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Comic Jumbo (3)
Manga, 2004Finished1 vol, 10 chp

A collection of unrelated, heterosexually erotic, and often "taboo" stories. 1. Gachinko Lesson Midarezeme 2. Nukiuchi! Kutsujoku V no Azagiri 3. Jigoku Onsen Shuuchi no Yu 4. Momochichi!! Yokujou Spirits 5. Zanpai Oshioki Max!! 6. Sayonara Zecchou-sensei 7. Kutsujoku no Momojiri Challenge 8. Milk Gokudou Gekokujoushibari 9. Houkago Blow Back 10. Ryoujoku Onmyou Kannonbiraki

SerializationComic Jumbo
Manga, 2003Finished1 vol, 9 chp

The Monzetsu series features girls with bulging stomachs and throats filled with cocks and cum, and x-ray shots of the action happening inside their bodies! In this volume a two boys challenge the girl dating both of them, a girl and her boyfriend awaken her elder sister's sexuality, a sister and brother get close in the bathroom, a teacher finds out a students secret during a makeup test, the head of the boys fencing club gets his revenge after a contest with the girls gives them command of the training doujou, a chanbara team get drunk before a tournament, a doctor's son is left in charge of a clinic, a tutor rewards her student for passing his exams, and a male student blackmails a classmate with evidence of shoplifting.

SerializationComic Jumbo
Manga, 2006Finished1 vol, 9 chp

1. Mother Nectar 2. Tour Guide Sayuri Nagatsuki 3. Examination Time 4. Mizono Academy: Biochemistry Class 5-6. Beautiful Supervisor: M-Slave 7. Sexual Priest 8. Lovely Shrine Maiden 9. Pervert Train Control

SerializationComic Jumbo