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Natsu (ナツ)
Natsu (ナツ, Natsu) is a shinobi from Iwagakure.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Natsu was assigned to the Second Division under Kitsuchi's command. During the war, Natsu was deployed to aid Naruto Uzumaki, Killer B, Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy with Neji Hyūga and Shun, when they were confronted by members of the White Zetsu Army. He and Shun defeated two of the opponents with some help from Neji. They then got into an argument with each other, but Neji soon broke it up and reminded them both that the next battle was going to be on the front lines.

Anime Debut: Naruto Shippuuden Episode #330

(Source: Narutopedia)

Voice Actors
Kikumoto, Taira