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Feb 15, 2011 4:19 PM

Jun 2010
This show is pretty bland overall, but the part where the male lead yells at Malon was a little bit interesting because he was right; she'd caused a lot of trouble for him very flippantly and was being rather self-centered (makes the Phantasian claim that humans are incapable of compassion seems kind of suspicious), but it breaks down when we're supposed to believe that it was a cruel thing for him to do.

And to make it worse, Malon understands his point so shallowly she just refuses to use any magic at all, even in self-defense. This story can't work because she seems to be retarded and and incapable of understanding complex concepts.

A shame, I'd rather like to see a magical girl story where the magical girl is actually a horrible person. Well, Dokuro-chan is like that, but it lacks subtlety!
Dec 4, 2014 1:18 AM
Jul 2018
Interesting failure is exactly the way too put it. And I agree to the suspicion to the witches. It seems as though they may have been justified in being thrown in the carpet.

I don't think they broke it down as he was being knowingly cruel though, but that new information was received and he now knows that she hasn't spoken to a human for years. It would make sense for her to act strange in that setting, so he feels he should apologize now that he knows that - that's how I saw it at least.

Yeah, Malon was a very weak and dependent character. The anime clearly shows her intelligence in the scene in the high-school at the end where she changes a relatively serious topic to liking chocolate (or whatever she said she liked).

It would've been interesting to see what the show would have ended up like, as it seemed a bit more in your face than most magical girl falls on boy shows.

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