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Rosario + Vampire: Say Hello to the Monsters!

High school with monsters disguised as humans? If you find this idea exciting, then Rosario + Vampire will be very hard to turn off once you have watched the first episode. Let’s take a look at the main characters on display.

by sashamayer19
Sep 17, 2015 10:30 PM | 15,262 views

Tsukune Aono

Tsukune Aono, Rosario to Vampire,

Tsukune Aono is just an average schoolboy who fails his entrance exams to the local high school and faces the horrible thought of wasting one year at home being scolded by parents. Thanks to a mysterious stranger who became friends with his father, 15-year-old Tsukune enrolls at high school for monsters and demons called Yokai Academy. Upon arriving, he finds out that humans are prohibited to enter the school, and there is a high possibility he might be killed if he is found to indeed be a human. However, after befriending a pretty vampire named Moka Akashiya, he decides to stay regardless of how dangerous the situation appears and could become, so he starts working as a journalist at Newspaper Club. As the story continues, he makes new friends (mostly females) and proves that humans and demons can happily coexist together.

Tsukune Aono is an idealistic and self-righteous person blessed with a good sense of self. Although, he tends to be down, towards the lower end when it comes to his grades, he is not portrayed as stupid. Compared to other students that are blessed with supernatural skills, Tsukune is a weakling, but he tries to stand up to injustice and fight for what he believes in. His habit of throwing himself into danger in order to protect his friends causes him serious injuries, as his enemies become more and more powerful, and there have been many instances when he comes very close to dying. Tsukune just cannot leave his friends in the lurch! The bravery and selflessness Tsukune displays is deeply humbling!
Though he is not particularly handsome, Tsukune is surrounded by a horde of attractive girls hanging around him and wishing they were his girlfriend. No matter how many times they try to tempt him (even by using magic), he turns them down and keeps resisting their advances. However, it takes much effort to not pay attention to their numerous attempts at seducing him with promises of fulfilling his every fantasy. Despite knowing that all his female friends swoon over him, he refuses to take advantage of this and remains faithful to Moka Akashiya.

Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya, Rosario to Vampire,

Moka Akashiya is the beautiful vampire who also happened to be the first person Tsukune Aono meets upon arriving at Yokai Academy. Even though she has pure vampire blood running through her veins, she spent several years in a human school where she was frequently bullied by classmates and ultimately becoming hateful towards humans. As the series progresses, she eventually grows to trust humans and share Tsukune’s confidence that humans and demons can live together without causing harm to each other.

Moka Akashiya’s good looks draw attention among the male species and jealousy among females at Yokai Academy. She has flowing pink hair, emerald green eyes, and wears a cross-like necklace that keeps her inner personality locked inside. At the beginning, she tastes Tsukune’s blood and becomes addicted to it, but as the story goes on, she starts to care for him and that draws her into a fierce rivalry with many of Tsukune’s female friends. Whenever Tsukune tries to cheer her up or show his kind feelings toward her, she blushes and attempts to hug and even kiss him. She is very positive and a good-hearted person who easily makes new friends and does her utmost to protect them, no matter what it costs her. However, her naivety and childish behavior frequently draws her into problematic situations.

Her personality traits are known as Inner and Outer Moka, portrayed as completely opposite to each other, but nevertheless very attractive and even seductive. Her outer personality is sweet and naïve, and manifests itself when she is wearing her rosary while her inner one, powerful and fierce, reveals itself when the necklace is removed. After it turns out that Tsukune is the only person capable to remove it, her bond with him grows even stronger. When Moka's inner personality is awoken, she transforms into a cold and arrogant woman possessing supernatural strength and looking down on demons and other weaklings with an utmost contempt. She never misses the opportunity to gloat to ‘mere humans’ about her high upbringing and powerful skills. Every time she wins a fight, she says "learn your place". Using the cross-like necklace, Moka’s two personalities are able to communicate with each other, even when their roles are switched.

Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono, Rosario to Vampire, succubus

Kurumu Kurono is a powerful succubus, possessing the ability to hypnotize males and make them fall in love with her. Her initial goal to enslave all schoolboys is nearly achieved when she meets Tsukune and puts a high-level illusion spell on him. After he saves her from the enraged Inner Moka, Kurumu becomes infatuated with Tsukune and declares him her ‘mate of fate’. In order to win him over fairly, she restrains herself from using her supernatural charms and joins the Newspaper Club in order to keep close to Tsukune.

