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Tired of the guy always landing on top? Wish a beautiful girl in black pantyhse stepped on your face? Then you're more than welcome to join this club, the only place on MAL where people who love femdom can gather together to talk about te wonderful tortures they wish to be excised upon. Tell us, what do you want? We'll ignore you and then kick your ass, and you'll like it. But tell us. Affiliates:

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Your femdom experiences
removed-user - Apr 9, 2015
4 replies by Haniyasushin »»
Feb 27, 9:01 PM
ayylmaoooo - Mar 28, 2016
0 replies by ayylmaoooo »»
Mar 28, 2016 1:17 PM
Recommend Manga/Anime with BDSM/(tasty)Torture vibes
EtherealToxin - Oct 26, 2015
0 replies by EtherealToxin »»
Oct 26, 2015 3:06 PM
What is the title of this hentai can some one help
Redbarron - Aug 12, 2015
0 replies by Redbarron »»
Aug 12, 2015 2:22 AM
What is your greatest femdom fantasy?
Barbarian1 - Apr 13, 2015
2 replies by Paingwen »»
Jul 25, 2015 10:40 AM

Club Comments
just_kill_me_now | Sep 13, 2017 7:00 PM
I want to be bullied by cute girls.

ZettaiRyouiki | Jan 12, 2017 6:49 AM
I added all of them, thanks for helping xD.

centauro | Jan 12, 2017 5:54 AM
Hello! I guess that some more anime should be added to the relations' list. The anime that come to my mind now are Brandish (straight shota involved but it's definitely appropriate) and Accelerando, Stringendo, Accelerando+Stringendo as well as Allargando (at least the first OVA).

anime4ronin | Dec 28, 2016 8:40 AM
@surgexx: Not exactly fitting, but one of the many

ZettaiRyouiki | Dec 28, 2016 8:30 AM
I would say the exact opposite xD.

Arys | Aug 18, 2015 7:06 AM
Arigato ^^

Arys | Aug 18, 2015 4:05 AM
Is there a banner? :o

Because I want one :3

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