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May 13, 2017 12:42 PM

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We have made big changes in the club

We decided to add new roles for people who have certain tasks in the club.
We decided to change the staff roles into:

Club Creator
Club Admins
Club Staff
Discord Moderators


The following roles have been added and we will be looking for people to fill them:

Discord Moderators - 4/4
-Your job is to keep an eye on the server and make sure everything is going well, you'll always need to notify an admin before doing any action if it's not too complicated.
-You can also keep the club lively by adding some comments on our forums.

Recruiter - 1/4
-Recruit people, don't overdo it though, just help the club grow.

Newsletter Producer - 1/1
-Our club occasionally sends a newsletter to every club member. You will be grouped up with some club officers to help making the newsletter. You will only be notified when the newsletter is in the making.

Card Maker - 3/4
-You will make cards for the club. You will be assigned with a task to create a specific card when we hold a certain themed season/month/week etc.
-You also deliver the cards yourself or ask for an officer to deliver them.
-Making solo edits is acceptable as well, as long as the work is well done.
To get a higer chance to get the task, you could show us one of your creations

Game Maker - 1/3
-Your job will be to create your own games for the club, you will need to be creative and make sure it will be enjoyable for everyone.


Applications go to this thread or message via Discord.

If you're approved by either Rystal or Taiga, you'll gain a role in Discord of the task you were assigned to.

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Aug 19, 2017 5:16 PM

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Hey, I don't know if it's too late to apply for any of these, but if you still need a Game Maker I would like to apply.

I've been playing forum games regularly in clubs and random ones and know a few I could bring into this club. I also could create new ones.

If you still need it, feel free to ask more
It's not the Slates that is essential to people. What we need is...
A small table to share a meal... That's more than enough.

That's my conclusion. The answer I've reached as the Silver King.