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Poll: Who's your favorite character and why?
kojuro-kun - Feb 21, 2013
6 replies by Gilturia »»
Mar 17, 2018 3:44 PM
Poll: Psycho-Pass PAIRINGS
-michira- - Feb 22, 2013
16 replies by -Ayu »»
Jan 31, 2017 4:38 AM
Staff Recruitment
kojuro-kun - Mar 22, 2013
2 replies by Gracen123 »»
Dec 28, 2015 8:11 AM
Whats Your Crime Coefficient? ( 1 2 )
-michira- - Feb 27, 2013
57 replies by TiduStrife7 »»
Dec 20, 2015 6:16 PM
[GAME] Count to 1,000!
kojuro-kun - Mar 26, 2013
47 replies by DragonulRed »»
Jan 22, 2015 9:19 AM

Club Comments
KiritoALG | Jan 2, 2017 9:30 AM
Otaku DZ {Otaku Arabs} [أوتاكو العرب]

KiritoALG | Jan 2, 2017 9:30 AM
Otaku DZ {Otaku Arabs} [أوتاكو العرب]

TiduStrife7 | Feb 21, 2016 11:03 PM
Im excited for this to come out in theaters in March!!

Gracen123 | Dec 28, 2015 8:08 AM

Hi there everyone! :)
I hope that you find me to be a refreshing member
to the group. I'll try to keep things interesting.

TiduStrife7 | Nov 30, 2015 12:56 PM
If anybody was actually thinking about buying Psycho-Pass on blu ray, I thought I would let you all know that the price for the series part one and two have gone significantly down in price on Amazon!!! They are now $23.99 each on Amazon compared to the usual $37 for each. I have been wanting to buy the series for the longest time but my wallet isn't as full as I wish at the moment... anyways, I thought I would let you know. Today is Cyber Monday so I don't know if the price will last a long time but maybe it will

JafriZin | Apr 19, 2015 8:05 AM
I just don't get it why am I the only person in this club, asking so many questions over what happened in both season of Psycho-pass but no one ever cares??

I never get tired why are they never understand crap like this. This show is more like they have been brainwashed or something. or they more like they became a cult when they armed with dominators.

GOAscend | Apr 3, 2015 1:28 PM
May I ask if some of you know the release date of the upcoming Psycho-Pass Movie ?

Thank you very much !

V2Blast | Oct 10, 2014 1:53 AM
Both this and the other large Psycho-Pass fan club group ( seem pretty inactive now.

I'm guessing the fact that neither club has been active in the past year or so probably doesn't help. They weren't active while the "new edit version" of season 1 was airing, and neither group has the second season as an associated anime series.

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