Kurumu Kurono is a very attractive girl with blue hair and deep purple eyes. She likes to flaunt her large breasts as often as she can in an attempt to seduce Tsukune and she also brags about them in front of the smaller breasted Yukari. She is often seen parading her ‘assets’ in the presence of males and teasing them for staring too long. Although she is well aware of Tsukune’s affection for Moka Akashiya, she likes to interrupt tender moments between the couple when they least expect and wraps herself around the body of Tsukune like a piece of clothing.
In her succubus form, Kurumu possesses long sharp fingernails and bat wings that give her the ability to fly and carry people. She is strong enough to defeat several enemies at once and force her way through powerful mind barriers. In the beginning, she uses her power only to pursue her selfish goals, but lately she develops friendly feelings towards other girls and lends them a shoulder to cry on at dangerous situations.
Although some people describe her character as oversexed, flirtatious, and lustful, Kurumu Kurono is actually a very sweet and innocent girl. She truly cares for her friends and is often caught saying that they are the most important people in her life.

Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore Shirayuki, Rosario to Vampire, yuki onna, ice queen

Mizore Shirayuki is a snow fairy, possessing the ability to manipulate ice and cold wind. Her techniques allow her to create ice clones, freeze and shatter her enemies to pieces, throw ice knives, and also create strong blizzards. In the beginning, she is portrayed as a depressed and lonely person with some traumatic events from her past that destroyed her faith in friendship. When it comes to displaying emotions, she is seen as a reserved and ‘keep-your-distance’ sort of girl. After she finds out that Tsukune is the author of the newspaper articles she was inspired by, she starts following him often getting into sticky situations. Moreover, Mizore falls in love with Tsukune so much that she declares her intention to have his babies regardless of his will.
Unlike her classmates, Mizore Shirayuki wears a black tank top, white sweatshirt, and purple and black stockings with a belt tied to her left thigh. When she uses her powers, her light purple hair goes icy blueish resembling ice. She is never seen without a lollipop in her mouth that is believed to maintain her body temperature. In her Yuki-Onna form, her appearance does not change except for her hands being transformed into ice claws. She takes great pride in her stalking skills calling it ‘people watching’ and often appearing out of weird-looking places like bathtubs, garbage cans and dropped ceilings. Although Mizore is often seen clashing with other girls, especially Kurumu, she is really happy to be teamed up with them.

Yukari Sendo

Yukari Sendo, Rosario to Vampire, witch

Yukari Sendo is an 11-year-old witch, who is considered to be the smartest in Yokai Academy and also the youngest to enroll. Despite her high ranking on the school exams, she was ostracized by her classmates being called a ‘Borderline’, something in the middle between demon and human. The constant pranks she played on her abusers made the situation even worse and before she met Tsukune and others, she was completely outcast. Initially hating Tsukune for ‘winding up’ with Moka, Yukari ends up falling in love with him too. However, unlike Kurumu and Mizore, she is totally ok with an idea to be a part of an unwanted harem and does not want Tsukune to drive them all apart.
Being childish and flat chested, Yukari seems unsatisfied with her breast size, constantly being teased by Kurumu. She wears a common witch outfit consisting of a black hat with cape and is often seen holding a magical wand. Her favorite techniques are casting different spells, creating voodoo dolls and using Summoning Charms to drop solid objects on annoying people. As the story progresses, she develops an ability to create useful items and summon magical creatures.

Ruby Toujo

Ruby Toujo, Rosario to Vampire, witch

Ruby Toujo is a powerful witch who planned to wipe out a human city, but changed her mind due to Tsukune’s kindness. When she was a kid, her parents were killed in a car accident caused by a drunk human driver. Since then she has cultivated a hatred towards humans, sincerely blaming them all for the tragedies in her life. In the beginning, she is seen as a fierce and violent witch simply obeying her mistress, Lady Oyakata’s commands, but lately she reveals herself to be a capable strategist with an extensive knowledge of various demons and forms of magic. Despite not being enrolled at Yokai Academy as a student, she somehow manages to join the Newspaper Club as its assistant advisor.
When in her Fighting Mode, Ruby possesses six black-feathered wings protruding from her back that can be used to slice enemies. Sometimes she transforms herself into the raven in order to gather some information or simply get into places difficult to reach. Though she does not like to admit it, Ruby takes a secret pleasure in masochism and stripping in front of males.

Morioka Ginei

Morioka Ginei, Rosario to Vampire,

Morioka Ginei is a second-year student at Yokai Academy who works as President of Newspaper Club. In his first appearance, he is portrayed as a total pervert who sets up Tsukune to take on the guilt for his own perversions. However, Kurumu and Yukari manage to reveal the truth and expose Ginei’s deeds to all vengeful girls whom he shamelessly peeped at. Although he is easily forgiven, he continues to fulfill his perverted fantasies from time to time, causing a great mess in the girls’ locker room.
While he might seem like a self-centered and shallow person, Morioka Ginei is actually one of the strongest characters in Rosario to Vampire. If needed, he will fight until the death to protect his friends and denounce a scoundrel. As a werewolf, he possesses a strength determined by the amount of exposed moon surface. If it is covered by clouds, he is weakened and can be easily defeated; otherwise, he is capable of knocking out several demons with a single blow.

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