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Poll: Which Season of SAO did you like most
EliteShadow - Dec 1, 2014
17 replies by PsychoBob »»
Aug 21, 9:22 PM
Poll: Asuna vs Sinon
PrevE - Nov 30, 2014
9 replies by joshua10red »»
Aug 20, 9:52 AM
Favorite arc?
Gab98 - Oct 13, 2014
12 replies by joshua10red »»
Aug 20, 9:38 AM
Sword Art Online or Accel world ( 1 2 )
Xeroix1990 - Aug 26, 2012
57 replies by joshua10red »»
Aug 20, 9:13 AM
SupremeDC - Jun 3, 2015
17 replies by Coreylordo »»
Aug 9, 1:05 AM

Club Comments
NJ_animeluvr | Yesterday, 10:56 AM
hello everyone , juz wanted to introduce myself , i'm nj and u can call me well nj , i've no problem with any other names so feel free, i'm a huge sao fan and stuff and , well nice to meet everyone and happy to be here.

BlueWolfGirl | Aug 18, 6:19 PM
Okay cool thanks for that @Oto_Inuke

Oto_Inuke | Aug 18, 10:48 AM
There is no announcement yet on SAO season 3.

BlueWolfGirl | Aug 17, 9:04 PM
Is season 3 airing now? Just wondering since I heard the movie is coming out next year in Feb. My friend told me that there is already 3 episodes of season 3. I just wanna know if this is true.

Ahegyao | Aug 13, 7:29 AM
Because a lot of Jojotards are literal manchildren and they can get away with it because the thing they like is "well loved."

AzureNatlis99 | Aug 11, 5:12 PM
@Ahegyao I've wondered that for a while now...and I can't understand their saltiness towards the fandom for the life of me.

Even though the reasons, I think, are stupid, I can somewhat understand salty .hack// fans(same setting) and Berserk fans(Black Swordsman nickname), but I'll never understand why a surprising amount of Jojo fans go out of their way to flame-bait.

ItsFapTime | Aug 11, 6:55 AM
I've made a High School DxD Layout!
Come and check it out, when you guys have time:)
And Send a Friend Request my way, so I can hear all your comments and suggestions, LATTTAA XD


Ahegyao | Aug 9, 3:43 PM
Ever wonder how SAO haters are mostly Jojo fans?

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