Nations Feud - A Medieval Rp

Hello and welcome to Nations Feud - A Medieval RP!
The continent of Farem has been in conflict for centuries, two nations rule over Farem and its people. The Nation of Arzla and the Nation of Kabul. Arzla controls most of the forest and grasslands in Farem while Kabul are nicknamed the “Sand people” as they rule over the great Kabulian Desert and its bountiful Oasis’s. For too long the Countries have warred with each other, the borders constantly changing as the two sides win and lose territory. Currently, the Emperor of Arzla is Althalos Benedict, a kind and caring leader who always has his people’s priorities first. The Sultan (The Kabulian version of a ruler) is Hasan Kashime, a good man to his friends and a terrible, ruthless one to his enemies. Both men strive to achieve complete domination over Farem. The land of Farem consists of many wonders, from secret underground societies, to Mermaids, to Dragons, to magic items, to ghost towns and many more. Will you be able to survive in the world of Nations Feud? Will you be able to rain terror and death upon your enemies? The world is yours, you just have to take it…
How it works:
[spoiler] This club is heavily based around a story. When you make your characters, you pick a side Kabul or Arzla. On either side you can join the army, RP casually, visit the magic-run underground city Utopia, advance up the hierarchy of society. Remember that class advancement is possible, if you are a working class you are able to advance to the Merchant class. This is possible through the knighting system, if you prove your valor or courage in a battle or quest then you will be promoted to a Knight, this also boosts you up into the Merchant Class of society. This is only if your characters are Working Class, if one of your characters is already Merchant Class, they cannot be knighted. Battles over territory will be held occasional. If you have no interest in these battles, there is still fun stuff you can do. Maybe you want to assemble a party and go on a quest? Maybe you want to join the Blood Reverence, an illegal organization that preform assassinations? Maybe you just want to get married and have a normal life within the walls of one the cities? The world is limitless... As the story progresses, new locations and events will open up that you can participate in. You yourself will help shape the story as it goes, you will influence who dies and lives, who wins the battles. You are part of this world and you will shape it. Regarding major events like wars. There will be a couple major war events, (again, only for those that are willing), these will help impact on the story of Farem. These war events will be meticulously planned for the best experience possible and they will be made as fun as possible for your pleasure. Again, these will be rare and only happen very sparsely throughout the story. There will also be passive events like gladiator fights (with no killing) and royal weddings that you can take part in.
Getting started!
[spoiler] 1. First you have to create a character in the Character Creation thread. 2. Next you have to make your place of residence. Obviously make this reasonable in relation to your char. For example, a merchant char wouldn’t live in a cottage and a working class char wouldn’t live in a mansion. If you are a working class char in the “Blood Reverence” assassin guild then you make your home thread within the Guild’s underground temple. 3. Finally, go out into the world of Nations Feud and have fun with your RP experience!
[spoiler] Current: Moonlit Prophecy. Current: Arzla Wedding Ceremony
[spoiler] The arranged marriage of Princess Lirael and Prince Willas is currently being held in Arzla city, any whom wish to attend may do so. It has been rumored that the notorious mercenary leader Benjamin Torik has joined Kabul in the war effort. Kabul has sent envoys to the dwarven city to acquire potential allies.
[/spoiler] [center]Map of Farem [spoiler] 1 Kabul City 2 Arzla city 3. Utopia (Underground) 4. Eqomere city 5-6-7 Kabul forts 8-9-10 Arzla forts 11 Kahlidor town 12 Larse town 13 Ralur (Elven kingdom) 14 Ognir (Dwarven City) 15 Orc City (Underground) 16 Ruins at Swamp

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Rauzi - Jun 25, 2015
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Club Comments
RedArmyShogun | Sep 11, 2015 8:24 PM
Well I'm calling this dead. Seems nothing else is happening minus school RPs, which I don't care to do. See yah around some time maybe, or maybe I'm just fully done with rps.

conman2163 | Aug 29, 2015 3:17 PM
So fuckin stupid.....

King-in-Yellow | Aug 29, 2015 3:11 PM
That's what we all wish con. ;_; it seems to be the case around here that the more effort you put into an RP the faster it dies.

conman2163 | Aug 29, 2015 3:11 PM
.... I just wish I could find something that won't die easy and isn't a fucking highschool rp

King-in-Yellow | Aug 29, 2015 3:09 PM
Best part is that your rp NEEDS to be a high-school superpower piece of shit in order to survive. Given how 95% of the rpers on this site are thought free one liner posters that lack the creativity to make a character in any other setting.

RedArmyShogun | Aug 29, 2015 3:06 PM
Just like blunt force trauma.

King-in-Yellow | Aug 29, 2015 3:05 PM
But high school superpower rps r da best.

RedArmyShogun | Aug 29, 2015 3:00 PM
You are already in them.

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