The Plague: A New Generation

In 2025, the world, more commonly referred to as a wasteland by most now, is in ruins. There are no more Countries, no more Government. During the outbreak in 2015, when the dead started to rise, most tried to flee. Others tried to fight. And the rest merely tried to survive. This did nothing but thin the human's numbers. All who ran, believing in the military or god to save them, were slaughtered with their backs to the wall. Those who chose to fight, were overrun and slaughtered. Only those who sought to survive have lived, though even most of them have perished. Ten years later, a war erupted amongst the factions that remained alive. Most of them were defeated and only a few survivors were able to escape. These survivors became Scavengers or ran to the factions they were allied with. After this incident, survivors started to rotulate "Eras" that happened every 10 years. <ul> <li><strong> The first Ten Years( 2015 to 2025 ), was called the Era of Infection. During this Era, the world started to be infected and almost 97% of the world population died. Six factions emerged in order to group most of the alive and generate areas of dominance. <li> The second Ten Years( 2025 to 2035 ), was called the Era of War. This was the most agitated and was considered the most violent of all. Multiple threats emerged and caused a ruckus around the entire city. Those called Numbers and even a completely undercover faction was revealed. The last 5 years of this Era resulted in the destruction of 2 factions( NEOH and Legion ) and the arising of an entire new faction: the American Star Company( ASC ), that promised to destroy any other faction that opposed it. It has three huge happenings: NEOH's Downfall, Legion's Downfall and Unison of Factions. <li> The third Ten Years( 2035 to 2045 ), was called the Era of Darkness. The Era of Darkness was considered the most quiet and yet tense Era of all. During this Era, the remaining factions( including the Scavengers ) tried their best not to cause another war in the wasteland. During this Era, the ASC emerged and became even more powerful, holding most of the territory above ground. In the late 2 years of this Era, the Defeated Factions started to emerge once more, but they are now nothing but shadows of what they used to be.</ul></ol></strong> We now live in the fourth Ten Years( 2045 to 2055 ), considered the Era of New Generations. Skilled younglings are starting to appear and these youngs can be the cause of the ASC's downfall. <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>The Scavengers</strong><!--center--></div> Otherwise known as neutrals, or vultures. This faction is not united and is mostly referred to by the larger ones to define the small, scattered groups of survivors on the Earth. The Scavengers are given their name as they do not wish for conflict or confrontation with the other factions. They merely wish to take what they need and move on. As they do not yearn for confrontation, most try to avoid the other faction territories. However, sometimes they enter a faction's territory when they are desperate. Though, this is at a great risk, as most of the larger factions are not welcome to those who are not their own. They are very flexible as their specialties vary. They have no specific social hierarchy. After the events of the Era of War, old members of the Warband became Wanderers, with the rest of their clan completely anhilated, they had no other choice but to resort for the rough life of living on the ruins of their homes. The Warband are no longer a selectable faction, but your character can still be a member of this Defeated Faction. <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>The Deathwatch</strong><!--center--></div> Second, are the Deathwatch. This is the most mysterious of the factions. They are referred to by most as Shadows or Reapers, from the way the dress and their attitude towards all. They are very secretive, and will kill any who get in their way or trespass. Only those who are chosen by a member can enter, and all who enter are bound by a strict code of laws that must be followed. Upon breaking even one of these rules, it is not uncommon for the punishment to be death. The greatest mercy being exile, which is extremely rare. They usually specialize in covert operations, assassination. They aren't too bad in head to head fights either, however they frown upon non silent weapons. The deathwatch is lead by the Rank 0, or leader. He/She then gives orders to the officers, ranks 1-10, and they then give orders to the mere agents. After the Era of War, the Deathwatch became a refuge for members of the Legion and NEOH. As a surprise for the faction, the survivors of these clans were accepted into the Deathwatch as Servants and help the Deathwatch in any way they can. Servants are usually paid with food and water and others work to repay debts. Some Servants can become bounty hunters or even work as temporary agents for the Deathwatch, during times of necessity. <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>The American Star Company</strong><!