Welcome To B.A.S.H. Here at B.A.S.H. we're trying to defeat the evildoer known as Boredom by almost any means necessary! We encourage game and thread making as well as random comments. *For other club owners if you are wanting to become an Affiliate send CaptainBecBec a message.

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[Game] Have You Ever
Lony85 - May 11, 2016
32 replies by Eamster94 »»
Jan 18, 2:38 PM
[Game] Change The Word
Lony85 - Jun 18, 2015
41 replies by Eamster94 »»
Jan 17, 12:32 PM
[Game] Anime ABC ( 1 2 )
himoriRyu - Apr 19, 2014
82 replies by Eamster94 »»
Jan 17, 11:57 AM
What is the best app to read manga online?
Arfilmrator - Aug 18, 2018
0 replies by Arfilmrator »»
Aug 18, 2018 1:04 AM
Bash Club Mini Reviews
Lony85 - May 23, 2015
16 replies by Lony85 »»
Apr 27, 2018 9:37 PM

Club Comments
Jeff_Suarez | Jan 17, 12:34 PM

Kathy_Fangirl | Jan 17, 12:30 PM
Hi o/

Eamster94 | Jan 17, 11:51 AM
Hi I'm new here! :) happy to talk to anyone, I'm from UK and 24 (makes it sound like i'm on some dating website smh), I'm just a chill guy i guess and sometimes sarcastic but obv into anime stuffs

Kathy_Fangirl | Jan 17, 7:35 AM
Hi o/

Katsumiko | Jan 6, 12:11 PM
It's nice to meet you all! I'm new here, currently watching Days (TV), Occultic;nine, Tsurune and always checking out the new seasons :)

sattika | Jan 6, 7:30 AM
I am your new member, planning to watch Watashi ga Motenai.... The name is too long, anyway, hi.

teacup123 | Jan 5, 10:53 PM
Hey Im new to the club, Im currently watching Toradora, MHA, Gosick, and a few others :) Nice to meet everyone!

Lony85 | Jan 5, 9:01 AM
So how has everyone's 2019 been so far?

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