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Jun 24, 2009 9:13 AM
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Evil, not! Remember Ryoko is an _alien_ with zero relation to us outside shape and her human behavior all an act to pass. She's probably as above humans as we are above ants, yet she was showing the beginnings of a human conscious by her windy questions to Kyon, as though trying to apologize and justify her reason to kill him (not personal, just pragmatic for her mission) -- traces of guilt maybe? Evil and psychopaths don't do all that, just kill. Maybe she admired what being a human individual was like so much that it moved her buck her bosses. That was gutsy -- and not to be judged by our human standards of how she was going about it even though in our mortal eyes it _seems_ wrong and bloodthirsty. It's enough that she was rebelling from being a slave! I think Ryoko was meant to be a continuing character but it would've made Yuki less unique, but later they saw this was a mistake and popped up Emil in her place.

So lovely Ryoko's the most misunderstood fox in all anime!

Aug 9, 2009 10:33 PM
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I agree!
Asakura is not evil. While what she did might seem a bit dark, one must remember that she only resorted to such ends because Haruhi was entering her melancholy. A thing that threatened to destroy the world. All she did was trying to tear Haruhi out of her depression, and one must remember that her dissapearence actually DID help for a while. Imagine what would have happened if she actually suceeded, if a person like Kyon "transferred." Haruhi would probably go to the worlds end in search of him, giving her a goal that she can focus on. While the exact effects are unknown (Kyon might just be remade by Haruhi), it is clear that it WOULD change Haruhi's current state of mind. A thing that was very much needed during that time. Compare to Nagato, the supposedly "good" interface, who didn't do a thing to improve the endless eighgt scenario despite getting more than 10.000 opportunities. "Only observe." She did more than just observing during the cave cricket incident, so why not then? It just doesn't add up in my book.
May 11, 2010 1:34 PM

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you both have a very good point! Ryouko is FAR from evil,more people should see that and love her more.Characters that are so quiet all the time end up making my kinda bored.But characters like Ryouko or Tsuruya ,who i see as have been neglected by the audience and kyotoani to be overshadowed by Mikuru and Yuki,who have unique personality's and original characteristics should be loved more. And believe me I would choose Tsuruya and Ryouko over Mikuru and Yuki any day.