--center--></div> After defeating NEOH and Legion, the ASC estabilished a full control of the surface areas. This the most technologically advanced and weaponized faction. Their focus is usually seek and destroy missions in which they try to attain full control of an area and use it to create new energy farms, used to maximize energy production for their central lab, used to create all kinds of monstrosities. The ASC is leaded by the Director, that is usually followed by her Advisors. Both are extremely powerful in combat and, even though they might not seem like it, very dangerous. Other than the Director and his/her Advisors, there are also the Generals and their Squads. Generals are incredibly strong and usually use Tranite(read the Glossary) armor and weaponry. As if that was not enough, many members of other factions( NEOH, Legion and Deathwatch ) have allied themselves with the ASC, hoping to maintain the peaceful stand that the world currently faces. Traitors are usually locked in the max security prison, underground. Their main home is the Tri-Tower, a huge tower, once home of NEOH, that seems like a uplifting pyramid. <strong><div style="text-align: center;">The Imperial Talon Dominion<!--center--></div></strong> During Hiro Akita's rise to power, he used his dictatorial controls to blistering effect. While his family controlled a water and power plant and some industrial sites, in general, they originally ran things in a low-key manner however, with Hiro's rise to power, the factories and other restoration projects went overtime in his 7 year rule. Now, what the Imperial Talon Dominion lacks in the individual skill of the Deathwatch and the technology of the ASC, it makes up for it in numbers. Prewar military equipment can be found in its arsenal, from T-55 tanks to the M1-A1, MI-24 Hinds and the like though these are often kept in reserve as the focus is usually placed on Artillery and Infantry combat. (i.e. RP bosses/event aids only) Using his light policy where pretty much anyone can live in the Western Zone or as is now called "Talon City" life is much better... if you don't mind having no freedoms. The general, the population short of those serving and fighting is given no education and is even taught that Hiro is a god with a specially trained religious caste to encourage this. No one questions a Imperial Decree. Anyone that does is shot. The lowliest caste lives in the outer region protected by the wall, Anti-tank, machine gun, and Artillery emplacements. The standard of living there is in between middle ages and the 1800's and generally, this area is not seen by "guests". They as with all other segments of the population are encouraged with food rations to birth more offspring for future expansionist plans. Next is the Central district, where officer caste lives: those that run the factories, work with "advanced" weapon systems, or are otherwise useful. The standard of living here is comparable with the Deathwatch, minus more food. Then there is the Citadel itself, where Hiro, the high officers and the families they have are allowed to live, these places are often clean, pleasant, and secure. Though the standard of living is still slightly below the Senior ASC. The ITD can call hundreds if not thousands of troops to battle, though most are of the Auxiliary rank. In principle, the Imperial Talon Dominion is a trade Empire that now harbors... grander designs. <div style="text-align: center;"><strong><u>Rules</u></strong><!--center--></div><ul><li>Most of the characters from Recolonization have perished. Each person has the choice of saving <strong>one</strong> of their characters from Recolonization if they so choose. Kids (lower than 16 years old) are exceptions. However, new characters are allowed to have connections with previous characters in Recolonization, either dead or still alive. <li>Characters CAN die here. However, this must be okay with both the person killing and the one being killed. <li>This is NOT a fantasy club. You can't be a demon/elf/etc. Neither can you have mystical abilities and shoot fireballs at people. <li>Respect the posting order and, in case there is no current order, make one. Wait for your turn in posting, double-posts out of the order will be <strong>deleted</strong>. If the person that has to post wasted more than 50 minutes to post, then it is the next turn. <li>If your character uses a gun, try to be realistic with ammo. Don't fire it a thousand times without reloading. <li>You can make as many characters as you wish as long as you can manage them. However, don't steal all the high ranks with them. <li>There'll also be a limit to how many "super-powered" characters each RPer can have. The limit will be, for now, ONE. Please, if you plan on creating a "super-powered" character, read the Book of Eras and be very scientific about it. <li>Characters must be approved by the Creator or by one of the Admins. <li>If you wish to create story content or events, consult either the Creator or one of the Admins first before doing so. If you are given the okay by the Creator or one of the Admins, then you are free to create what was planned. <li>Please keep an eye on the <!--link--><a href="">Book of Ages</a> so that you can understand the world of the RP and what is going on. It may also serve a small Glossary.</ul></ol>

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