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This is a Group to appreciate the works of the mangaka Tamura Yumi. If you love Basara or 7 Seeds, you are welcome!

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ange_bleu - Jan 1, 2013
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Jan 1, 2013 6:47 AM

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giovanniramos | Mar 26, 2020 9:28 AM
will i think that it shouldn't make a live action films it's great as an anime & also i watched it & will i also seen & read the manga & first i don't like how Ayu got off with out hana & the rest of the others getting angry or made that Ayu did to momota & the rest of team summer a did to him & how momota was ok with staying with the den of demons & Ayu used him as a guinea pig & she didn't care about him & how can he still be fin with being with team summer a especially Ayu she hoped that there would be no more sick people what is wrong with people kids going through that isn't good for kids i mean she haves a problem with rape on women & she feels bad for a little black dog but she didn't feel any thing for the boy she was treating & summer a got mad at ango & ryou for trying to kill hana but they didn't get mad at ango after he shot izayoi in fact what about ran & akio did to there team & to the other teams the rest of team summer a did was wrong & i thought Ayu would have compassion for momota i still want Ayu & momota to have compassion for him but no such luck i don't give a fuck about here men problem what about kids i hate hypocrites the netflix anime maybe washed but at least it didn't show the part that Ayu let ango make him climb like that isn't a red flag that she is not a good person there are many reasons why somethings should be different because will that you know what to expect & on behalf of iron man 3 they had to change it because expecting everything to match 100% is just fucking stupid because what about the things in the story like where did the dinosaurs come from & why the rest of team autumn let ran & akio back in the team & when the rest of the different teams were stranded team summer b's guide talk to the rest of team summer a for why they don't let ango & ryou back in the team it's because they tried to the other two of the characters but they used momota as bait & they let ango shoot one of them i really can't get over what ran & akio & the rest of team summer a especially Ayu did to momota i really don't give a fuck about what people like about the source material & i don't give a fuck about the manga i really can't get over what Ayu did I really can't get over it listen yumi tamura i can see the characters from 7seeds & the characters from basara look exactly alike so with that in mind i really don't care about that it's your manga please change it i really can't get over what Ayu did so please

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