 9:44 PM
I loved his earlier work ... Mx0 was so good, but it good the bad luck of being in WSJump and there you can be a RomCom and Action without suffering some backslash (you can have there Action and Romance, but not 3 genres) and the ranking there is merciless ...

Pretty Face was the first work I read of him and really loved, then Mx0 and was like woow this author is really good!. Some time later while reading Bakuman (and learning the reality of the authors), I was really cheering for him in kagami no kuni, but it happened the same, getting hit by the awful Axe that they have there.

I like the premise of KissxDeath, but I found it really inferior to his pasts works, because it's clearly using the ecchi to mantain the work there in Jump+ ... I know Shueisha and Jump is the place a lot of mangakas dream of working there, but I always think that if he went to Shonen Sunday or even Shonen Magazine he would got his works for years and years, Mx0 could have even got an anime, and Kagami no Kuni at least pass the couple of years.

his oneshots are really great too, showing how talented he's in romance (thing that hasn't really appeared in KissxDeath, having the guy with the phobia with women and the first one having things for him, hasn't really been touched).

DayOne91 | Sep 10, 2017 5:57 AM
I love his work so much. someone needs to give this man a break, also someone needs to check if he is ok with all of this bad luck with Jump

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