Kawashima, Umika

Kawashima, Umika

Given name: 海荷
Family name: 川島
Birthday: Mar 3, 1994
Member Favorites: 39
Birth place: Niiza, Saitama Prefecture Japan
Blood type: O

Kawashima Umika is an actress, model, and singer. She was a part of the j-pop band 9nine until July 23, 2016. She is affiliated with LesPros Entertainment. She made her voice acting debut in Star Driver.

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Talent profile: @umika_kawashima
Twitter: @lespros_umika
Instagram: @umika_kawashima
Voice Acting Roles
Hunter x Hunter Movie: Phantom Rouge
Nana Maru San Batsu
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Fukami, Mari 
Fukami, Mari
Star Driver the Movie
Okada, Hana 
Okada, Hana
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
Okada, Hana 
Okada, Hana
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Recent News

evile1690 | 1 hour ago
I don't normally look up seiyuus from an anime I watch but man I just had to find out who was making a terrible job with Fukami Mari's character!! Every time her character speaks, the mood just dies and it's a bummer because the anime is quite good too. I hope they re-record all of her parts in future BD releases. A little more acting and enthusiasm in her voice wouldn't hurt.

violetwillreign | 9 hours ago
i didn't like her in nanamaru.
her voice sounded so monotone and boring

zero-r | Jul 20, 5:29 PM
You can like her voice all you want, but that still doesn’t take the fact it doesn’t fit Mari’s character whatsoever (especially if you are fan and/or have read enough of the manga already). You’re deluding yourself if you think otherwise.

Yes, I like her voice, but not for this type of character. Anyhow, good luck to her and any other new future roles she might come across.

Chris_Iori | Jul 20, 1:35 PM
I love your voice!!!!! <3

kwshrv | Jul 20, 2:42 AM
I like hearing a new voice, whatever it is. Now all the series have the same voice actors. Any new voice gives a feeling of freshness. In addition, I'm tired of this fashion on the "moe" voices. Her voice sounds much more natural.


JenniiTsumii | Jul 19, 12:37 PM
I did not like her voice for nana maru san batsu... as soon as I heard it my initial reaction was "what was that?" and not even with a hint of curiosity... it was just disappointment. Sure, some may argue that her voice is new, she's an amateur, and that she's making it sound like her character is talking in daily life. Fine.. But anime isn't really about that, especially not this anime (where it's action packed and decisive). Her voice acting doesn't fit in the show and you can hear her novice voice exploding out like a geyser. I do hope she can improve in the future and I'm excited to see if she can do better in future shows.

Separatrix9 | Jul 19, 1:09 AM
Her voice for Mari is my favorite of any voice in any ongoing show in Anime today. There are hundreds of voice actors who would look at this role and all deliver the exact same carbon-copy performance as all the other energetic and assertive young female characters get. Sure they would speak with greater inflection, but it would be the same inflections.

Her performance brings hints of subtlety and complexity to the character. The lines come across as more thoughtful and earnest, while still having confidence and intensity. Less comedy, more seriousness. A unique delivery which gives us something refreshingly new in an industry overrun by stale tropes.

WajihKuroUsagi | Jul 18, 3:27 PM
after watching the first episode of 7O3X i got used to her voice , actually i think it's cute and she is doing a good job for a newbie. still think if they had Shizuka itou,Hayami saori or kanae itou,their voices would fit better

NEETnWeebs | Jul 16, 4:12 PM
You know, her voice is just like how people normally talking in daily life. She's just talking normally, without acting. Well you wouldn't know how Japanese talking normally unless you know them.

If you watch Shinkai film, you should realize that the female voice and also other characters has normal intonation, like how people normally talking in daily life, without made up voice. This kind of approach, without acting on changing voice to portray characters, is to put the atmosphere of real life into the film. So the watchers can relate more with the film.

DoctorWhoops | Jul 16, 11:13 AM
There's nothing wrong with the Voice-Acting in Nanamaru. She just talks with a slight lisp and all of you are busting your ass that it's not moe enough. The acting is expressive and feels natural, even if it's a bit more subdued and has a lisp.

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