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General Rules
► Be sure to make your Anime List accessible.
► Remember to turn in your completed challenges in Conquered Challenges.
► Please be cooperative if you notice any error or questionable requirements in challenges.
► Report if you notice any violation of the rules.
► If you participate on a harder difficulty for a challenge you've previously completed you may quote your old post.
► For second or third attempt for a challenge with multiple difficulties the higher CPs will replace lower.
► If you've completed at least one challenge be sure to look up your code from the Memorial Hall.
Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall keeps a record of every Anime Watching Challenge you've ever completed in Carmine Sky. If you've finished at least one challenge your record will be added to the database. For each challenge, you receive a particular amount of Crimson Points otherwise called CP. Members with highest CP will be displayed in the Leader Board along with the number of challenges they have finished and the amount of CP they have collected. If CP is a tie then the number of challenges will count.
After completing at least one challenge you will receive a unique code that will be used to record CPs to your account in Memorial Hall, Codes are used as they remain unchanged whereas usernames are changed often. It also makes it 10 times easier for both you and admins your locate your account. If you don't know or forgot your code, you can always check the record book in the memorial hall.
Time Limit
Most challenges do not have a time limit and can be completed whenever. Monthly and Annual Challenges are the exception. A Monthly Challenge spans for one month and an Annual Challenge spans for a year. After the expiration of the given time limit the participation for that challenge will be closed. However, participants will be given an extra amount of time to turn in the challenge if they have completed it.
✦ For Monthly Challenges, the extra time will be 5 days
✦ For Annual Challenges, it be approximately 1 month
Anime you have seen before participating in a challenge are referred to as pre-watched. Most challenges are likely to allow pre-watched, but some don't. Challenges that does not allow pre-watched are likely to offer more CP (Crimson Points).
If a challenge does not allow previously seen anime it will certainly be stated in the post.
If a challenge does not state whether previously is allowed or not, assume that it's allowed.
If you've started an anime before participating in a challenge, but did not complete it will not count as pre-watched
Previously started are taken into special consideration and will be allowed most of the time for challenges that does not allow previously seen, unless there are special circumstances.
Speed Watching
Some rare individuals may prefer to watch anime at a higher speed. Even if you watch it with just as much understanding, you cannot use them as entries for challenges as they can roughly reduce the difficulty 2 to 4 times, which will not be fair for the rest.
Violation of Rules
✦ Usually if an error is detected during verification, the turn in will simply be regarded as invalid and the member will have to turn in again after correcting the errors.
✦ If an error avoids being detected during verification and is noticed after the badge is delivered, the member will be notified via PM and the CP will be deducted until it's corrected and turned in again.
✦ The verification process can easily be deceived if one wishes to do so. Therefore, we hope that all participants will stay true to the trust placed on them by the club. However, if an attempt to deceive the process is proven, further participation in challenges will not be allowed.
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