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Comic Cue (21)
One-shot, 2000Finished? vol, 1 chp

A girl whose name is unspoken had sex with a man she met on a chatline after her 16th birthday. After two years she meet him again under new and less-than-favorable circumstances...

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 1997Finished? vol, 1 chp

Tetsuo is a quiet and uncharismatic boy that completely loves one of his classmates, but she rejects him as a boyfriend. However, his feelings lead him to do anything for her, even becoming her puppet... and what are the real feelings of the girl?

SerializationComic Cue
Manga, 1993Finished1 vol, 7 chp

Garden is a collection of Furuya Usamaru's "indie" shorts that were published in Comic Cue, Manga Erotics and GARO. The title is obviously a reference to Hieronymus Bosch's famous triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, with the first story being a homage to said painting. The other stories range from absurd comedies to fantasy and horror. It's a very eclectic mixture, but make no mistake: artistically, Garden might just be Furuya's most accomplished work after Marie no Kanaderu Ongaku. (Source: Kotonoha) 1. Ratai no Kigen (The Origin of Nudity) 2. Tenshi no Fellatio (Angelic Fellatio) 3. YumeKana 4. Umi kara Kita Kikai (The Machine That Came from the Sea) 5. Tsuki no Sho (The Book of the Moon) 6. Egao de Sayounara (Say Goodbye with a Smile) 7. Emi-chan

SerializationComic Cue
Manga, 2003Finished1 vol, 23 chp

8. Chounouryoku Shoujo Chiruru 23. Tenshi no Wakemae (Angel's Share)

One-shot, 1995Finished? vol, 1 chp

A short oneshot about the effects of time travel on Nobita from Doraemon.

SerializationComic Cue
Manga, 1996Finished1 vol, 9 chp

In this dreamy science fiction fantasy, Junko Mizuno illustrates a story full of catfights, alien safari adventures, evil experiments, and a girl who dreams of becoming a pop idol singer. Following the Third World War, humankind left the toxic surface of the Earth and built an underground city to survive. A serious social problem has emerged in this new society: hyperorexia, or severe overeating, a side effect of the "Pure Trance" life-sustaining pill. The story begins in the hospital which has been ruined by a tyrannical director, Keiko Yamazaki... (Source: MU)

SerializationComic Cue
Manga, 2006Finished1 vol, ? chp

In Yuichi Yokoyama's Travel, the storyline is as linear as it is sharp: it is the long, silent and crystalline description of a train ride undertaken by three men. Travel is a journey into the contemporary Japanese psyche—a brilliant, wordless graphic novel. (Source: PictureBox)

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 2000Finished? vol, 1 chp

Boiling Head...or the attempt at a scientific-fantastic metaphor for being in a mental conflict situation.

SerializationComic Cue
Manga, 1993Finished1 vol, 11 chp

1. Saiyuuki wo Yomu 2. The World Cup 1962 3. Zou Natsu 4. Ka 5. Kuma 6. Nanten 7. Yoru no Garage 8. Zou no Sanpou 9. Metropolis 10. Asagao [Story: Yoshitomo Yoshitomo] 11. Maruimono

Manga, 2007Finished1 vol, ? chp

A group of friends is attempting to enter a garden just beyond a wall. When they succeed, the garden they finally enter is no Eden, but rather a massive landscape of machines, geometric forms and all manner of nonorganic objects.

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 2000Finished? vol, 1 chp

Hayao is living, just living, and seeing a singer who sings in a bar. His friends around him are getting along well, or are they? Meanwhile, two dwarfs in his head are building a wall that keeps collapsing right when they are about to finish it. All of this goes on while Hayao drinks bitter black coffee every morning in his life. (Source: MU)

AuthorFujii, Rie
SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 1997Finished? vol, 1 chp

What happens when you cross the animal kingdom with a sitcom that would never be aired on TV? (Source: MU)

Manga, 2001Finished1 vol, 11 chp

The 2nd collection of short stories by Kuroda Iou. 1. My Teacher and I 2. Too Young 3. Koutetsu Kraken 4. Jitensha Franken 5. Toshi no Hanareta Otoko 6. Night of the Living Dead 7. Extracurricular Lessons 8. Nikujaga Yamero! 9. Saikin Douyo? 10. Zou no Matatabi 11. Saraba Universe

SerializationComic Cue
Manga, 1999Finished1 vol, 11 chp

1. Makka na Otoko no Ko (The Crimson Boy) 2. Onna no Yuujou 3. Ikanaide 4. Miina no Osoushiki 5. Motenai Onna 6. Korugaru 7. Renai Monogatari 8. Tsumetai Te 9. 1992 Komae 10. Chikatetsu no Kaze ni Fukarete 11. Neko no Tamago

SerializationComic Cue

Aoi Kuruma

Blue Automobile

Manga, 1991Finished1 vol, 12 chp

1. Aoi Kurama 2. Orange 3. Twisted 4. Minus Zero 5. Hitori de Ocha wo 6-11. No More Words 12. Gin no Angel

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 2000Finished? vol, 1 chp

A quick and wacky oneshot about two people doing affair investigations for their clients. (Source: M-U)

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 2000Finished? vol, 1 chp

How the Internet affects our everyday life... (Source: MU)

SerializationComic Cue

New Doboku

New Engineering

Manga, 2004Finished1 vol, 24 chp

Yuichi Yokoyama makes comics in a unique language situated somewhere between the primal drives of William Blake and the elegant geometries of Sol Lewitt—they are works of philosophical complexity and stunning visual power, of which he has said, "I'm not trying to write stories that are set in the future, but rather to write stories which are delivered from references to any given epoch or time. If the history of the world had turned out differently from what we know today, men would live according to different sets of values and different aesthetics It would be a civilization completely alien to ours." This first U.S. book on Yokoyama's work combines two of the artist's central themes: fighting and building. One set of graphic stories, Public Works, details massive structures being erected across a landscape. Plot is pushed aside in favor of sheer formal verve as we watch buildings, about which we know nothing, come into being. The other set of stories, Combats, is one sequence after another of elegantly choreographed battles. Manga comics have never seen a talent that combines this level of formal ambition with such exquisitely drawn depictions of fashion, art and architecture. (Source: PictureBox)

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 1995Finished? vol, 1 chp

Osomatsu-kun tribute manga by Masayuki Izumi portraying sextuplets as young adults.

SerializationComic Cue

Yogensha Pippi

Pippi, the Prophet

Manga, 1999On Hiatus2 vol, 8 chp

PIPPI, a humanoid computer developed to predict earthquakes, estimates that a global-scale cataclysm will occur in eight years. Though the computer also announces that the accompanying danger of human extinction can be avoided by taking a series of specific steps, the process deviates so far from normality that people are thrown into a state of chaos and doubt. (Source: Japan Media Arts Festival)

SerializationComic Cue
One-shot, 1995Finished? vol, 1 chp

A tribute to Fujio Akatsuka's Tensai Bakabon.

SerializationComic Cue