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Jan 6, 2012 2:01 PM
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The only subtitles available for those eps are the ones from crunchyroll.
Every loyal gintama fan seems to be waiting for rumbel but you know those guys are still in like ep 156.
The bad thing with cunchyroll (to most fans) is the odd jobs gin thing and the western name order.
Well I dislike that too, so I plan to change the subs from 160 to 201 to make them like the ones we are more used to.
It's not like I plan to overtake rumbel or anything (lolno) but while waiting for rumbel you could have these subs which are more tolerable.
So is anyone willing to help? This is what I've planned to change so far
If I have forgotten anything, or if there is something that needs to be changed just tell me about it and i will change it.
Assuming anyone cares I will be posting the .ass files only since you can find the raws with ease on bakabt.
If you wonder where you can find the current subs just search "gintama season 4" on bakabt (the subs are those ass files).
Looking forward to hear everyone's opinion about this.
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